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Billionaires are 0.001 of 1.0%, Our Invisible Super Wealthy Rulers! Ninety-nine Percent of HOUSEHOLD Incomes are Below $350,000 Per Year! Huge Income Inequality Gap!

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By Rich Stevenson ©2019

Interim Acting Chair of the Jefferson County KYIVA


IVA LeadershipThere are 1,681 households in the United States with annual incomes above $1,000,000,000 (One Billion Dollars) (1,000 Million Dollars). A few households have incomes in multiple Billions of Dollars. Their financial power buys our political system, the Democratic and Republican Parties. Billionaires buy elections and Public Office Holders, all of them. Billionaire wealth is so beyond the imagination of the ordinary citizen, that even millionaires within the lower 0.999 of 1.0% do not comprehend the total influence and power those elite billionaires have over public policy, legislation, and public executive decisions. Billionaire influence is essentially invisible to those who look the other way, including the mass media whose owners and broadcast news anchors are part of the well to do wealthy upper 1.0%. Their personal interests align with, and protect, super elite billionaire interests.

There are 100,000,000 households (3 to 4 persons average) in the country, including the 99.999%. Billionaire voters are about 0.0065 of 1% of the total eligible voters nationwide. Far less than the total voters in the 99.999% eligible voter population. Populist voters will win every election if we vote together for Populist candidates. 80% of wage earners live pay check to pay check. 60% do not have cash on hand to handle a $400 emergency in their lives. No savings, means huge stresses in all families. The social safety net is not there. Most voters feel too stressed and busy to participate in elections. About sixty-six percent (66%) of eligible voters do not vote in almost all elections. So billionaires buy elections and dictate public policy to protect their personal interests. Not ours.

The household incomes of the 99.000% are all below $350,000 per year. That is not an error. A little over $350,000 household income gets a family into the top 1%. Therefore, roughly 98,000,000 households have annual incomes below $350,000.

Billionaires give chump change, pocket money, to political parties and campaigns scaled in millions of dollars. The Kochs and Edelson think nothing of dumping millions of dollars into political campaigns. The perks gained are tit for tat for the money spent. They give millions to get back billions in favorable legislation and executive decisions that favors their for-profit enterprises. Both criminal and legitimate. Both in the public interest and against the public interest. Always against 99% interests. Always.

Each of us have one vote to use to fight their corrupt power. Game over? Maybe. Maybe not. Everybody 18 and over has one vote in every General Election. Closed primaries are generally not winnable for Populist candidates. Establishment D and R candidates win almost 100% of fixed Primary Elections. General Elections are very winnable if we all register and vote. Take the pledge OCCUPY . Elect Populist 99.999% candidates in every General Election. Establishment Democrats and Republicans do not represent the 99%.

The 99.999% have not had our interests represented in the last 100 years. We know. So we don't vote. There are no real choices so elections are decided by random unmotivated 50% chance, by frustrated "lesser of two evils" voters. Wall Street Billionaires control undemocratic elections and public policy. “We must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Occupy Elections - Everybody Vote!


We must take power from the D and R parties to have open elections so all voters have a reason to vote. Elect populist candidates we put on the ballot to defeat establishment D and R candidates. Occupy Elections - Everybody Vote! “We must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Take the pledge OCCUPY .


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