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Why Extreme Voter Apathy?

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Closed Primaries Attract Very Few Voters or Poll Workers!! About 70% have no vote in choosing Candidates? Every State!! So 99% Feel Little Connection to Elections or to The Elected!

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By Rich Stevenson ©2019

Interim Acting Chair of the Jefferson County KYIVA


IVA LeadershipTomorrow is Primary Election Day in Kentucky, May 21, 2019. A sad day, with a very low 12% voter turnout expected. No one is excited about being poll workers either, 13 hours work for $200.00. The Primary is 45 Republican Poll workers short in Jefferson County, with 25 calling in to cancel working in the polls for the Republican Party during the few weeks before the election. The Board of Elections is considering an emergency Poll Worker Training to get enough people trained to work the primaries this year.

Very sad indeed. I am registered as an Independent, so have no voice in either closed D or R Primary Election. My brother is registered as an R, but would much rather have a voice in choosing the D opponent to Governor Bevis and Butthead (Bevin), who my brother and I hate for all his radical positions on issues. In the General Election my brother and I will vote for anyone but Governor Butthead (Bevin). For me, I may vote for the Libertarian if he is on the Primary Ballot. I will print up the ballot tomorrow to see if my brother or I have any reason to go vote. Like 88% of voters, we are somewhat likely to not waste our time on voting. An establishment D, or an establishment R who supports Donald Trump, who we both disrespect, give us no choice. Why bother. I have a non-establishment favorite in the Democratic Primary. But I cannot vote in that primary.

Freedom of Choice Blocked: In Kentucky all registered voters are stuck in the party they chose in the previous year. No party changes are allowed during the current election year. Most voters dislike both parties, but are forced to choose D or R if they want to have a vote in at least one of the two primaries allowed in the state. KY law severely restricts voter choices to give complete control and power to the two parties that 99% of the voters do not trust. Little wonder the Closed Primaries attract so few voters and Poll Workers. We are in the habit of not being involved in closed partisan elections. 70% of eligible voters are not registered D or R. Very few want to give full support to either D or R Party. We would much rather vote in every Primary and General Election that is on the ballot. We want totally Open Elections with no partisan restrictions. When Primary Elections allow every eligible voter to vote we will have a reason to vote. We will attract candidates who better represent the interests of the 99%. Our votes will then count and we will vote in every election. For now, our elections are sadly unrepresentative. Solution: open all KY Primary Elections to every eligible voter. We could have Open Primaries in all fifty states to give all voters a voice in elections.

If you work the Primary Election polls now, too many workers are processing too few voters, with over half of the time spent doing nothing. (General Election turnout is usually not much better.) Every candidate on the General Election Ballot in November is chosen by these pitiful unrepresentative Primary Elections. A majority of eligible voters do not elect any candidate in Primary or General Elections. Our elections are extremely undemocratic. Voters have no power in our elections. No Voice!! In all fifty states!! Your state included!!

Numbers for voter turnout in Primaries are similar in all fifty states, for much the same reasons. D's and R's do not represent us, the 99%. The people know they are not represented. This is the complete reason for Voter Apathy.

The 99% have not had their interests represented since the Great Depression under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the long ago 1930s. We know. So we don't vote. There are no real choices so General Elections are decided by random unmotivated 50% chance, by frustrated "lesser of two evils" registered voter choices. Wall Street Billionaires control both political parties, undemocratic elections, and public policy. “We must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Occupy Elections - Everybody Vote!


We must take power from the D and R parties to have open elections so all voters have a reason to vote. Elect populist candidates we put on the ballot to defeat establishment D and R candidates. Occupy Elections - Everybody Vote! “We must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Take the pledge OCCUPY .


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