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Problem: Bipartisan Corruption. The original full page 1990s THRO Ad ran in 633 Major Newspapers Nationwide. Over $2.5 million was spent. In 1992, one hundred and twenty-four new faces were elected to Congress. In 1994, more than fifty-four new faces elected to the U.S. House changed the majority from D to R, but no change was made in the bipartisan corruption permitted by both parties in their collusive two-party system.

Back in the years from 1990 to 1994, the Internet was relatively new and social media scarcely existed. Just imagine how many more voters in today's online environment can get our T.H.R.O message for FREE on the Internet and social media — with millions of comments on Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, alternate news media, email, etc., to share our message with voters to "Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out." We can "vote out" many more bipartisan incumbents in 2020. Using the Internet, we can realize the THRO Mission:  


Solution: End Two-Party Majority Control. Our campaign against entrenched bipartisan monopoly political power may take many years to complete. We can elect nonpartisan independent and minor party people to Congress. Only 40 or 50 nonpartisans in the U.S. House and 10 nonpartisans in the U.S. Senate will end constant bipartisan warfare to gain partisan majority control of Congress. Public policy will no longer be bought by special interests with campaign contributions to Career Incumbent office holders. With the bipartisan fight ended, public policy can simply serve our nation and our people. Each of us must vote our bipartisan Congress persons out of office ~ this year.


Today we still need ALL NEW FACES IN CONGRESS to complete the THRO Mission. Tell a friend the good news. Together, we can throw the hypocritical rascals out. 124 new faces were elected in 1992. How many more new faces will we elect in 2020?

This time, all the new faces elected to Congress need to be populist nonpartisans, not bipartisan Democrats and Republicans who support the corrupt Two-Party System. The new faces we elect will be nonpartisan and minor party candidates. We can be represented in the U.S. Congress. Congress has a 94% disapproval rating. Throw them out. We are the 99%. We can!

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Thro is part of the intentional political mass movement to fire bipartisan incumbent Congresspersons. Join the effort. See Your Voice in the 2020 THRO Ad.

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Huge Problem: Voter Apathy

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