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Nonpartisan Voter Pledge

I, ________________Please Print________________ , the undersigned citizen of the United States of America, do pledge with my fellow citizens to legally register and vote in all local, state, and national elections for the rest of my life. I consider the bipartisan power struggle between Democrats (DNC) and Republicans (RNC) a threat to the freedoms gained by the Declaration of Independence and later defined in the Bill of Rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. Special interest money donations to the DNC & RNC two-party monopoly rob our citizens of equal political representation within legislative bodies and executive branches at all levels of government. I must withdraw wholehearted support from any bipartisan candidate of the monopoly Democratic and Republican parties. I pledge to help elect qualified nonpartisan and minor party candidates to public office who will represent every constituent living natural citizen at local, state and national levels.

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My legal residence, Address _________________________________________ ,
City ____________________________ , State _______________ , qualifies me to
vote in precinct # ___________________ , in ______________________________
(City, Village, or Township) in the State of _____________________________ .
My pledge signed this ______ day of ______________________ , ___________ ,
at (City) _____________________ , (State) _____________________ .

My Signature ________________________________________

We need new political leaders free of party control. We need to circulate ballot access petitions to put more nonpartisan independent and minor party candidates on every ballot. Read the pledge. Be active as a ballot access petition circulator and Election Day participant. Join the nonpartisan ballot access movement to establish a more democratic republic. Vote for candidates not owned by any political party or any other powerful special interest. We still have a democratic republic, if we can keep it. Freedom is participation in power.

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