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Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA)

United States of America

About Gen X Adam


Interim Acting Chairperson, USAIVA

Rich Stevenson, 502-873-5623,

Please contact me if you need help with your IVA web pages or want to participate in the nonpartisan ballot access movement. Do you understand the IVA concepts and goals?

See below for some biographical info on me. I wear several IVA hats on an interim basis until proactive USAIVA participants elect new representative leadership under IVA guidelines. Let me help you get involved.


Change You Can Trust


KY03 2018




U.S. Congress, OH1: Rich was on the ballot as the Green Party Candidate on November 02, 2010 and November 06, 2012. Rich was on the ballot in 2000 as the Natural Law Party Candidate for OH1 Congress; Who is Rich? Click the picture to read 3 biography pages to help answer that question; Rich asks for your vote in November 2020 to support clean government. All contributions since 2012 will go to Citizens for Stevenson to win the 2020 campaign for KY3 Congress in Louisville (Jefferson County), KY.

Rich failed to get enough petition signatures as a populist nonpartisan candidate in 2002-2008. The result was no independent or minor party candidate on the ballot for OH ONE in 2002, 2004 (Write-in), 2006, or 2008 (Write-in). The voters of OH ONE had no candidate on the ballot to represent all District One voters. We did not allow that to happen in 2010 or 2012. I was on the General Election ballot again in November 2012 for U.S. Congress in OH1. I was the Green Party Candidate a 2nd time. Rich moved to Louisville, KY in July 2013. So Rich could not be a candidate for OH1 in 2014. Rich was unabble to get 400 valid signatures to get on the KY 03 November 2016 and November 2018 ballot.

U.S. Congress, KY3: We still have a chance to fire a career incumbent on November 03, 2020. A vote for the career incumbent Democrat or any Republican on the KY3 ballot in 2020 will be a wasted vote if you want actual representation for natural citizens in Congress. Proactively elect Rich. You win. The voters of KY3 will be fully represented in Congress in 2021 and 2022. Use your vote wisely. Proactively elect Rich.

(Interim Acting Chairperson, USAIVA)  (Local IVA Web Page Manager)

(KY and Ohio IVA Certified Petition Circulator)  (Election Day Participant)  (Proactive Citizen)  (Centrist Radical Political Writer)  (Creator of the template IVA Ballot Access Tools)  (Creator of a template Model Political Campaign, web pages and materials, for free use by all populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates)  (Creator of the template T.H.R.O. Congressional Campaign materials)  (Nonpartisan Independent candidate for Public Office)  (If not us, who? If not now, when?) (Lifelong Political Independent, with ties to minor parties since 1995-2000, Reform Party) (2002 to 2013 member OH Green Party Central Committee and registered GP voter) (Hamilton County Ohio Green Party Central Committee 2010 to 2013) (Current KY GP member, registered KYGP voter, and served two years on the KYGP Central Committee) (Born and raised in Louisville, KY)

I get on the ballot as a nonpartisan independent to give us new leadership not controlled by any political party. I stand for office to give voters a voice in government through a citizen legislator who represents only his fellow citizens. I do not seek a career in Washington D.C. When elected, I would have been/will be self term-limited to two terms, four years in office, for OH1/KY3 voters. I am quite simply a "proactive citizen." I am a populist independent.

We live in a diverse culture. My issues are related to my own background. I am a part native-American citizen who relies on the bill of rights to secure my spiritual freedom from the religious beliefs of others. I am a college graduate who worked as a drafter on an hourly wage contract basis for twenty-two years. In the early 1950s, my wages would have been taxed 2% by the IRS. Corporate income taxes were in the 40% range. Individual income taxes were 91% on income above $5 million. But since the 1950s, Corporate income taxes have been lowered about 20%, with the highest individual income tax lowered to 38% on any unlimited amount of personal income.

These huge transfers of national wealth to a few Corporations and individuals have devastated millions of lower and middle class wage earners, as well as independent small business owners. For the first time in our history, the expectations of the next generation are lower than the expectations of the previous generation. The American dream is fading for our disappearing middle class.

The tax burden has gradually shifted to wage earners and family businesses, with the result that real wages for a majority of Americans have steadily declined over the past 40 years. During the same period, the real earnings ("wages") of the wealthiest 10% have more than doubled. The wealth of the 1% has increased up to ten-fold, 1000%. The wealthy have already won the "class war." Basking in their smug victory, the wealthy accuse those who advocate the re-distribution of wealth through progressive taxes to be guilty of "class warfare." This is propaganda by the super wealthy "class" to favor the wealthy. The super wealthy 0.001 of 1.0% own the media and our elected public servants.

The Internet and the Public Broadcasting Service are still somewhat free, for now. For now, we have a place to speak the truth.

The out of balance tax laws favoring the wealthy came about because the political process is owned by political contributors, mainly multi-national and other foreign corporations. The two bipartisan "major" political parties are on the take. Perhaps we should recognize that as corruption, plain and simple. We don't have to prove them guilty in court. We can act on common sense intuition with our votes. Vote career incumbents out of our public offices. Elect nonpartisan and minor party candidates.

We no longer have the representative democratic republic envisioned by our founders. Our participation in politics as populist nonpartisans can regain that vision of freedom and a democratic republic for our people. The IVA is a means to overcome the entrenched power of the bipartisan monopoly two-party system (dictatorship).

My son and grandchildren deserve a better world.

Rich Stevenson (Top of Page) (Your Voice)


Occupy Open Clean Elections: The IVA is proposed to be a cooperative "nonpartisan" political structure organized on the computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of IVA participants to give our people a strong voice in public elections and in our governments. We will end the monopoly power of the corrupt bipartisan two-party system.

The only IVA headquarters are located on the local computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of IVA participants on the political precinct level in all fifty states. Millions of desktops. We are the 99.999%. Occupy elections.

The IVA can be an Internet opportunity for a new beginning in political organization for our republic and for other people throughout the world. For our nation, an emphatic move away from a corruptible "bipartisan two-party political system" toward a "populist nonpartisan political system" with many more nonpartisan and minor party populist candidate choices to give voters a reason to vote.

Emphasis will no longer be on ideology, power and control, but on issues and workable solutions to our republic's problems. The IVA emphasis will be on liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic.

(Top of Page) (Your Voice)

Ballot access petitions will be available on IVA web pages and other web pages for use by populist nonpartisan citizens. Freedom is participation in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist ballot access movement.

RICH STEVENSON, Interim Acting Chair, THIS PAGE, USAIVA, Email


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Trickle Up:

A greater emphasis on "trickle up" Henry Ford economics will create a healthy equal opportunity economy. Fair trade rather than unrestrained free "trickle down" trade will create local wealth within our borders. Living wages for an honest day's work will "trickle up" to restore middle class confidence and financial security in a growing middle class majority.






Henry Ford Economics: Henry Ford paid his employees $5 per day instead of the prevailing $2-$3 per day so his employees could afford to buy the cars produced with mass production methods introduced in Ford Automobile plants in the early 1900s. The employees became customers for Ford automobile products. That is the Ford "trickle up" economic model. It produced wealth for many, many decades in the last century, and could still work adapted to today's economy. (Trickle Up) (Top of Page)