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Free Proactive Voter Tools

The web page tools and concepts, under continuous development and currently functional, are free to Proactive Voter Movement activists.

Participate to support the transition to clean open Final Five Primary Elections, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) General Elections1, and Vote By Mail2 for all eligible voters in all fifty states.3 Free licensed tools for you:


Free Tools for a More Democratic Republic 

Free Proactive Voter Tools Software Mini-CD


Bottom Up Elections: Our computer, tablet and smart phone desktops are the only IVA headquarters, with local Independent Voters Alliance (IVA) web pages managed and chaired by local  participants in every voting precinct in every state. Our national goal will be up to 500,000 Local IVAs controlled by proactive voters from the bottom-up in a more democratic republic! Millions of participant desktops. Each Local IVA Web Page Manager is a Leader in the Proactive Voter Movement for Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech. Proactive voters are at home, from the bottom-up, in the only headquarters for our proactive voter movement. We are home based. Your home. My home.

Free PROACTIVE VOTER Software | IVA Rollout

We are the 99.999%. Occupy Elections. Elect 99.999% candidates.

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Equal Political Speech Tools: The overall CS II goal is to  replace the minority "bipartisan two-party political system" with a majority "nonpartisan proactive voter cooperative" that governs in the interests of human constituents, people. I am the creator of the Free Proactive Voter Movement software. I am the lone writer and designer. I am one of many concerned citizens working to increase awareness of the electoral and political reforms needed to preserve our constitutional democratic republic. I will work with all other proactive citizens building the open ballot access movement. Our common goal is to increase majority nonpartisan participation in our democratic republic for the 21st century.

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Nonpartisan Independent Strategy: Development of free web page tools for use by nonpartisan independents is an integral part of the overall strategy for making the nonpartisan political transition possible. Each software tool is packaged in a free Zipped template that can be easily modified and duplicated for local, nonpartisan use. The IVA and other political tools are designed to enable control from the bottom up by a majority of our people. All of the CSII software tools are gifts to the large numbers of politically inactive nonpartisan citizens in our republic. All worthwhile activities in life take substantial effort. Each participant in the Proactive Voter Movement supplies the time and effort needed. We still have a democratic republic, if we can keep it. Freedom is participation in power.

Rich Stevenson, Centrist Nonpartisan Proactive Activist

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 Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA):

The National IVA web pages, published only as a subset with Local IVA Web Pages, explain how the IVA is designed to facilitate the transformation of the American political system from a monopoly "bipartisan two-party political system" into a bottom-up open "nonpartisan political cooperative." Ballot access will become easier in all fifty states. A State IVA cooperative political party will be established on the ballot in every state where an IVA cooperative of nonpartisans and minor parties would be more competitive against the bipartisan two-party monopoly. The goal is liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic for all U.S. citizens.

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 Certify IVA Petition Circulators: The primary means to open ballot access to nonpartisan and minor party candidates. Write lesson plans to certify ballot access petition circulators in IVA classes, High School Civics classes, and College Civics classes in every state. For example, the goal in Ohio alone is 100,000 IVA certified ballot access petition circulators, about nine in each voting precinct. Ballot access petition circulation is the civics lesson overlooked in our schools at every level.

IVA certified petition circulators will be a cooperative civil army to gain open ballot access in each of the fifty states. Every ballot in every election throughout our republic will contain more nonpartisan and minor party candidates, more minor political parties, and more initiative-referendum issues to have more ballot choices. "Freedom is participation in power," said Cicero, a Roman Senator, 2000 years ago. Become an IVA certified ballot access petition circulator and proactive voter to participate in political power.

Ballot access petition circulator training and making petition circulator field kits takes about one hour to complete. All inquiries are welcome. "If not you, who? If not now, when?" Join the IVA civil army. Join the open ballot access movement for equal political speech and election reforms. Promote and practice Proactive Citizenship.

Educational materials are developed for Ohio. Forty-nine states need further development of educational materials!

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 Local IVA Web Page Managers: IVA web pages are templates that can be edited, launched and managed from the local level by each Local IVA web page manager in his/her area at no cost to the Local IVA manager. For example, the Local IVA model web pages, Independent Voters Alliance, Hamilton County, Ohio, are devoted to providing local ballot access for nonpartisan and minor party candidates, minor parties, and proactive voter initiatives, totally cost-free. The IVA goal is free Local IVA web pages in every voting precinct in every state in our republic. For example, Ohio has 11,366 precincts (based upon the year 2000 U.S. Census population results).

The IVA expects the bulk of IVA web page managers to be high school and college students who can apply their Internet skills to taking control of their political futures. The IVA provides a functional framework to establish Local IVA web pages where proactive voters can effectively influence and participate in the future of politics. Cost-free Local IVA web pages are a unique bottom-up means to gain nonpartisan ballot access. Publish a Local IVA where you live. Become a proactive voter.

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 IVA Open Ballot Access Templates:

Cooperative participants can publish no-cost Local IVA web pages in their precinct, community, town, county, or other electoral district. Get a template on a Free Tools CSII Mini-CD or CD-R (see insert above) from any Local IVA Web Page Manager for material costs, less than one dollar. The ZIP template includes all the easy instructions you will need to set up and manage your Local IVA web pages. IVA ZIP templates can also be sent by Email attachment at no cost. Complete and submit the USAIVA pdf-Participation Form to request your free no cost template. Create and manage the IVA state web pages for your state. (Complete and submit the  OHIVA pdf-Participation Form to join the leadership team in Ohio. The free template is used by OH residents to create and manage Local OHIVA web pages for their OH County or electoral area.

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 No Cost Political Campaign Templates:

Template political campaign web pages and campaign materials are derived from work on the "Rich" campaign for U.S. Congress (web home page linked above). The template contains many creative campaign features. The template is available immediately as a no-cost Email attachment. Or, the template is included on the Free Tools CSII Mini-CD or CD-R that can be obtained from any IVA Web Page Manager for material costs, less than one dollar. Any reasonable nonpartisan independent or minor party candidate with common sense views can use the materials for free. Request your free template by Email. Town Hall Election Day Politics. (Included as a Free Tool. See the CSII Mini-CD or CD-R insert above).

Adapt the "model" template for use in your election campaign. Feel free. There are no hidden costs. Free means $0.00.

Occupy Elections and Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech are political campaign slogans I would like to see used by all candidates who use the "model campaign" web pages. Not required. There is a nonpartisan 80% voter majority nearly everywhere. They are "nonpartisans" who do not actively support any political party. Less than half of age-eligible voters even bother to vote. Voters who choose to vote, usually vote for the person, not a political party.

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THRO Term Limits Templates:

"Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out" of Congress. The "2022 T.H.R.O. Ad" is for endorsement by nonpartisan and minor party Congressional candidates. Term limit career bipartisan incumbents now in Congress. Fire D's and R's. Available to nonpartisan candidates Cost-Free! The "2022 T.H.R.O. Ad" campaign kicks off in January 2021, and every even election year will have a T.H.R.O. campaign until all the "Hypocritical Rascals" are Thrown Out of Congress, until we have ALL NEW FACES IN CONGRESS. Read the above linked THRO page to get support for your 2022 Congressional campaign. Your free  template can be sent by Email attachment. (Included as a Free Tool. See the CSII Mini-CD or CD-R insert above).

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 Free Preview CSII Pamphlet: ProVotPam.pdf

The Proactive Voter Movement

Preview the Free Adobe Acrobat File
Common Sense II

The Proactive Voter Movement

A Populist Indictment of the DNC & RNC

An intentional mass movement, it seems to me, needs an intellectual basis, some jumping off place. Perhaps the populist proactive voter pledge in this pamphlet is needed to get the ball rolling. If the "common sense" of this CSII pamphlet rings true to you, if it reflects your political reality, tell others, promote the pledge, the IVA, the "occupy" message and the pamphlet. The pamphlet was converted to an Adobe Acrobat file in Feb 2006, and is now a free preview file on the Internet. The Kindle eBook and Paperback are available for purchase on Amazon:

Buy the Kindle eBook and Paperback on Amazon: Published in June 2018. The eBook is $3.95 or free to read on "Kindle Unlimited." The Paperback is $9.95.



Meanwhile preview the pamphlet before purchase. (Included for preview on the FREE TOOLS CD. See CD insert above). Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward! Buy the eBook.

Agreement on every detail in the pamphlet is not expected. Participate in the proactive voter movement for open ballot access and equal political speech for your reasons. Just do your part. Be a proactive voter.

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 Common Sense II — Part IIThe Brainwashed Citizen Awakes.

An unfinished pamphlet. Finish writing. Topics will include:

 The ways in which the Judiciary and the legal system protects the DNC & RNC monopoly.

 The use of the Media to brainwash our culture to maintain the bottom-line for special interests, media, business, labor, and political parties.

 The lack of protection for individual and small business interests.

 Voter Awareness: Educate people to reveal the lack of popular support for the monopoly bipartisan "two-party system." The substantial numerical advantage, about 80%, of age-eligible nonpartisan voters will gradually end bipartisan control of our political system. Our republic will become, more than in times past, the world's best hope for open ballot access and equal political speech. ( Files) (Bottom UP) (Top of Page)

 Introduce and find acceptance for reform political concepts promoting a democratic republic and the pursuit of happiness for all of our people.

 Promote web sites that increase awareness of the many solutions to our bipartisan political problems. Promote open ballot access. Promote civil harmony and cooperation to have a more democratic republic.

 Use creative entrepreneurial free enterprise to stimulate growth and to solve the problems ignored by two corrupt bipartisan political parties.


Your Support: Donate $1.00 to The Proactive Voter Movement. Help end bipartisan corruption.

Pay Pal gets only 5% plus $0.05 of each small Micropay Donation. The net amount of your donation is $0.90 of $1.00, $4.70 of $5.00, $9.45 of $10.00, or $18.95 of $20.00. Donate $1.00 to $5.00. No donation is too small. We can change our world together. Be a proactive voter.

2022 Donations: $000,000 Net ($200,000 Goal)

2021: $520.78 Net; 1999-2020: $896.60 Net

A small micropay donation will provide support for success of the Proactive Voter movement. Read the support page to understand the unique bottom-up CSII approach to fundamental political change. Thanks.

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Change Our World

IVA Rollout

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"The Proactive Voter Movement" pamphlet, the "Declaration of Re-Independence," and other original materials on CSII web pages may be shared to friends and relatives for preview; Read the PDF version of the pamphlet and promote it! Read it! Review it!  Share it! Pass it forward! Share links to other original materials. Use of the no cost "Free Political Tools" are licensed to participants to protect the integrity of the Proactive Voter Movement materials. Be a Proactive Voter. Participate.

Read/Review "The Proactive Voter Movement" on line (Preview)
A Biographical
Preface, Why this Pamphlet?
Call to Action (Declaration of Re-Independence
CS II *.pdf Files to Download and share (Share)
Includes the "Pamphlet," "Pledge," "Declaration," "THRO," and "IVA."

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We Are The 99.999%!

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Bad News. Voter Apathy


Your Voice: A New Social Paradigm


The Proactive Voter Movement:

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Who are the 99.999%?

Why Extreme Voter Apathy?

The Vote-by-Mail Revolution!

Wealth Inequality In America

Sign Your Pledge: Proactive_Pledge.pdf

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Bad News. Voter Apathy

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Bad News. Voter Apathy

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1. The Politics Industry, Gehl/Porter, Harvard Business Review Press, 2020. Learn more at and Institute for Political Innovation:


2. A Democratic Republic! The Vote-by-Mail Revolution! , IVA Opinion, Richard L. Stevenson, May 01, 2020.

The 99% Can Vote Any Day at Home. End Voter Suppression By the DNC and the RNC! Create Open Final Five Nonpartisan Primary Elections to Build Consensus on Public Policy.



3. Forward Party: , Join

Forward, Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, Andrew Yang, Crown, New York, 2021. "Civic Juries" mentioned by Yang would be completely fulfilled in the nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement and would be supported by "The Proactive Voter Pledge" presented in the proactive pamphlet. The Local IVAs are "Civic Juries" in action. . Become a Proactive Voter. Occupy elections. Unite America.



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