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Current Perspectives from a Nonpartisan Proactive Independent

Over a period of several years I had chances to write articles about the IVA populist nonpartisan proactive voter movement for national and state civic organizations. I did not bother until Fall 2003. I first started to write articles for a local political web site in Cincinnati, OH. The web site was Queen City Forum (QCF), After talking to one of the founders, Michael Altman, on the phone for a long time and his reading my pamphlet, Common Sense II, The Proactive Voter Movement, Michael asked me to write a monthly column on the IVA party for the QCF web site. I was happy to oblige. I was asked to write one or two columns per month within a few months after my first article was published online. I wrote two articles only in the month of July 2004, the last month before the breakup between the QCF founders. I continued to write after that. I still write on subjects that need comment from a nonpartisan perspective.


Meet the IVA

IVA LeadershipThe first article was simply Meet the IVA, which forced me to write a good introduction to the IVA in a brief format suitable for a newsletter or magazine. On the original QCF web site the IVA was shown as one of four political parties in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. The other three parties were indicated as being the Charter Party established in the 1920s, the Republican party established in the 1850s, and the Democratic Party established sometime in the early 1800s. The IVA was just a few years old and not even quite off the ground. But QCF gave the IVA equal billing. I had the chance to express new ideas on needed changes in our political system. Here, I have a voice. IVA Columns

My thanks were owed to Michael Altman, and to Steve Fritsch, the Publisher. They co-founded the QCF, but had an ideological falling out after a little over a year after founding the QCF. Ideology ruined their QCF friendship at last word. Steve is conservative and Michael is on the liberal side. Hey guys, 70% of the people are populists, including centrist, left and right populists. The last time I looked the IVA articles were no longer on the two web sites that took the place of the original QCF. The new QCF,, no longer active, published by Michael Altman, no longer featured an article from the four political parties. The other web site,, the Blue Chip Review (BCR), was published by the more conservative Steve Fritsch. The BCR site is active only to market finanical advice on penny stocks, totally unrelated to political opinion. I miss the nonpartisan viewpoint that was the basis of the original QCF. Ideological polarity caused the breakup between friends, in a manner similar to the constant bipartisan fights in the U.S. Congress. The initial QCF intent was to open a free discussion of all political points of view in one place. In the end, bipartisan polarity scored a minor victory against tolerance and free speech in Cincinnati, OH.


The articles listed below are “current event” articles published when and where indicated. The IVA articles are no longer archived on the QCF web pages. The links shown as dates are the dates when the articles were originally published or written. QCF was published on the 1st and the 15th of each month. The articles listed below are shown from the newest to the oldest dates as originally published. Many show edit update dates at the bottom of the article:


The Coup That Ended America As We Know It!

The Plot is Underway With a Surprise Ending

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Advice and Consent

A Nation Divided Cannot Stand. Constitutional Judicial

Appointments Must Require a Two-Thirds (2/3) Senate Vote.

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Prayer for America!

In Our Deepest Hearts. Amen!

The Power of Prayer is in the Way We Live our Lives. Our

Words. Our Deeds. “By their works ye shall know them.”

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No Choice Primaries KY

KY U.S. Senate, R Incumbent since 1986, 34 Years; Paid for by Outside Wall Street Money. The Democrat Too! Boring!

(IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)


Make America Incompetent Again!

The Legacy of Donald Trump! A 2nd Term for the Idiot King?

Fight COVID-19 Spread, Test Trace Isolate! Wear Your Mask!

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Freedom is Participation in Power!

Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote!

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A Democratic Republic!

The Vote-by-Mail Revolution!

The 99% Can Vote Any Day at Home. End Voter Suppression By the DNC and the RNC! Create Open Final Five Nonpartisan Primary Elections to Build Consensus on Public Policy.

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How to Lose Again in 2020

The DNC, Hillary, and Joe Did Not, Do Not Back Bernie's Voters AT ALL; Shut Out Again; Not Bernie, US; 

DNC Warning: Build a home for our issues or Lose!!!

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Getting to Consensus on Gun Safety Laws!!

Protect the 2nd Amendment!!

Using Legal Precedent to Prevent Mass shootings

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The Sanders Ceiling?*

Only Applies to  DNC Controlled Establishment Primaries; No Ceiling in the General Election in November; all Voters, The 99.999%, Can all Choose to Openly Vote for Sanders (or Trump) in the General!!! Limited to Two Choices, Sanders Will win easily!!

*Meet the Press 02-16-20

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#Never Again!! Absolutely Possible!!

Using Legal Precedent to Prevent Mass shootings

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FDR 2020: Bernie Sanders!!

Needed for the 99.999%

A 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights. Time for our Nation to fulfill the Dreams of our Greatest President, Elected Four Times by His People.

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Who are the 99.999%?

Not So Wealthy as You Think!

Billionaires are 0.001 of 1.0%, Our Invisible Super Wealthy Rulers! Ninety-Nine Percent of HOUSEHOLD Incomes are Below $350,000 Per Year! Huge Income Inequality Gap!

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Why Extreme Voter Apathy?

Voters Don't Matter in Two-Party Politics!!

Closed Primaries Attract Very Few Voters or Poll Workers!! About 70% have no vote in choosing Candidates? Every State!! So 99% Feel Little Connection to Elections or to The Elected! Vote by Mail, everyone?

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The Great Divider

Not a Leader, a Healer, or a Uniter! “The Divider in Chief!” Don Lemon, CNN!, “Pussy Grabber in Chief!” President Trump, His Own Foul Mouth!

(IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)


Federal Judge Appointment Process Reform Needed! Long Ago!

100% of Federal Judges are Left and Right “Wingnuts!” We Need Moderate Centrist Judges! All Judges Must be Confirmed by a 2/3 vote, 67 Votes, Beginning Now! Nominate Female Federal Judges Until a 50% Balance is Achieved. No More Sex Offenders Confirmed to Any Federal Court! Impartiality is Paramount.

(IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)


An Inferior Court? Or Supreme?

Liars and Sex Criminals Welcome for a Lifetime?

(IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)


Bipartisans Win Another Round

Apology to the Voters of District One Ohio

No Choice for Congress This Year

(IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)


Open Letter to all Voters

About Ohio Congressional District One and Your Vote In the Populist 85% Voter Majority



The Sad State of American Politics

A Game Played by Back Room Elites



A More Democratic Republic for US All

Can Nonpartisans Replace the Bipartisan




Principled Nonpartisan Politics 

A Worthy Rhetorical Strategy



String Along or Vote Your Interests?

Populist Nonpartisan Ballot Choices

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


Progressive Term Limits? In America?

A Populist Nonpartisan Perspective On Politics

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


Political Debate? In My America?

Populist Nonpartisan Perspectives are Blocked

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


A Tradition of Stolen Rhetoric

Using the Media to Win Election to Public Office

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


Frames of Reference, a Wrong War?

Only a Populist Nonpartisan Leader Makes Sense

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


The Seven Percent Nominee

Our Undemocratic Political Process

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


An Independent President Called


The Dean Difference, His Supporters

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


Constituent? Are You?

You Get Back Only What You Contribute

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)


A Historic Trend for Cincinnati

New Council Members, not Incumbents

(QCF) (IVA_Opinion)



Meet the Independent Voters Alliance (IVA) 

Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech

(QCF) (BCR) (IVA_Opinion) (Top of Page)

The articles were written on “current events” from a populist nonpartisan political perspective. They are unlike any articles you have heard, read, or seen in the bipartisan for-profit corporate media. The truth about our undemocratic two-party political system is usually hidden from view in commercial media. A few lies of omission are exposed in the IVA articles.

These articles are just the opinions of one person. There are millions of people like you yearning for changes in our democratic republic. Spread the word of the populist nonpartisan proactive voter movement. We still have "a republic, if you can keep it," Ben Franklin. I have many articles left to write or that needed writing over the last few decades. Your participation is needed to keep our democratic republic open and free for all of our people.

Rich Stevenson



Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive Citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Read the national IVA web pages at Participate. Unite Amerrica. Zoom

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Bad News. Voter Apathy

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Why Extreme Voter Apathy?

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Wealth Inequality In America

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Bad News. Voter Apathy 

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