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By Rich Stevenson ©May 01, 2020

Interim Acting Chair of the Jefferson County KYIVA

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IVA LeadershipThe Golden Mean! The location of truth is almost never at any extreme. Truth? Wisdom? Consensus is often found at the true, wise point at the middle of all arguments for any Truth. Plato and Socrates agreed, and the same conclusion is found in all philosophies and religions throughout human history. The Golden Mean is the usual solution to any problem:


Common sense and pragmatism lead to consensus on issues. Finding a solution that works bypasses and ends the argument over "truth." If something works, it is time to move on. Time to get on to other concerns.

Partisanship has divided our country almost to the point of civil war over moral differences. Both parties are backed into indefensible positions on controversial issues. Abortion. Guns. Are two major differences! There is no consensus on those issues. And others. Religious diversity. Racial diversity. Income inequality. Huge divide. We are near the point of fighting over these issues. Passions are high. Violence would be a point of no return. We can't go there! Division on these issues have ended civilizations. They divide the DNC and the RNC. To survive, we need to get to consensus, to take those issues out of partisan consideration. Find agreement?

At least we must agree to disagree on those issues to survive as a country, to avoid a devastating civil war. We are getting close to a tipping point due to the Covid-19 health crisis. Both sides claim the high ground on differences of principle. On moral beliefs. On constitutional interpretation.

With everybody voting by mail in every D and R primary, controversial issues can be toned down. Republican candidates will be pulled back from the Far Right in Republican Primaries and Democratic candidates will be pulled back from the Far Left in Democratic primaries. Issues will be resolved based upon support from a super majority of proactive voters. The majority of eligible voters are moderate on all the controversial issues. The Issues will be acted upon based on moderate agreement and consensus in moderate legislatures not blighted by left and right "Wingnuts," single issue radicals. A majority of open primary voters will not re-elect radical "Wingnut" incumbents. We are a nation of laws.


To get to consensus in legislative bodies and executive offices we need two radical election reforms. Make our elections proudly representative in a robustly democratic republic. Enact these two solutions into law:

Solution 1: Open all Primary Elections to every eligible voter. We could have Open Primaries in all fifty states to give all voters a voice in every election. (A general referendum on every candidate elected.)

Solution 2: Vote-by-Mail! Mail a ballot to all eligible voters in every Primary and General Election in all fifty states. Count 100% of votes from all voters. (A general referendum on every candidate elected.) (Top of Page)


Promote voting by mail and open primaries to have a country with liberty and justice for all. Our legislatures can find peace and work together to solve all of our many problems. “We must become proactive good citizens.”

We must take power from (and within) the D and R parties to have open elections so all voters have a reason to vote. Elect populist candidates we put on the ballot to defeat establishment D and R candidates. Occupy Elections - Everybody Vote! “We must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Sign the pledge. OCCUPY


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