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(Americans Speak) Grassroot Waves of Grain

Web pages created by yearning for political and social change. Here are a few of the increasing multitude of Individuals who are speaking out to provide grassroots leadership and insight outside of the two-party political and economic monopoly/dictatorship. You are not alone in your concern for your country. Where are your web pages? 

You can create Independent Voters Alliance (IVA) local cooperative web pages for nonpartisan independent and minor party ballot access in your state, county, precinct, or electoral district. Create the political world around you in your own image. Be a populist nonpartisan leader.


Richard Winger: nonpartisan National Ballot Access expert; subscribe to the Ballot Access News, Monthly newsletter since 1991, archived. Produces invaluable legal research.

 Doris "Granny D" Haddock: Walked across the continent for Campaign Finance Reform. Visit a genuine American heroine for historical perspective, love of country. A full life, 100 yrs., 1910 to March 12, 2010. "Clean Elections Now!" Her work is still not done!

 Jack Gargan: Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out (THRO Ad); Ad endorsed by current year Congressional Candidates. Elect nonpartisan new faces to Congress. Jack Gargan, Genuine American Hero, Founded T.H.R.O. and the  Good Government Movement in 1990. He raised the issues of Term Limits, out of control Deficit Spending, and bipartisan two-party corruption. You can participate. THRO Help Page.

 Dr. Lenora Fulani: Independent Movement Leader, speaker and writer. First black and first woman on the Presidential ballot.  Ran for President twice, both times as an independent. On the ballot in all 50 states in 1988 and on the ballot in 40 states in 1992. Associated with the New Alliance Party. Later in the Reform Party (IP of NY and CUIP leader). Google her name. (


 Jackie in Wash DC, link coming soon.

 We the People (Jerry Brown), Mayor, Oakland, California.
A presidential candidate in 1992, an open-ended political free thinker. Once again Governor of California.

 Jesse Jackson, Rainbow Push Coalition




 Suggest important nonpartisan voices to add.


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 (Americans Speak) Grassroot Waves of Grain

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