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ELECTION DAY: November 03, 2020



Equal Political Speech U.S. Amendmemt

Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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Low Power Radio / Net Neutrality
"A Media Voice for Americans Act"

This issue needs to be updated to reflect current law and the latest iteration of related Congressional bills that are pending or that have become law. Have powerful corporate interests already overturned enabling legislation for low power radio? The fight has been festering for a very long time. A new law is needed now to give Americans a political voice. (Top of Page)

Radio and television licenses for 100W to 200W broadcast stations is the subject. They could be used to give a nonpartisan political voice to independents and minor parties as well as communities. The big Radio and TV station owners, the corporations, are trying to ban low power Radio and TV because they claim it interferes with their broadcasts. Free political speech would be served by low power radio/TV and I want to be in congress to protect the rights of citizens to operate this new class of broadcast stations. We can have a more democratic republic.

Net Neutrality: must by maintained to give everyone a clear open voice in our elections and political system..


Opposition Motivation: The real corporate objection is the legitimate fear of losing advertising revenues if you (the public) spend your time not listening to or watching their commercial stations. Congress persons are afraid they will lose campaign contributions. Low power broadcasts do not interfere with commercial broadcasts, but they are likely to interfere with their bottom lines. The number of consumer hours reported by the Nielson Ratings could drop drastically. The viewer share that is the basis of all commercial media advertising revenue could drop precipitously.

I would also like to see repeal of FCC rulings and law which allows multiple ownership of Radio and TV stations. The drastic decrease in the number of broadcast outlets for free speech, which has taken place over the last several decades is a threat to freedom and open debate of public policy decisions from every reasonable point of view.

Our congress is too prone to give away the electromagnetic spectrum to campaign contributors. They are giving away our property without our informed consent. (Top of Page)

The new corporate owners then charge the public unreasonable fees for the use of our property. Ownership should stay in public hands and leased only on a very limited basis to corporations for use entirely in the public interest. No private ownership of electromagnetic spectra should ever be allowed.

Newspapers have already become purveyors of entertainment and sports "news" with editorial control by a handful of owners. News reporting is a disappearing art. Print media reporter staffs have been cut back drastically with Associated Press wire stories used to fill up columns once reserved for reporting of solid local and state news stories.

Public broadcast stations could once be trusted as an unbiased source of news. However, corporate funding is gradually taking over control of even that last vestige of editorial freedom. (Top of Page)


Radio Free America: We need the diversity of low power radio/TV, and the Internet. We need to keep the Internet totally free, with no commercial or corporate interests allowed to dominate and own control of Internet bandwidth. Each citizen can help support the non-commercial Internet as our "Radio Free America" to help keep our country free.


New Law: We need low power radio and TV to compete with the corporate media monopoly supported by the bipartisan political system. A free press is necessary to maintain freedom. We need to publicly finance public Radio and Television networks fully like we did just a few decades ago. Our freedom in the coming generations hangs in the balance. We could pass the "A Media Voice for Americans Act" to direct the FCC to license 100W to 200W radio and TV stations to private individual broadcasters. (Top of Page)

I Pledge to be Self Term-Limited to Two Terms in Office: Four Years



To preserve freedom and our democratic republic we must not re-elect bipartisan career incumbents to public office, as often as possible, and replace them with as many newly elected private citizens as possible.

Elect "Rich." You win. We all win. Rich is on your ballot for KY District Three Representative to the U.S. Congress on November 03, 2020. You must be proactive in this election campaign to have your voice heard in the U.S. Congress.


Elect nonpartisan independent candidates on your ballot. We all win if you apply term limits in the voting booth to all Incumbent public office holders. Establishment politicians do harm to our dreams of freedom and a democratic republic. As the years pass, incumbent politicians serve only their political party and other special interests that support their personal political ambitions.


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KY 3 U.S. Congress

ELECTION DAY: November 03, 2020

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Equal Political Speech U.S. Amendmemt

Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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Clean elections

Stump Speeches and Nonpartisan Political Videos  @ForOH1Congress  OPEN CLEAN ELECTIONS OCCUPY

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