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ELECTION DAY: November 07, 2022




Deadline: August 11, 2022

Goal: August 04, 20222
Reader takes about 15 seconds to download to your hard drive, even on a dial up. Reader is needed to access Adobe Acrobat files linked on this page.


2022 Petition: Deadline 08-11-22(2nd Tues); Goal 08-04-22

1) Petition Sheet + Flyer sheets (400 valid signatures, 800 total needed) for Rich Stevenson, Jefferson County Independent Voters Alliance Candidate for Congress KY 03 to be on the ballot on November 07, 2022.

Note: The Petition Sheet is ledger size, 50% larger signing area than standard legal size form. Accepted by the Executive Officer, Office of Elections. KY SOS. There are 65 signature lines per copy. ($0.22 per double-sided copy at staples.) Twelve full sheets are needed, plus 20 signatures on a 13th sheet = 800 signature goal. (or 4 signatures on 300 sheets = 1200 signatures.) (Flyer sheets are $0.10 per copy, 30 flyers for $1.00.)

 Legal-Ledger-Size-Petitions 3Fly.pdf_Flyer

     1)  Petitiion Pdf                  2)  1/3 PAGE fLYER pdf  

2) Flyer for Signers

"Register and Vote - Clean Government is possible" Message. Get ten copies (Staples is $0.10 per copy, or $1.00 per 30 1/3 page flyers).

3) Circulate your petition and flyers in your home precinct. Ask each signer for $1.00 to help pay the $500.00 filing fee required to get on the ballot. (The filing fee for Congress in Ohio is $85.00. Different in each state.) We could have one or more circulators in each of 609 precincts to get a few signatures to file our petition. Sign the petition if you are a Jefferson County registered voter. If you are not, circulate a petition to get signatures of voters who are Jefferson County KY03 registered voters. ($1.00 and two (2) valid signatures from 500 of 609 KY03 voting precincts will produce the $500 to pay the ballot fee, and 1000 signatures to produce the 400 valid signatures required.) Thanks for all you do.

4) Take the pdf files or links into Staples or other copy store to make your petition and flyer copies. Thanks for your participation to elect your representative to Congress. We are the 99%. (The copy store can download the pdfs from this web page to make the copies.) We can win our seat in Congress.

5) The filing deadline is August 11, 2022. The preferred campaign goal is to file by July 04, 2022, a Saturday. The sooner the better to be a recognized candidate for Congress on the 2022 ballot. Thanks. The preferred goal is to file the second week in July. Happy July 4th!! Count Update

Notes on 2022 KY03 Petition Status: The 2022 petition was created on February 14, 2022. Rich is campaigning as a Populist Nonpartisan IVA Independent. The Citizens for Stevenson campaign committee decided to petition as a candidate of The Jefferson County Independent Voters Alliance (KYIVA). Rich Stevenson's 2017 voter registration was as a member of the Kentucky Green Party. Rich re-registered as a member of the Independent Voters Alliance (KYIVA) in December 2017 as required by KY election law to run as an IVA candidate. Having a candidate on the ballot for Congress will establish the Jefferson County IVA as a Kentucky Political Group under Kentucky Law. This is an opportunity to establish a Populist Voter Revolution movement in Louisville, Ky, Rich's home town, to be a KY center for the populist movement away from establishment two-party politics and toward a nonpartisan populist political system. Rich has been building the Internet based IVA structure and other free nonpartisan political tools for about 20 years. Rich's petition was created early in the 2022 election cycle to assure getting on the ballot for 2022. Rich failed to get enough signatures to get on the ballot in 2018. Rich decided to not run as a Green Party candidate in 2016 and 2018 in order to establish the KYIVA  as a "political group" under KY law to empower all populist voters, centrist, left and right, to better compete with the establishment two-party system by electing populist candidates to public office. Count Update

Note: There are many ideas for making the most of the 2022 election year to elect down ballot candidates to further the Populist Voter Revolution proposed by Bernie Sanders in 2016. Since Bernie was not elected President the job is ours to complete. We will use proactive participanets to lit drop flyers in their home precincts and to ask for votes at the polls on Election Day, plus many GetOutTheVote (GOTV) ideas. Town Hall Election Day Politics.

Past Elections 2010 and 2012:

Rich was On the Ohio General Election Ballot as the Green Party Candidate in 2010 and 2012 for Congress OH1, Hamilton County/Cincinnati, Ohio Area: Obtained the Green Party endorsement for Congress OH1 both years. Obtained the 25 valid signatures needed both years to be on the Green Primay Election ballot in OH. Won the Primay Elections and was on the General Election ballots in 2010 and 2012 as the Green Party candidate. The OH filing fee to be on the ballot for Congress was just $85.00, way below the $500 KY filling fee for Congress. The OH valid signature requirement for independents was 6X the KY requirement of 400 valid signatures. Every state has widely diffferent election laws.

KY Election Law Notes: The KY Green Party is not ballot qualified under KY law. The Libertarian Party is a ballot qualified "political organization" under KY law due to winning 2.05% of the Presidential vote in 2016. The Green candidate got less than 1% of the Presidential vote in 2016 and remains a "political group" under ky law.  "Political Group" candidates have no advantages over independent candidates under KY law. No political parties other than the D and R parties are allowed legal equality under KY law. The KYGP can not hold primaries or endorse candidates from a convention. The Libertarian Party CAN ENDORSE CANDIDATES FROM A CONVENTION in 2018 and 2020.  Rich re-registered as an "Independent Voters Alliance (IVA)" registered voter before the December 31, 2017 deadline. Any District 03 registered voter will be able to vote for any District 03 Congressional candidate on the 2018 General Election Ballot. ALL VOTERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE FOR RICH IF HE GETS ON THE GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT. PLEASE HELP. Count Update

Biopoly/monopoly Politics: The KY candidates for the monopoly parties, Democratic and Republican, need to get only two (2) valid signatures to be on the Primary Election ballot for any office. The winner of D and R Primary Elections automatically go onto the General Election ballot without any further effort. Very, very easy. 70% of eligible voters are blocked from voting in the D and R primary elections. The KY elections process is very undemocratic. 70% of voters have had no voice in selecting the D and R candidates who are put on the General Election ballot in November of every year, for the past hundred years. Very undemocratic. UnAmerican!

Valid Signature Goals: A "political group" Congressional candidate, like Rich, or independents, need to get many more valid signatures to qualify to be on the General Election ballot. That is 10,000% more signatures than required of D and R candidates. Require 398, more than the 2 valid required of D's and R's. Any other other candidate needs 400, 200 times more signatures. That is not equal protection under the law for "political groups" or independents. You and me.

80% Valid: Not every signature we get will be a valid signature. If 80% are valid, a very high number of valid signatures, we will need to turn in 500 total signatures, which is equal to 7 full sheets and 45 signatures on a partial sheet.

Our Goal is 50% Valid: A reasonable percentage of valid signatures for pubic signature collection, we will need to turn in 800 total signatures, which is equal to 12 full petition sheets and 20 signatures on a partial sheet. Five more full sheets than needed if the signatures were 80% valid. Done right, 80% or more is possible.

65% Valid: 65% valid signatures. We will need to turn in 616 total signatures, which is equal to 9 full petition sheets and 31 signatures on a partial sheet.

We will have one hundred petition sheets on hand to distribute to our petition circulator team. Each sheet has 65 signature lines, so we have enough sheets to contain 6,500 signatures. There is no maximum number of signatures that can be collected and filed for ballot access. We can make many mistakes. But we still need to "git 'er done."

We could spoil, lose, or otherwise not use up to 88 petition sheets if will get twelve full petition sheets or partial petition sheets totalling 800 petition signatures of registered District 03 Voters. 80 petition circulators could get 10 signatures each from well known family and friends to get the 800 total. I plan to personally get more than two full sheets, 130 signatures.  I will try to get 80% on my sheets.

YOUR EFFORT: Ten signatures from close friends, neighbors, and family you know to be registered Jefferson County voters is a terrific contribution. Those signatures would have a very high validity rate of 80% or more. A little effort means a lot for ballot access. Please make some effort.

Just Call Me if You want a Petition: You can take a single sheet? Get 10 signatures or up to 20 signatures? Call me! 502-909-6365, cell, or text! Thanks.

The petitions have been ready to distribute since February 14, 2022. You can drop by to pick up a copy or copies. Telephone ahead or text to 502-909-6365, to pick up or get copies. Or leave your name and phone number. We can meet you in your voting precinct, or at your signature gathering event in your precinct. Or you can download the petition, petition rules, third page flyer, and talking points information sheet from this page. Make your copies at Staples or other copy center. Count Update


Or Use the Links Below to Download:

ky petition Rules PDF: (not created yet)

THIRD/Quarter Page Flyer PDFs: Give one 1/3 page flyer to each person we ask to sign the petition. Three per page.  (see photo above) with the "Register & Vote" message on the flyer. Or the 1/4 page flyer designed to give to voters on or near election day in November.

Talking Points, Dist03KY Areas PDF: End the bipartisan culture of corruption in Washington DC, and five bullets. Stay on message as you talk to people around you about the campaign. All areas where our voters live. (not created yet)

Web Page Message: Issues: The Nonpartisan Way

IMPORTANT: Telephone to check on your voter registration status. See if you are current. Your voter registration must be current to sign a petition or to vote in the election. You don't have to be registered in the "Independent Voters Alliance" to vote for and elect Rich. Green, Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, and/or any populist or independent can vote to Elect Rich. If needed, you can easily get registered so you can cast your one vote on November 07, 2022. Circulate a ballot access petition so you have another option on the ballot to represent you in Congress. We can help you get registered, or phone the Board of Elections, or register online, see below:

Jefferson County: 502-574-6100, Get voter registration help.

(Click on the "Confirm Voter Registration" button at the top of the page. Provide name and current address where you live. Register. If You are registered at an old address, YOU must then re-register at your current address.)

register online: An easy process.

Proactive Citizen: Do show your interest to circulate a petition by filling in the e-ONLINE FORM with your voting precinct, email and phone number. You will get hard copies of the petition and email notice of signature gathering events. Collection of signatures will be on a tight schedule. The deadline is August 11, 2022. Your help is much needed to get on the 2022 ballot. Any registered KY voter can circulate a petition anywhere in KY. For example, if you are a college student living in District Three, but are from another area of KY, you can circulate a petition even though you are not eligible to vote in District Three. Any registered KY voter can circulate any ballot access petition for any KY candidate anywhere in KY. You must be a registered voter in District 03 to sign the petition. Thank you. Count Update


Crank it up. Download the petition materials from the links below. Participate with "RICH PETITION" typed in the "Participate" comment box. Get petition copies. Circulate a petition. Thank you.

Your Voice: e-ONLINE FORM!

Your Information is not made public. Fill in all items marked with an asterisk. Indicate "RICH PETITION" and "Kentucky District 03" in the comment box.

KY Petition Rules PDF: (not created yet)

Quarter/Third Page Flyer PDFs: Give one to each person we ask to sign the petition. Four per page.  Or the Three per page version, with the "Register & Vote" message is preferred to get more voters to vote and register to vote.

Talking Points PDF, precincts in  dist03ky: End the bipartisan culture of corruption in Washington DC, plus five bullets. Stay on message as you get signatures and talk to people around you about the campaign. Thanks for all you do. We can win for the 99%. (not created yet)

Petition Status: COUNT UPDATE


I Pledge to be Self Term-Limited to Two Terms in Office: Four Years



To preserve fragile freedom and our democratic republic we must not re-elect bipartisan career incumbents to public office, as often as possible, and replace them with as many newly elected private citizens as possible.


Elect nonpartisan independent candidates on your ballot. We all win if you apply term limits in the voting booth to all Incumbent public office holders. Establishment politicians do harm to our dreams of freedom and a democratic republic. As the years pass, incumbent politicians serve only their political party and other special interests that support their personal political ambitions.

Elect "Rich." You win. We all win. Rich is on your ballot for KY District Three Representative to the U.S. Congress on November 07, 2022. You must be proactive in this election campaign to have your voice heard in the U.S. Congress.
OPEN CLEAN ELECTIONS Citizens for Stevenson


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Issues: The Nonpartisan Way

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ELECTION DAY: November 07, 2022

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ELECTION DAY: November 07, 2022


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