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ELECTION DAY: November 06, 2018



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One Choice History

The CAREER Incumbent Monopoly

Sixty-four Congressional Representatives ran for re-election completely unopposed in 2004. Only thirty-four elections were considered competitive in 2004. The winners in 399 of 435 U.S. House elections were known before Election Day. All were won with over a 10% margin.

This is your America, if you can get it back. What I say about the U.S. Congress in this paper applies to every state legislature in all fifty states in our country. At this point we have lost our democratic republic. We have a political oligarchy handed down over the years to career bipartisan politicians and their political families. We have a career incumbent political dictatorship.

Our first President, George Washington, warned us against the establishment of political parties. George was right. Career bipartisan politicians have taken our sovereignty and freedom away in order to maintain power and control for their two bipartisan political parties. The reward is retention of control over the most powerful country in the world by a tiny Bipartisan elite. Concentrated power! The distance between the powerful and the powerless is vast. Almost no contact exists between them and us. There is scant influence from the vast majority to the top.

Dictatorship is the more accurate description of our career incumbent re-election system. I am sure foreign observers in the recent 2004 Presidential election year came closer to that opinion than to our having a mere bipartisan two-party monopoly. Our votes are nearly worthless in our bipartisan political system. The last election in 2008 doubled the corrupt infusion of money into the political process. Two billion dollars for media sound bites. The whole process was reported like a two minute horse race. Who was going to win and retain power? A sure two-party bet! The American people did not win any power over their lives.


2004: In 2004, 64 U.S. House Congressional races were unopposed entirely, with just one candidate on the ballot. That is nearly 15% of all House seats. Elections in 399 races, to include the 64, were considered no contest with the only opposition from a weak bipartisan opponent, so that nearly 92% of all house seat election results were known before election day on November 2, 2004.

The Texas re-districting scandal engineered by recent House Speaker Tom DeLay was the cause of the very large number of incumbent losses in Texas, and thus nationally. DeLay was forced to leave Congress over other corruption issues including lobbyist money in addition to the Texas re-districting scandal.

Usually, in most other election years, 99% of all House seats are considered uncontested, with less than five seats not retained by an incumbent.... More to be added on earlier years and more on 2004. And I will add some info on 2006 and 2008 incumbency numbers. There were many Republicans in Congress who chose to retire rather than suffer defeat in the tide of anti-Bush sentiment expressed nationwide. The 99% incumbency rate may have been less in 2008.

I Pledge to be Self Term-Limited to Two Terms in Office: Four Years

RICH STEVENSON, dist03ky@cs2pr.us


To preserve freedom and our democratic republic we must elect new people to public office, as often as possible, and with as many newly elected private citizens as possible.

Elect "Rich." You win. We all win. Rich is on your ballot for KY District Three Representative to the U.S. Congress on November 06, 2018. You must be proactive in this election campaign to have your voice heard in the U.S. Congress.


Elect nonpartisan independent candidates on your ballot. We all win if you apply term limits in the voting booth to all Incumbent public office holders. Career politicians do harm to our dreams of freedom and a democratic republic. As the years pass, incumbent politicians serve only their political party and other special interests that support their personal political ambitions.


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KY 3 U.S. Congress

ELECTION DAY: November 06, 2018

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Equal Political Speech U.S. Amendmemt

Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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Stump Speeches and Nonpartisan Political Videos  @ForOH1Congress  OPEN CLEAN ELECTIONS OCCUPY

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