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ELECTION DAY: November 06, 2018



Equal Political Speech U.S. Amendmemt

Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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Limitations on Lobbyists (Information Only)

Excerpt from The Overdue Voter Revolution, a pamphlet written by RICH STEVENSON.

Washington, DC is the secular Temple of our democracy and of the world's hopes for democracy and human rights. To honor our sacred trust to preserve the constitution, the bill of rights, and the principle of "one man, one vote," we must throw the moneychangers from the Temple. The moneychangers in our political system are obviously the lobbyists and registered foreign agents operating with unlimited access to all elected legislators, executives and staff decision makers in our capitals. There are no consequential legal limits to their behavior or activities in our law. There are no appropriate penalties for their bribery and influence peddling. Instead, we allow their legislative interference. Any time an elected spends with lobbyists outside of committee hearing rooms is a fraud perpetrated against the electors. The District of Columbia was established to serve every American citizen.

"Fund-raiser" activities of any kind should be banned from Washington DC. Any citizen attempting to give illegal funds to an elected office holder, candidate, or any civil servant, or who offers future gain or employment to such persons would be justly tried and punished for treason. Any "Foreign" businessperson or foreign diplomat guilty of the same crimes should be declared persona non grata, and barred for their lifetime from ever re-entering the United States on any basis.

Any person who has been a Federal elected office holder, civil office holder, or congressional employee should be barred for their lifetime from accepting financial compensation as a lobbyist on behalf of any entity, domestic or "Foreign." Such persons could testify before congress to provide information relevant to legislation. Former Presidents and any other persons in the executive branch or the judicial branch should also be barred from any paid lobbyist activities. Even their unpaid lobby activities should be barred if there is the slightest appearance of any conflict of interest.

The revolving door should be permanently barred and locked shut. No one has the right to run our government based upon favors from those in power with whom they have had former associations. All these corruptive influences represent unjust power over the lives of our nation and its citizens. People currently in such positions are traitors to our dreams of democracy within our constitutional republic.

Lobbyists who are registered foreign agents, or who represent "Multinational Corporations", should be limited to contact with the relevant department of the executive branch of government, such as the commerce department. They should be barred from access to or possible influence of elected representatives and their staffs. The only official contact allowed should be limited to the rare instance when "Foreign" agents or "Multinational Corporations" are called upon to testify before congress.


Lobbyists can not be allowed to give money or any promise of future benefits; Information only. Our government will no longer be for sale by public servants.


I Pledge to be Self Term-Limited to Two Terms in Office: Four Years



To preserve freedom and our democratic republic we must elect new people to public office, as often as possible, and with as many newly elected private citizens as possible.

Elect "Rich." You win. We all win. Rich is on your ballot for KY District Three Representative to the U.S. Congress on November 06, 2018. You must be proactive in this election campaign to have your voice heard in the U.S. Congress.


Elect nonpartisan independent candidates on your ballot. We all win if you apply term limits in the voting booth to all Incumbent public office holders. Career politicians do harm to our dreams of freedom and a democratic republic. As the years pass, incumbent politicians serve only their political party and other special interests that support their personal political ambitions.


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KY 3 U.S. Congress

ELECTION DAY: November 06, 2018

Vote Your Self-Interests


Equal Political Speech U.S. Amendmemt

Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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Stump Speeches and Nonpartisan Political Videos  @ForOH1Congress  OPEN CLEAN ELECTIONS OCCUPY

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