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The Long Overdue Maximum Wage

Excerpt from The Overdue Voter Revolution, a pamphlet written by RICH STEVENSON. Overall, this concept supports the trickle-up economic model espoused a hundred years ago by Henry Ford.

Consider "King of the hill," the game in which kids fight to occupy the top of a dirt pile. Our usual leaders are "type A" controlling types who fight all their lives to be on the top of any dirt pile within reach. They search for higher dirt piles constantly. They never cease play. To be on top is an end in itself for political, labor, and business leaders.

"Top of the hill" wages are proportioned entirely too far above the lowest wages. Top wages are in "social status" competition with rubber-faced comedians who "earn" $30 million per motion picture. In the mass-media world these are median wages. One hundred million dollars is  paid to talk show hosts, entertainers, athletes, newscasters, and trial attorneys. Greedy agents continually push the wage envelope to unbelievable limits. Our corporations have become inhumanely gigantic also. Can the "game" be stopped?

The bigger the corporation, the higher the dirt hill won. These "little boys" with the highest wages control society. Winning the "game" is the ultimate end. Do the "kings of the hill" have values beyond that? Many of our children are misled to believe success is achieved only by earning a multi-million dollar annual salary. They desperately aspire to "make it" in entertainment, sports, or other means to "national level" fame and wealth. They overlook the spiritual wealth found in family and friends. Some would rather die than "grovel at the bottom." What life can you make for yourself there? They fail to see beyond media-induced material values. Some misguided youths kill for status symbol "king-of-the-hill" tennis shoes. Obviously, we must end the "game." The "game" erodes our sense of community.

Any maximum gross wage (MGW) should have no numerical limit, but should be aimed at being in reasonable proportion to the lowest wage paid in our society. The MGW should be no more than 100 times the annual wage derived from the minimum wage. At $5.15 per hour that would be $1,071,000 per year. A $1.00 increase in the minimum wage to $6.15 per hour would boost the MGW to $1,279,200 per year, an increase of $208,200 per year.


Trickle Up Economic Model: Our best and most creative minds would find ways to boost our lowest wage by training or whatever means necessary. Increasing the bottom line for the wealthy would no longer be the only path to economic rewards. For once, increasing the stability and strength of the middle-class would have definite rewards for the "kings of the hill." Their natural human greed would be harnessed to level the economic playing field and to bring our country the wealth inherent in having a robust middle-class. The minimum wage could double, even triple, within 10 years in terms of "real wages." The people who build our middle-class would be well rewarded while saving our economic future. Their MGW could also double or triple. The trickle-up economic model!

Any amount of compensation over the MGW would be 100% taxable. 10 Perhaps pay for hourly and salaried personnel would be raised based upon the annual percentage increase in the minimum wage. MGW reductions in executive salaries, and living wages tax breaks paid to employers, may allow for more money to spend for research and development, or capital equipment. For sure, 90+% of U.S. wages will not be lowered by a MGW.

For anyone who would condemn these measures as Social Engineering, recall the "Declaration of Independence." The King was offended. In essence, all legislation is Social Engineering. Perhaps our privileged class would let the "people eat cake" as suggested long ago by Marie Antoinette in Pre-Revolutionary France.

The MGW would reduce the ability of "Multinational Corporations" to bribe overpaid executives to ignore their social conscience. Corporate "hatchet men", females included, who sacrifice the American people for a healthy bottom line would be moderated.

Extremely high salaries at the top with a weak middle-class to anchor them represent a bubble of huge proportions. Inflated earnings, based upon world markets scaled beyond reasonable human control, produced much of the 1990s bubble. A MGW could slow the inevitable feeding frenzy that will no doubt help fill the next bubble.

Bubbles, if they are bubbles, always pop.

All people have equal intrinsic value and are entitled to "the natural rights of man," equality, justice, and democracy. (Top of Page)

Trickle Up Wages are the pathway
 to Financial Stability

I Pledge to be Self Term-Limited to Two Terms in Office: Four Years



To preserve freedom and our democratic republic we must elect new people to public office, as often as possible, and with as many newly elected private citizens as possible.

Elect "Rich." You win. We all win. Rich is on your ballot for KY District Three Representative to the U.S. Congress on November 06, 2018. You must be proactive in this election campaign to have your voice heard in the U.S. Congress.


Elect nonpartisan independent candidates on your ballot. We all win if you apply term limits in the voting booth to all Incumbent public office holders. Career politicians do harm to our dreams of freedom and a democratic republic. As the years pass, incumbent politicians serve only their political party and other special interests that support their personal political ambitions.


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ELECTION DAY: November 06, 2018

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Re-Enact the Glass-Steagall Act, 27 Pages

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