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2022 THRO AD

Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out

This is for Evan, Eric, Lindsey, Tori, Luke, Sean, Ian, Angel and Christopher ... Love you, Grandaddy! (and for YOU THE READERS' grandchildren and future grandchildren, too).


Hello, my name is Jack Gargan. I'm just a recently retired "working stiff". Like most of the people I talk with, I'm fed up with members of Congress who care more about getting re-elected than they do about what's happening to our country.

Specifically, I'M APPALLED that Congress continues to hock the future of our children and grandchildren. Our national debt is now over 22 TRILLION dollars, and going higher by the minute. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! (3 TRILLION IN 1990)

I'M BITTER that more than half of all our income taxes go just for the annual interest on that national debt (it's not just some outrageous amount we stuck our children with).

I'M OUTRAGED that Congress even talks about further raises in our taxes while totally ignoring the ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS IN SHEER GOVERNMENT WASTE as documented by the Grace Commission report.

I'M ANGRY that, after being told by the American public that their existing salary was already an overpayment on their abilities, they turned around and arrogantly voted themselves the biggest raise in history! Then they had the gall to insult our intelligence and call it a "vote for ethical government." If they have to be paid to be ethical they have no business being in public office. And, if it is such a lousy job, how come every one of them works so hard to stay in office term after term?

I'M INCENSED every time I stand in the checkout line behind someone with designer sunshades, designer jeans and $100 sneakers who pay their bill with food stamps. Obvious wasted use of federal giveaway programs to buy votes so career Congress persons can stay in office! (Our people need living wage jobs, not handouts! Food stamps are still needed for our disadvantaged citizens.)

I'M EVEN MORE LIVID when I discovered our same Congress then screwed our retired senior citizens by taking over 100 BILLION dollars out of the Social Security Trust Fund using voodoo economics to make the federal deficit look not quite as outrageous, while slipping the trust fund an I.O.U. in return. God forbid we have even a mild recession, or our retired folks will also end up holding the bag!

I'M ENRAGED when I see money pouring in to incumbents from PACs, special interest groups who use their money to stifle public interest, to Congressmen who will sell their soul for another term in office.

I'M DISGUSTED at the number of shady dealings by members of Congress who get nothing more than a slap on the wrist from their peers when they get caught in the act. Something's mighty wrong with the system when 98% of incumbents are re-elected. The other 2% don't lose. They either go out feet first, or in total disgrace for conduct too embarrassing even for Congressional standards!

I'M FED UP with Congress' "to get along, you've got to go along" philosophy.

I'M SHOCKED that the world's richest nation can become the world's biggest debtor nation, all within the space of one generation!

I'M REALLY HACKED OFF that Congress has permitted, and in some cases actually abetted, the S&L rip-off which costs every American family an estimated EXTRA $30 per month for 30 years ... and not even prosecuting the scoundrels, their friends, who have stuck us with this bill! ($750 Billion)

I'M TIRED of paying for the "franking privileges" (postage) and printing costs of blatant advertising disguised as newsletters to the voters back home, subsidizing Congressmen for everything from haircuts to lunches to health insurance plans, and paying for an army of over-paid Congressional "aides" (more than 35,000 at last count). Talk about an "aides epidemic"! (32,000 in 1990)

I'M INSULTED that Congress, who exempted themselves from dependence on Social Security, enacted two special pension plans that pay a Congress person in six years what the average American under Social Security must work a lifetime for (and there are 16 CONVICTED FELONS currently drawing fat Congressional pensions - up to $80,000 per year! - and 6 more waiting in the wings to reach retirement age).

But mostly, I'M SAD that we as a nation have thrown up our hands in surrender to the politicians and bureaucrats who have put us in this predicament.

BUT I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE IN TO THOSE CLOWNS! Maybe one person can't make a difference, but you and I together can! And here's what we must do: The root of all our problems is elected officials who use their incumbency to put a stranglehold on their office. They devote most of their time and energy to raising money for re-election, rather than to running the country properly.

I propose that we simply rise up and VOTE EVERY INCUMBENT SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE OUT OF OFFICE! Further, that we only elect new people who will pledge to strictly limit the term of their office and to prohibit the federal government from spending money it does not have, except in a bonafide national emergency.

Won't you help me by supporting this initiative? You CAN make a difference (and this just might be your last chance to do it peaceably). Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just simply pledge to VOTE EVERY INCUMBENT SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE OUT OF OFFICE. There's no way we could end up with anything worse than what we already have! Our effort will initially be against federal incumbents. If this works, we can then go after state and local problems where they exist. Don't worry about the 5% of good representatives who will be tossed out with the bad guys. There are literally thousands of other public service opportunities for them to move to with open arms.

I sat up a non-profit organization, T.H.R.O., Inc. (Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out). I borrowed my life's savings to seed the venture in 1990 and still work for THRO without pay (as are the scores of participants who are helping with this new 2022 THRO Ad Campaign).



1) I am most interested in your VOTING voice. Simply help to vote the entire U.S. CONGRESS OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICE ~ every BIPARTISAN INCUMBENT REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATOR on the ballot this year. Elect nonpartisan candidates who endorse THRO and Term Limits. (Pledge to vote to KICK CAREER BIPARTISAN INCUMBENTS OUT OF CONGRESS ~ THIS YEAR.)

2) Get materials from your local Supervisor of Elections and get voter registration drives started in your area. Then, make sure YOU vote and get as many people to the polls as you can. Promote the idea of Term Limits and All New Faces in Congress.

3) Write letters to the editor of every newspaper you can, promoting the THRO campaign. Be sure to include web page links, and a PDF file of the 2022 THRO Ad endorsed by your local nonpartisan Congressional candidate. Just do it! Send any published clips to THRO (Include published letters).

4) Use U.S. flag postage stamps pasted upside-down (distress signal); Hand print this http://cs2pr.us/THRO link on outgoing mail include mail to Congress and elected officials. Let's send those jerks a message and flood the mail with U.S. DISTRESS signals!

5) You can, as an individual or with a group, place this ad in local newspapers, shopper's guides, any type newsletter, etc? Use the Adobe Acrobat version of the 2022 THRO Ad as a "camera-ready" file. Even Better, a two-line or so "classified ad" showing "ALL NEW FACES IN CONGRESS" and a web link to the 2022 THRO Ad will help to promote THRO. Ad examples (PDF)(HTML) are available to copy/download. Use your imagination and share your ad ideas with THRO participants.

6) Set up a "/THRO/" directory on your web pages. Publish the THRO HTML files to the directory (<700kb). Publish local Adobe Acrobat PDF THRO Ad files to the same directory (<600kb). Email web page links and PDF THRO Ad files to family, friends and co-workers. Email local nonpartisan U.S. House and U.S. Senate candidates to support THRO. Recruit campaign workers for nonpartisan candidates. Ask each person to promote the 2020 THRO Ad. Ask nonpartisan candidates to endorse the 2022 THRO Ad on their web pages and in their campaigns. (Top of Ad)

Long-Term Solution

Yes, I'm for real and the THRO Campaign is for real! The THRO Campaign is not about my running for any political office, nor am I supporting or endorsing any individual or party. The THRO Campaign is also not directed against any individual or party.

It's the "good ol' boy"/seniority system which is corrupt and corrupting our representatives.

Our only hope for a cure is a CLEAN SWEEP, and start over from scratch. The only party I'm for is the huge party this nation is going to throw on Election Day when we throw those arrogant bums out on their collective butts! Be a Proactive Voter. Occupy elections

"I have an impeccable lifetime personal and business history and can withstand the closest scrutiny. Check me out."

Express Support for THRO Your Voice

~ Jack Gargan, Founder of THRO, Inc. (Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out!)

formerly at P.O. Box #203, Cedar Key, FL 32625.

(Jack has retired from public life to enjoy his last years in private.)


Together We Really Can...

Jack Gargan


Express Support for Thro Participate to Term Limit the U.S. Congress.

Join Jack's lead in the Good Government Movement.

leave a better Government for our Grandchildren.

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