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2020 THRO AD

Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out

Thro "Classified Style" Ads

Place ads on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, other social sites, Email and personal web pages. Share your ideas. Be creative. Place Ads in weekly/monthly college, community and "independent" newspapers. Include newsletters, programs and church bulletins of every kind.

Ask your family, Facebook friends, friends, co-workers and associates to paste an Ad into all of their Email and into social media communications.

ATTENTION CREATIVE GENIUSES: Please create and submit more ad ideas for use by all nonpartisan Congressional candidates who endorse THRO. . Subject: THRO AD Concepts.


Ads with THRO Link: Ads with CANDIDATE Link

Right click to "Copy" any picture (or Save Picture As... to your hard drive) and "Paste" ads into your emails, blog comments, and social network pages. Everywhere you have the opportunity to speak. Keep this page open to copy any picture into all the places you can! Thank you for your efforts to "Kick them all out." Vote your Bipartisan Congresspersons out of office.

Download and print the PDF page for a hard copy of this page. Use all the ads you want to support the Citizens for Stevenson campaign. The initial ads were created as Microsoft Word Drawing Objects and converted to the PNG pictures on this page. You can use any photo edit program to convert the files to JPG format. Conversion to the GIF format is not a good idea due to lost sharpness.

Ads with CANDIDATE Link: Ads with THRO Link 


Together We Really Can...

Jack Gargan


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2020 Thro Ad Endorsed By

Rich Stevenson

Candidate for U.S. Congress

District 03 Kentucky

P.O. Box 123, Hillview, Kentucky 40129-0123

Your Voice

Early 1900s Humorist


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Jack Gargan 2002-2020, all pages inclusive | 2020 Thro Ad | Long-Term Solution


Election Day: November 03, 2020


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