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Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out

2020 Congressional Candidate Support of THRO

U.S. Congressional Candidates

The 2020 Thro Ad can help win your election to the U.S. Congress. Thro promotes defeat of all Congressional incumbents, including the one in the office you seek. Please consider endorsing the 2020 Thro Ad in your election campaign to help Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out in 2020!


Free THRO Template: You can edit the Thro html pages for your campaign and add the links to your web pages on your own, without any help. Do not edit the Thro Ad text in any way. Edit the candidate's endorsement text. Publish Thro web pages for your specific U.S. House or U.S. Senate election, but only if you are a nonpartisan independent or minor party candidate. The Thro campaign does not support any bipartisan D or R candidate. A free "" template, with HTML, PDF and DOC files, is available for you by Email attachment. Send your Email request now. (thro at No cost at all, ever. The basic template is small, less than 1.5mb zipped.

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You can link the Thro html pages on your campaign web pages. Read the instruction files included in the template. Please contact us if you need help or have any unanswered questions. You must accept the Thro license agreement (included in the template) in full to participate.

Publish your edited Thro  pages in the "/THRO/" sub-directory you  publish in your campaign web page directory. Your edited thro.html ad page with your endorsement is accessed by THRO links you add to all of your social media pages and to your campaign web pages. The 2020 Thro Ad History page and the 1990s Thro Ad History page are linked on the thro.html page.  This help web page is also linked on all THRO web pages to help obtain THRO Ad endorsements from as many nonpartisan Congressional candidates as possible.

Thro Internet searches will find your campaign pages.

Also, to strengthen the Ad campaign, you can recruit and link a new Thro coordinator on your edited Thro Help page to work with Congressional candidates in your state or area. Multiple Thro  coordinators can be useful in each state to help candidates. Each nonpartisan independent Congressional campaign could benefit from the promotional efforts of a Thro coordinator.

Please give a heads up that you have published THRO pages on your campaign web site so we can add you to the list of candidate endorsers of the new 2020 THRO Ad Campaign. Good luck on your election to public office. We will visit and promote the THRO pages you edit and publish. Thank you for your public service. Thank you for your endorsement of the THRO Ad.


Candidate Research Coordinators: The Thro Campaign is looking for multiple intrastate coordinators in all fifty states. Locate the best nonpartisan candidates and supply all qualified candidates with a free template. Be a leader in your state and district. Find nonpartisan and minor party candidates to endorse THRO.

2020 Thro Campaign Coordinator (OH and USA)
Rich Stevenson (Common Sense II Political Reforms)
thro at ( (Top of Page) (Template)

Term Limits

I was self term-limited to two terms, four years, for my 2000 U.S. House campaign and will be again in all future election campaigns. I hope that you are determined to limit the time you serve so we can have a U.S. Congress composed of citizen legislators. It seems to me that term limits of Six years for the House and Twelve years for the Senate are appropriate. Voters and potential voters do care deeply about this issue. Almost all people dislike "career politicians." Almost all people favor term limits.

Having term limits as a prominent campaign issue will help your election to public office.

Adobe Acrobat File Edits

After you edit the 2020 Thro HTML files for use in your campaign, convert the 2020 Thro Ad Doc file you edit to an Adobe Acrobat "thro.pdf" file, for attachment to Email to voters, to social media and to mass media. If you cannot create the file, Email the edited DOC file to Thro. Thro  participants will convert the file and send your PDF file by return Email attachment. Free. (Free office software at recommended to create PDFs, etc.)

Adobe Acrobat may provide free file conversion on their pages. Use that. Or, if you have Adobe Acrobat, you can create the PDF file on your own. No one is allowed to change the 2020 or 1990s Thro Ad text written by Jack Gargan. Edit the DOC file to create the PDF for your campaign.

Using the 2020 Thro Ad in your campaign can only help in today's political climate of voter discontent and mistrust. The need for substantial political change is universally accepted. Millions of voters are just as mad as Jack Gargan was when he wrote the first Thro Ad in 1990.

Jack Gargan will be delighted to know that you are working to throw the hypocritical rascals out. Together we can have a CLEAN SWEEP. Thro Campaigns will run in every even year until all the hypocritical rascals are thrown out of Congress. The year 2020 will have the 2020 Thro Ad Campaign, and so on, until the job is completed.


Term limits can be the choice of the American people. The sample Thro  text below from the history pages explains why the Thro task is not complete. The Candidate Endorsement on the Thro web pages will always show a local nonpartisan Congressional candidate who endorses the 2020 Thro Ad and who has a Thro sub-directory published with his/her campaign web pages. Their Thro web pages show their Thro endorsement link to their campaign web pages. Each nonpartisan who votes for a Thro candidate can help complete the Thro Mission. Nonpartisan independent and minor party office holders can take the Congressional majority and our country back from the two-party career incumbent bipartisan dictatorship. Bipartisan warfare in Congress will end. We can win. Thank you for your participation.
Rich Stevenson (Common Sense II Political Reforms)

Jack Gargan "1990-Today"


2020 Thro Ad History

Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out!

Many political analysts credit the 1990s T.H.R.O Ad as "The" Catalyst that started the Modern reform and Good Government Movement that was responsible for the election of 124 new faces to Congress in the 1992 Elections, the highest turnover in 50 years. Sadly, by 2020 the National Debt had grown from 3 TRILLION to over 22 TRILLION $$$! Nothing had changed. The national debt continues to grow every day.

The success of H. Ross Perot in getting 21% of the vote for President in 1992 may have been a direct result of the mood set by the 1990s T.H.R.O Ad Campaign in the two years before the 1992 elections. The energy and charisma of Perot played a large part. However, all of the issues borrowed so ably by Perot were first fully raised in the 1990s T.H.R.O Ad. The same issues remain completely valid today.

THRO was founded to fight DEFICIT SPENDING and to set IMMEDIATE TERM LIMITS for the entire U.S. Congress. The FULL PAGE AD was printed in 633 MAJOR NEWSPAPERS NATIONWIDE FROM 1990 TO 1993 AT A COST OF UP TO $60,000 PER AD over $2,500,000 total. The money came from grassroots pledges requested in the original 1990s ads. Unfortunately, the 124 new faces elected were Democrats and Republicans. To be represented we needed to elect nonpartisan candidates, not more career politicians put on the ballot by the corrupt bipartisan two-party system. Long-Term Solution


We still need ALL NEW FACES in Congress to complete the Thro Mission. (2020 Candidate)

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Together We Really Can...

Jack Gargan

Express Support for Thro Participate to Term Limit the U.S. Congress.

Join Jack's lead in the Good Government Movement.

leave a better Government for our Grandchildren.

(Jack has retired from public life to enjoy his last years in private.)

More Information Wanted?

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Problem: Bipartisan Corruption. The original full page 1990s THRO Ad ran in 633 Major Newspapers Nationwide. Over $2.5 million was spent. In 1992, one hundred and twenty-four new faces were elected to Congress. In 1994, more than fifty-four new faces elected to the U.S. House changed the majority from D to R, but no change was made in the bipartisan corruption permitted by both parties in their collusive two-party system.

Back in the years from 1990 to 1994, the Internet was relatively new and social media scarcely existed. Just imagine how many more voters in today's online environment can get our T.H.R.O message for FREE on the Internet and social media with millions of comments on Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, alternate news media, email, etc., to share our message with voters to "Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out." We can "vote out" many more bipartisan incumbents in 2020. Using the Internet, we can realize the THRO Mission:  



Solution: End Two-Party Majority Control. Our campaign against entrenched bipartisan monopoly political power may take many years to complete. We can elect nonpartisan independent and minor party people to Congress. Only 40 or 50 nonpartisans in the U.S. House and 10 nonpartisans in the U.S. Senate will end constant bipartisan warfare to gain partisan majority control of Congress. Public policy will no longer be bought by special interests with campaign contributions to Career Incumbent office holders. With the bipartisan fight ended, public policy can simply serve our nation and our people. Each of us must vote our bipartisan Congress persons out of office ~ this year.

Today we still need ALL NEW FACES in Congress to complete the THRO Mission. Tell a friend the good news. Together, we can throw the hypocritical rascals out. 124 new faces were elected in 1992. How many more new faces will we elect in 2020?

This time, all the new faces elected to Congress need to be populist nonpartisans, not bipartisan Democrats and Republicans who support the corrupt Two-Party System. The new faces we elect will be nonpartisan candidates. We can be represented in the U.S. Congress. Congress has a 94% disapproval rating. Throw them out.

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Thro is an intentional political mass movement with a way to happen. Join the effort. See Your Voice in the 2020 THRO Ad.


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2020 Thro Ad Endorsed By

Rich Stevenson

Candidate for U.S. Congress

District 03 Kentucy

P.O. Box 123, Hillview, Kentucky 40129-0123

2020 Thro Ad | Long-Term Solution


2020 Thro Ad Campaign Created by

Common Sense II Political Reforms
-----With support of Jack Gargan-----
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2020 Thro Ad Campaign  Endorsed by

Jack Gargan, THRO, Inc. founder Independent
formerly at P.O. Box 203, Cedar Key, FL 32625

American Reform Party Roy Downing
Former Chair, American Reform Party

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