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Bad News. Voter Apathy


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Needed to read and download pdf files. Free, quick download.



Common Sense II:

The Overdue Voter Revolution

A Populist Indictment of the DNC & RNC

Do It Yourself Press
P.O. Box 123
Hillview, KY 40129-0123

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Free Preview PDF: Read, Print or Copy the Pamphlet.

The Free Preview PDF is not for Sale or Commercial Distribution.

Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward!

FILE SIZE: Less than 580kb.

Free Copy:

You can Print a hard copy of the preview PDF:


Download the file. To print a copy, select fit to page to print all pages head to head and back to back on 8 1/2 X 11 in. 24# bright white paper for inner pages. Use Glossy White 80# paper to print the front and back covers. Glossy paper improves the appearance of the cover pages. Not necessary. Twenty-four full size sheets are needed to print one preview pamphlet. The print on the full size page will cover about 80% of the page width when printed with the fit to page setting. Assemble the pamphlet pages with a slip-on plastic compression report binder strip. 

You can simply read the pamphlet below in the window on this web page. Or download the free preview PDF. You can buy a copy of the pamphlet to support the overdue voter revolution. Thanks.


Buy the Kindle eBook and Paperback on Amazon: Published in June 2018. The eBook is $3.95 or free to read on "Kindle Unlimited." The Paperback is $9.95.   Cover

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DS1W5H1/

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732521808

Self publishing of this pamphlet was finally made possible after years of effort by my use of the new "Kindle Create" program. I am so relieved to have the pamphlet so widely available in a way that everyone can read it for free. Plus the covers for the two versions give it a very professional look in keeping with the content. Our people are ready for positive changes to our elections and to public policy to support government for the 99.999%. Main Street, not Wall Street. We need to fire establishment public office holders from both parties. Thank you for all you do. Change is entirely up to massive participation in every election to elect populist candidates who will represent 99.999% of our people. The American dream will be real again.

Please participate in the "Overdue Voter Revolution." Read the pamphlet. Sign the pledge. 99.999% of our people have had no voice in elections, government, or public policy for a very long time. Wall Street billionaires own Congress and our governments. It is time that we reinstate open entrepreneurial free enterprise, Main Street, labor, and open elections to make a good life possible for everyone in our free society.


Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward!

Preview File

If you have a hard time reading the preview file in the window above, you can open and download a preview file from the "VotRevPam.pdf" link below. The open file will fill the entire screen on your device. "Fit Width" is a good size to read the pamphlet preview in the window above. Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward! Buy the eBook and paperback at the Kindle links shown on this page if you want to own a copy:

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DS1W5H1/

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732521808


If you do not see the *.pdf file in the window above, you must first download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your hard drive to install the reader program. Use the Acrobat Reader link below.

FONTS TO USE: Select "Use Local Fonts" under the "View" or "Document" pull-down menu in your Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Not needed in the newest versions of Adobe Acrobat. You will see the pamphlet with the original fonts used to design the pamphlet.



Needed to read and download pdf files. Free, quick download.

Preview Print File: VotRevPam.pdf


VotRevPam |Free Preview | Read | BuyVotRevPam | Cover

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We can elect candidates who represent the economic
interests shared by 99.999% of our citizens. Not the 0.001 of 1.0%!

Main Street. Not Wall Street Billionaires!

We Are The 99.999%!

Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote!


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Share the Free Preview File: http://cs2pr.us/VotRevPam.pdf

Buy the eBook or the Paperback on Amazon:

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DS1W5H1/

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732521808

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Bad News. Voter Apathy

Do It Yourself Press



The Truth About Voter Apathy ― 66% Don't Vote!

Voter Apathy Cartoon

Nick Anderson Editorial Cartoon used with the permission of Nick Anderson, the Washington Post Writers Group and the Cartoonist Group. All rights reserved.

Said Nick, On November 04, 2014, In This Editorial Cartoon.

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Bad News. Voter Apathy 


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