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The Proactive Voter Movement

Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech

Meet the IVA

Meet the IVA

Have a Voice. Sign the Pledge.

Independent Voters Alliance (hamcoOHIVA)

Hamilton County OH

Countywide Local Purpose


hamcoOHIVA GoalBuild the bottom-up Internet structure used by the populist nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement to create open Final Five Primary Elections (FFV) and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) General Elections in every state.1 Have vote by mail2 available for all eligible voters in every state.3 Equal Political Speech under the law. We are the 99.999%. Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote! Occupy local legislative and executive offices. Occupy OH Legislative and Executive Offices. Unite America. Occupy the U.S. Congress. Occupy the White House. Occupy

The ultimate IVA purpose is to give all citizens equal political speech under federal election law, Ohio election law, and local election law. IVA participants will provide open ballot access and Election Day support for nonpartisan candidates and issues. The IVA will publish ballot access petitions. Published petitions, available for download, will be petitions for nonpartisan and proactive candidates, minor political parties, and pro-reform referendum issues in each state.  Each IVA certified petition circulator will choose which ballot access petitions to circulate. Successful petition efforts will give voters more ballot choices to initiate governance from the bottom up. Proactive citizenship, Participation, will lead to government of, by, and for natural persons at the local, state, and national levels.

Hamilton County IVA participants will provide free petition services to give ballot access to all qualified populist nonpartisan and proactive voter movement candidates standing for local, state, and national offices in Hamilton County elections. Circulate petitions to give continuous statewide Ohio ballot access to minor parties, including the cooperative IVA proactive nonpartisan political party. Circulate petitions to put important referendum issues on Hamilton County (and Cincinnati) ballots to preserve liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. Make information available to recruit nonpartisan and proactive candidates for public office. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Your Local Hamco OHIVA Website Links:

County IVA (County IVA Purpose Home Page)

State IVA (Ohio IVA Purpose Home Page)

National IVA (National IVA Purpose Home Page)


Final Saturday Monthly Meeting

Final Sunday Monthly Zoom Meeting

Orientation and Discussion: 1:00 pm
Educate for Proactive Citizenship: 2:00 PM (About 60 minutes)
Guest, Nonpartisan Candidate Session: 3:00 PM

Date, location, directions, program/activities are updated on the 1st day of each month before the next meeting. (Date, Place) Zoom._Mtg Attendance is not required for IVA participation. (Host your own IVA meet up? Zoom? Manage your own IVA Web pages?) Dress is business casual. Everyone can help in some way. Participate.

Meet Nonpartisan Candidates: At least one nonpartisan bottom-up candidate will be at each IVA meeting. Candidate web page links, petitions, and contacts are shown for all known nonpartisan and proactive candidates on Hamilton County Ballots for local, state, and national public offices. Go to the web page to meet other candidates on the ballot who will represent you. (Top of Page)

Hamilton County IVA Co-Chairs, Phone, Email:
joanna at
Rich, 513-251-3155,
hamco at
Motto: Freedom is participation in power Cicero, Roman Senator


1st IVA Priority: Certify Petition Circulators. We certify Ohio petition circulators to correctly obtain valid signatures needed to get ballot access for nonpartisan and proactive candidates, all minor parties to include the IVA nonpartisan proactive party, and ballot issues (initiative/referendum). The basic rules to obtain valid petition signatures are simple and the same for all Ohio petitions.

With 100,000 IVA certified petition circulators initiative and referendum issues needing "100,000" valid signatures would require only four valid signatures if just 25% of IVA petition circulators chose to circulate a petition for the issue. Many issues would get to the ballot and voters would have the opportunity to "speak" on each issue. Also, valid signatures for nonpartisan candidates with "no party" would require only one or two valid signatures with as few as 5,000 IVA certified petition circulators across the state. For example, only 5,000 valid signatures are needed to put nonpartisan candidates for Governor, Statewide Ohio offices, U.S. President or U.S. Senator on the Ohio ballot. Signature requirements for ballot access to OH legislative offices are less. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)


Numbers: Ohio Cooperative Party Ballot Access Ten valid signatures from 5,000 petition circulators (50,000 valid signatures) are more than the number of valid signatures needed on minor party ballot access petitions in Ohio. Twenty times that number of petition circulators, 100,000, would lower the number of valid signatures needed per petition circulator to only one or two signatures. Signatures from a spouse and a neighbor can transform our world. Once we have 100,000 IVA certified motivated petition circulators, we can easily reform our Ohio political system. With as few as five thousand well-motivated petition circulators across the state of Ohio we can accomplish ballot access miracles.

Continuous Cooperative Ballot Access: Twenty signatures every two years from 5,000+ OHIVA petition circulators (100,000+ signatures) from friends, neighbors, and family will certify OHIVA ballot access for all future elections. Every legislative candidate using OHIVA ballot access will need just 25 valid signatures, not 1000s, for ballot access. Statewide candidates will need just 1000, not 5000 valid signatures. With ballot access assured, nonpartisan candidates can successfully compete with the bipartisan monopoly.

Each state requires different numbers. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)


To participate in civic power you can be IVA certified to circulate petitions in one hour, more or less. Be a proactive ballot access petition circulator and Election Day participant to have a voice in our governments.

Individual petition circulators choose the candidate, party, and issue petitions he/she wants to circulate. Petitions will be available to download as Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files from IVA web pages or other web pages whenever possible. PDF petition files can be opened and printed on any printer using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Numbers) (Top of Page)

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Each ballot access petition will have an active petition coordinator who will track valid signature collection efforts. Each local IVA can have a local goal for the number of valid local signatures needed to insure ballot access. If public soliciting of signatures is needed, which usually yields 80% or less valid signatures, a higher goal will be set for the total number of signatures needed to meet the valid petition signature goal. Ballot access depends entirely upon valid petition signature numbers. Success depends upon participation. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)

Active Petitions Page: Initiative issue petitions, such as Final Five Voting (FFV) and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), will be found on this page. Current local issue petitions will be accessed from each Local IVA ballot_access.html web page where the issue is on the ballot. Statewide issue petitions will be on each OHIVA ballot_access.html and all Local IVA ballot_access.html web pages published all over the state. Minor Party: Petitions to form new Ohio political parties can be accessed from the same Local IVA pages all over Ohio. The Green Party, the Independent Voters Alliance (OHIVA), the Libertarian Party, and others may circulate petitions to form minor Ohio political parties for one future election at a time. Initiative/Referendum issues on your Local ballot:

Petition Coordinator Contacts: Check progress on petitions you chose to circulate. Contacts are listed for candidate, party, and issue petitions currently in circulation.

Ohio Ballot Initiative Ideas: Any IVA participant can work with Local IVA web page managers to present initiative/referendum ideas. This IVA page contains recommended initiatives. Indicate your interest in specific ideas and support initiative activities.


Nonpartisan Leadership:

IVA Priority: IVA Web Pages for Every Voting Precinct . You can put in as much time as you like to manage IVA web pages for your community, precinct, town, county, or congressional district. Get a free template file on a Mini-CD or CD-R from any IVA Web Page Manager for material costs, under one dollar. The ZIP file includes all the easy instructions you will need to set up and manage your IVA web pages. Complete and submit the hamcoOHIVA (GDoc) Leaership Form to join the Hamilton County leadership team. The free can be received by email. Create and Manage IVA web pages for your Local Community or Electoral Area where you live and vote.

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Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power. Occupy

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Unite America. Everybody Vote! Fix democracy. Participate. Zoom

Acting_Local_IVA_Chair, ACTING CO-CHAIR, Hamilton County OHIVA, Email


(Your Voice) hamcoOHIVA (GDoc) Leadership Form

Contact a Nearby IVA and attend a Meet-up at Your Home or Dorm on Zoom

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Ballot Access for the Populist Voter Majority!
Independent and Proactive Voters Welcome!
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We can elect candidates who represent the economic
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We Are The 99.999%!

Unite America. Everybody Vote!


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1. The Politics Industry, Gehl/Porter, Harvard Business Review Press, 2020: Learn more at and Institute for Political Innovation: - FFV, Final Five Voting.

Video(2min): .  

IVA Goal

2. A Democratic Republic! The Vote-by-Mail Resolution!, IVA Opinion, Richard L. Stevenson, May 01, 2020.

The 99% Can Vote Any Day at Home. End Voter Suppression By the DNC and the RNC! Create Open Final Five Nonpartisan Primary Elections to Build Consensus on Public Policy.


IVA Goal

3. Forward Party: , Join

Forward, Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, Andrew Yang, Crown, New York, 2021. "Civic Juries" mentioned by Yang would be completely fulfilled in the nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement and would be supported by "The Proactive Voter Pledge" presented in the proactive pamphlet. The Local IVAs are "Civic Juries" in action. . Become a Proactive Voter. Occupy elections. Unite America.

IVA Goal

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Unite America. Everybody Vote!

Our Choice



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Occupy Open Clean Elections: The IVA is proposed to be a populist nonpartisan proactive voter movement organized on the computer, tablet and smartphone desktops of IVA participants to give our people a strong voice in public elections and in our governments. We will end the corrupt monopoly power of the bipartisan two-party system.

IVA headquarters are located on local computer, tablet and smartphone desktops of every IVA participant on the political precinct level in all fifty states. Millions of desktops. We are the 99.999%. Occupy elections. Everybody Vote! Unite America.

Our Voices, A New Social Paradigm: The IVA can be an Internet opportunity for a new beginning in open nonpartisan elections for our republic and for other people throughout the world. For our nation, an emphatic move away from a corruptible "bipartisan two-party political system" toward a "populist nonpartisan proactive voter system" with a vote in each election for every voter. Each voter will have a vote on every candidate elected and issue passed. All voters will have a voice in all elections. Trust will be restored. Unite America. Fix democracy. Up to you.

Emphasis will no longer be on ideology, power and control, but on issues and consensus solutions to our real world human problems. We will have one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. rls

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