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Independent Voters Alliance (hamcoOHIVA)

Hamilton County

2nd IVA Priority: Manage Local IVA Web Pages


Central Concepts of IVA Organization: Each Local IVA is published with a set of State IVA and USAIVA web pages in addition to the Local IVA web pages published by each Local IVA web page manager. The duplication of State IVA and USAIVA web pages on all Local IVAs increases free bandwidth capacity to provide public access to all published State and National IVA web pages at no cost. Contact with each Local IVA will be through email addressed to the Acting Local IVA Chairperson indicated on each Local IVA page. Contact with the OHIVA will be through email addressed to the Interim Acting Chairperson indicated on each OHIVA web page. Local IVA and OHIVA organizational goals will be reached when there is a Local IVA published for every County and precinct in Ohio (over 11,000), with a minimum of 9 IVA certified petition circulators in every local precinct (over 110,000 statewide OH IVA participants/leaders). Local, State and national headquarters are located on the computer, tablet and cell phone desktops of Local IVA web page managers.

Acting state chairpersons and officers will be elected when the OHIVA has an acting Central Committee in place that satisfies Ohio state law pertaining to Minor parties with ballot access. All OHIVA certified petition circulators and IVA web page managers will have one instant runoff vote in the nominating process and in the election of all acting OHIVA officers.

USAIVA, Co-Chairs, one man and one woman, will be elected when a majority of the fifty States have an acting State IVA Central Committee established that complies with the election law of each home state. All Local IVA web page managers and IVA certified petition circulators in the qualified states will have one instant runoff vote to nominate and elect all national USAIVA officers, and to nominate and select cooperative Presidential candidates. The USAIVA will never establish any permanent state or national standing committees. The nonpartisan independent majority needs a loose alliance of State IVAs to secure a democratic republic for the benefit of all future U.S. Citizens.

When the point is reached that State IVAs have ballot access in enough states to potentially win the Presidency in the Electoral College, the State IVAs with ballot access will form a national nominating committee to select cooperative USAIVA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Both candidates will need to appear on one petition in each of the fifty states. Both nominations must be made and confirmed by instant runoff vote at the same time. IVA Presidential ballot access petition efforts will begin in all fifty states several months before the start of the Presidential Election Year.

The only purpose of the USAIVA after fifty state IVAs have been established, will be the nomination of IVA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. The candidates will be confirmed by instant runoff vote at least a full year before the date of the Presidential General Election. The identity of the IVA Presidential Candidates will be made public nearly a full year before the bipartisan Presidential candidates are confirmed at the bipartisan Presidential conventions, just a few months prior to the November Presidential Election. The IVA Presidential candidates will be known for over one year for voter consideration and comparison to the bipartisan and other minor party candidates. The moderate silent majority can elect a nonpartisan President.

Local IVAs will support Constitutional National public policy determined by the U.S. Government through the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Executive branch, when led by a properly elected President and Congress. Bipartisan national political parties have inherent conflicts of interest that prevent reasonable development of public policies that support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all U.S. citizens. You and me. Bottom-up Local IVA influence will make clean government possible and will provide for the common good of our people.

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Local IVA Web Page Manager Leader of The Proactive Voter Movement for Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech  Zoom

Local IVA and State IVA Equal Political Speech Web Sites


Your Leadership: (Top of Page) (Priority) Occupy

  1. Read the IVA License Agreement. You must agree to the terms of the contract or you can not be an IVA web page manager. The only financial obligation required of each web page manager is to supply the work hours required (sweat equity) to edit/publish/manage Local IVA web pages where the IVA web page manager lives. The license is needed to maintain the IVA as an all-participant populist nonpartisan voter resource. The license protects the IVA from commercial exploitation and protects the "brand-name" integrity of IVA web pages. Conformity in design will also facilitate easy updates of Local, State and USAIVA pages as needed. Each new web page manager will make the OHIVA.zip and USAIVA.zip files freely available to all populist nonpartisans interested in managing Local IVA web pages under terms of the license agreement.

  2. Get familiar with the IVA web page files you will edit, publish and manage. The files are located in an OHIVA.zip file emailed to you as a free attachment or included on the Free Tools Mini-CD or CD-R available from any IVA Web Page Manager for material costs, under one dollar. There needs to be a large distribution of IVA.zip files. For example, there are 11,366 voter precincts in Ohio. IVA participants will eventually publish Local IVA web pages for each voter precinct in all fifty states. (The USAIVA.zip file is on all Free Tools CDs to use to create the "State" and "Local" IVA pages for states where no IVA is established.)

  3. An IVA_Web_Pages_Function.pdf lists the function and name of each page within the overall IVA design concept. Web pages for each Local IVA electoral jurisdiction will be in three IVA web page directories. One directory each for a set of Local, State, and USAIVA web pages plus the graphics files used within each set of pages. Each of the directories contain "*.html" files of the same name for page functions as needed in each of the three directories, "local," "state" and "usaiva." A "/pdf/" directory stores IVA Adobe Acrobat support documents for download and free distribution by IVA participants.

  4. Your Software: Determine the html editor software you will use to edit the pages. An IVA_Edit_Guidelines.pdf file gives detailed instructions on how to edit files to be published on your Internet domain. Details relating to html language for "visitor" counters, and other special features are included. There is a cost-free way to do nearly everything.

  5. Your Account: Choose the Internet domain where you will publish your IVA web pages. Web page managers will use a personally owned domain or a  domain owned by another IVA participant who is willing to share costs or provide free space to publish additional Local IVAs. One objective is to minimize Internet costs for each Local IVA web page manager. IVA web pages can be located on a domain hosted by a Turbify.Com Web Hosting account. (Comments)
    Each web hosting account provides "unlimited" Internet Disc Space and "unlimited" monthly use of bandwidth, data transfer capacity. Each Local IVA uses about six MB of space for all web pages and support files. I used under nine MB for all of my web page applications for several years. The web hosting account is more than adequate to publish and manage several Local IVAs for several Local IVA web page managers and to publish several model election campaigns for public office. The location where you publish your Local IVA pages is up to you. You can buy or share an appropriate domain name. Search for available domain names:
    Use and share the domain you buy, or use authorized space on a domain owned and shared by other IVA participants.  Search "domain names, purchase" and "webhosting, free" to study options. Comparison shop domains and hosting at GoDaddy! as one option.

  6. Your Local IVA: Select the Electoral District or public office in your IVA County that your web pages will serve. All "Local" "IVAlocals.html" links pages show countywide tables of all potential Local IVA electoral districts/political subdivisions/public offices/and precincts located  in the County. An "IVAprecincts.html" Local IVA links page will be added to show extensive precinct tables where needed in very populous Counties with large metropolitan areas. New IVA web page managers can choose to manage any unpublished Local IVA where they legally reside. The Local, State, and USAIVA directories published in each Local IVA contain an IVAlocals.html links page. The "State" "IVAlocals.html" links page shows tables with links to all potential Local IVAs for counties/ statewide offices/and Congressional offices in the state. The "USAIVA" "IVAlocals.html" links page shows a fifty state table with links to published State IVA web pages. Many leadership opportunities are available to you in the IVA. All Local IVA links shown on "IVAlocals.html" links pages will contain phone and Email contact information for acting Local, State, and USAIVA chairpersons.

  7. New County IVAs: A County IVA is the first Local IVA created in each new IVA County. All other Local IVAs within each County IVA will use the same "IVAlocals.html" and "IVAprecincts.html" pages created to provide Local IVA links tables for the new County. Each County Board of Election can supply the complete list of electoral districts/political subdivisions/public offices/and electoral precincts needed to create complete Countywide links tables to show all active Local IVA links in the County. All active Local IVAs in the same County will contain the same tables of Local IVA links on the same two pages. The two pages provide a public list of  Local IVAs in the County for new people to contact to become active in the creation of a clean political system with open ballot access. Publish new Local IVA web pages immediately with an "Under Review for Compliance with Local and State Law" notice placed at the top of each "local" page. Organization and participation can proceed while the pages are edited to conform to political and legal jurisdictions in the County and the Local IVA area. The County IVA web page manager who creates these two very important template pages, will also create a County IVA.zip template file, and be the Interim County Chair in the new IVA county.

  8. New State IVAs: If you are creating the first County IVA in your State, the first "Local" and "State" pages will need additional edits to conform to the laws of the new state. This task should involve advice from seasoned political activists and/or competent legal advice from an attorney familiar with election law in the new state. Publish the new State IVA web pages immediately with an "Under Review for Compliance with State Law" notice placed at the top of each "Local" and "State" page. Organization and participation can proceed while the pages are edited to conform to the political and legal conditions that must be confronted in the new State. The USAIVA.zip file is used to create each new State IVA. The first County IVA pages published and edited to completely conform to state law in the new state will become the model Local IVA with "model local pages" and "model state pages" links shown in the "IVA Pages Guide" list on all "state" pages published in the new state. The Local IVA web page manager who creates the model "State" pages will create the State IVA.zip template file, and be the Interim State Chair.

  9. IVA Page Edit Guidelines: Edit the appropriate hyperlinks on all of your html pages to contain your Internet account name and to interact with related web pages managed by other Local IVA web page managers. Edit all pages to show the name of your local and state web pages. Use the "find, replace" feature of your edit program. My first edit program was MS Word 7. My current edit program is MS Expression. The latter gives much more control over page appearance, and has more functions to edit, design and create pages. The edits needed to publish the IVA pages "as is" are confined to simple text edits and hyperlink edits. A "batch text editor" program can be used to do simple edits on all html pages in one or more selected directories. No major design changes are necessary. We may want to keep the same appearance on all IVA pages to have thee same "brand-name look" on all IVA web pages. For Local IVAs within each state, the only edits to "USAIVA" and "State" pages will be to edit all IVA hyperlinks so they contain the correct "domain/IVALocal" address and to edit your local web page manager contact line near the bottom of every "Local," "State" and "USAIVA" page. As few as two batch edits are needed.

  10. Publish Your Web Pages: This is simply uploading IVA web pages to "your Internet address." Once uploaded, in a matter of minutes, your IVA web pages are published on the Internet. All new State and Local IVA web pages are published with the "Under Review for Compliance with Local Law" notice published at the top of each web page in the "local" and "state" directories. Your IVA managed web pages will include your IVA leadership biography that you create. Every IVA leader will create and publish a "Leader1_bio.html" with the IVA pages they manage. Inspire others to lead with your reasons for becoming an IVA leader. Co-chairs will also publish a leader "bio.html" page.

  11. Manage and update less than 4 Mb of html pages.. Keep the pages updated with meeting information (local Meeting.html), nonpartisan candidate information, and Adobe Acrobat ballot access petitions for download and use by IVA certified petition circulators. Minor party and initiative petitions are shown on "Ballot_Access.html" pages. Nonpartisan candidate web page and petition links are shown on "Non_partisan.html" pages.

  12. Links to learning: List links to local web pages that share Local IVA goals for political transformation and that provide election information. Add links to "Local_Links.html," and "Study_Hall.html" pages to cover nonpartisan politics in the Local IVA area.

  13. Create and maintain a database of IVA certified Petition Circulators who participate in your "Local IVA" web page area. Use the database to maintain an Email list and Facebook pages to publish IVA news and activities related to nonpartisan candidates and referendum petition campaigns seeking ballot access on the ballot in your Local IVA web page area.

  14. Post and maintain updated information on all populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates on the ballot in your web page area. You may delegate a page or pages to other participants to keep pages and information up to date. Seek help as needed. Other participants can research and maintain needed information.

  15. Share your ballot access goals and triumphs with others. Inspire other participants to establish web pages so the OHIVA and other State IVAs can grow to reach the goal of Local IVA web pages for every voter precinct, county, and election district in every state. During the growth phase, the OHIVA will certify 100,000 IVA petition circulators to work for populist nonpartisan ballot access and governance in Ohio. The nationwide goal is eight to ten IVA certified petition circulators in every election precinct in every state.

  16. Clean Elections: Our efforts will elect clean nonpartisan public office holders to govern for our people in a more democratic republic. Clean nonpartisan leaders will not serve the narrow bipartisan two-party system or the special interests that now dictate public policy.
    Rich Stevenson, Interim Acting USAIVA Co-Chair

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IVA Idea: Local IVA Proactive Voter Movement participants will reform our political system from the bottom-up with work done on our computer, tablet and smartphone desktops. Yours and mine. Millions of desktops. Large numbers of Local IVA web page managers and IVA certified ballot access Petition Circulators will take the corrupt public office monopoly away from bipartisan career incumbents. We will end the corrupt 150-year-old D & R two-party incumbent closed primary re-election monopoly. Occupy Elections. Unite America. Save democracy.

All nonpartisan ballot access petitions and information will be available anywhere Local IVA ballot access web pages are published on the Internet. IVA Certified ballot access petition circulators will obtain valid petition signatures to put more candidates, parties, and issues on the ballot in each state. Each State IVA will issue a certificate for each "IVA Certified Petition Circulator." Local IVA web page managers will receive a well earned "Local IVA Web Page Manager" certificate when their Local IVA web pages are functional and published on the Internet in their Local IVA community.

Fix Democracy: Open Final Five Primary Elections followed by RCV General Elections will ensure election of every candidate by a minimum 50% proactive voter majority. Every voter will have confidence that his/her vote is/was considered in every election on their ballots. Election of every candidate to public office, achieved by Local proactive voters, will lead to government of, by and for the people. You and me. We are the 99.999%! We are a super majority who can elect nonpartisan and minor party candidates we choose to every public office. Confidence in our elections and our institutions will be restored. Unite America. Save democracy.

Up to you.

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Nonpartisan Leadership:

IVA Priority: IVA Web Pages for Every Voting Precinct You can put in as much time as you like to manage IVA web pages for your community, precinct, town, county, or congressional district. Get a free hamcoOHIVA.zip template on a Mini-CD or CD-R from any IVA Web Page Manager for material costs, under one dollar. The ZIP template includes all the easy instructions you will need to set up and manage your IVA web pages. Submit the completed hamcoIVA GDoc Leadership Form to join the Hamilton County leadership team. The free zip file can be received by email, hamcoOHIVA.zip . Create and Manage IVA web pages for your Local Community or Electoral Area where you live and vote.

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Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Participate. Zoom Occupy

Acting_Local_IVA_Co-Chair, Acting Male Co-Chair, Hamilton County OHIVA, Email



(Your Voice) hamcoOHIVA GDoc Leadership Form

Contact a Nearby IVA and attend a Meet-up at Your Home or Dorm on Zoom

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(Download, Print) Local IVA Documents

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(Links to Learning) Study Hall, Today's Politics

(Positive, Creative Blogs) Sounding Board (Improve the Politics We Live With)

(Referenda) Ohio Ballot Initiative Ideas Page

(Ohio Income Tax Credit) $50 for your Political Use

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Comments On Web Page Location: After the corporate takeover, Yahoo! decided to close GeoCities in late 2009. The first IVA strategy for publishing Free IVA web pages on GeoCities was gone. No free or GeoCities Plus accounts could be opened after the announcement was made. The culture of a large corporation killed the socially responsible "free web page" spirit of former Yahoo! owners.  The new business model leaves less incentive to provide for low cost web pages to encourage innovation and creativity. Greed closed one Internet road to low cost entrepreneurial startups. It seems to me competition will keep the cost of web page hosting accounts at a moderate level. If not, we can move to other locations.

Your Own Domain and Hosting Account: A Yahoo Web Hosting account can be used to publish a number of Local IVAs. A domain costs from $0.99 to $15.99. My "cs2pr.us" domain cost $9.99 from Yahoo or $8.99 from Go-Daddy.com. I paid $59.88 at $4.99 per month for the first year of Yahoo! web hosting. Yahoo includes my domain in the price for web hosting. I own the domain name and my account will be renewed on an annual basis by Yahoo at that price for the first five years! The next bill and year will cost about $120 for web hosting for the entire sixth year.

I can decide to pay the domain fee on my own at any time and move my pages to any web host I choose. Some may cost less than Yahoo! or about the same. Competition will keep the monthly fee down. I own the domain name and can use it for as long as I continue to pay the annual ownership fee. I can sell the domain to the highest bidder. I own it. I can keep it as long as I retain ownership by paying the original annual registrant's fee.

Your Account: I recommend Yahoo! Web Hosting for your Local IVA. You can use your domain to publish a number of Local IVAs with access provided for each specific IVA web page manager. Costs can be shared by several Local IVA page managers. You could publish your Local IVA on a domain owned by another IVA person or on a domain owned by you.

Shop for your domain. Or share a domain. Or use a domain you already own. (See Above, Paragraph #5.)

Old Web Page Procedure: All of the IVA web pages were originally written and edited in the MS Word 7 html editor. I switched to MS Front Page (June 2002) as the editor of my choice. I was a 58-year-old novice self taught on AOL Hometown web hosting and then putting IVA pages up on http://geocities.yahoo.com/ (Ceased to exist in March 2019), Yahoo's free web space, up to 15 Mb. I do keep learning as I go. I could still use some expert help from the computer generations. My high school friend, Jim Reed, has been a tremendous help in my discovery of Front Page and in learning editing pathways I did not know existed. Jim is a computer pro.

Beginning in March 2003 I paid $4.95 per month for GeoCities Plus to be rid of all the pop-up ads on my pages. The monthly fee also raised the storage from 15MB to 500MB, and the "bandwidth" or data transfer limit was increased from 3GB to 25GB per month. This was a definite improvement for a fairly reasonable price, $59.40 per year. (Increased to $6.95 per month, $83.40 per year, in October 2008. The policy change was due to a merger and new management. It was the prelude to the end for Free GeoCities pages!

My account, "dist1oh," included several hundred web pages under development for personal and political projects over the years since 1996. The monthly fee removed the distraction and irritation of pop-up ads from my pages for every page access by a visitor to my pages. One project still is the design of Model Public Office election campaign materials and pages, to provide a totally free template for use by all moderate nonpartisan candidates. For your single-purpose Local IVA web pages, a free Local IVA directory on a domain owned by another IVA participant may be all you need to manage your web pages. The lack of pop-up ads is nice. You can own your own domain later if want to upgrade your personal Internet presence. For example, if you manage political campaign pages you may see an upgrade as necessary to manage all the pages you publish.

With the above exceptions, it seems to me the whole IVA operation can be run for very low costs shared with innumerable IVA participants. Very low cost with IVAs up and running in all 50 states. I donate all of my time for free. And I see the IVA as composed entirely of participants who donate a little time and pocket change to The Proactive Voter Movement for open ballot access and equal political speech. Your youthful energy is much needed to transform our world. The future belongs to the young and the future will be created by the young.

Ballot access petitions can be completed within days or weeks with each participating IVA Petition Circulator getting just one to ten signatures. Nonpartisan candidates and minor parties will then have energy and time to campaign for public office. We will change our political system from a bipartisan two-party monopoly dictatorship to a nonpartisan independent proactive voter political system. Our headquarters are on our computer desktops and the Internet. We will have a more democratic republic.

RICH STEVENSON, Interim Acting Local Male Co-Chair (Top of Page) (Your Voice) Zoom Occupy