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Petition Coordinator Contacts


Persons keeping track of progress for completion of statewide petition drives are named here. Contact the coordinator to help complete each petition drive you choose to support.

The petition may be on an IVA or other web page for download. The coordinators will help you find a way to get a petition in your hands.

Local petition coordinator contacts for petitions to form political parties, and for initiative/referendum petitions are included here. 

A petition coordinator contact will be listed here for nonpartisan candidates if provided by the candidate's campaign committee. The list of petition coordinators are shown in the order received, first to last.



Candidate: Rich Stevenson, U.S. Congress, District One
Deadline for 1,675 Valid: May 1, 2006, Monday
Nonpartisan Independent, Election November 7, 2006
Coordinator: Rich Stevenson, 513-251-3155, dist1oh@cs2pr.us
2373 Maryland Avenue #4, Cincinnati, OH 45204, access from Elberon Avenue at the end of the 6th street viaduct.
Petition Download Web Page:
On the Ballot Candidate: John Eastman, for OH Secretary of State, Nonpartisan Independent, Election November 7, 2006.
Deadline for 5,000 Valid: May 1, 2006, Monday
Petition Results: 12-2005, Turned in 8,141 signatures on 490 sheets; all Sheets were valid; 79.45% were valid signatures; 6,468 valid/1,673 invalid (5,000 valid required.)
Local Coordinator: Rich Stevenson, 251-3155, ohiva@cs2pr.us
Party: Natural Law Party petition to form a political party:
Coordinator: Joanna Chappell, 471-1919, jochappell@fuse.net.

Party: Green Party petition to form a political party:
Coordinator: Gwen Marshall, 541-6978, SWOHGP@fuse.net
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Ohio Cooperative Party Ballot Access Numbers: Ten valid signatures from 5,000 petition circulators (50,000 valid signatures) are more than the number of valid petition signatures needed to give any minor party ballot access under Ohio law. With 100,000 certified petition circulators one or two valid signatures at most are needed from each circulator for any Ohio petition. Valid signatures from a spouse and a neighbor can put any candidate, minor party, or issue on the ballot. With 100,000 certified petition circulators we can easily reform our Ohio political system. With as few as five thousand certified petition circulators across the state of Ohio we can accomplish ballot access miracles.

Continuous Cooperative Ballot Access: Twenty signatures every two years from 5,000+ OHIVA petition circulators (100,000+ signatures) from friends, neighbors, and family will certify OHIVA ballot access for all future elections. Every legislative candidate using OHIVA ballot access will need just 25 valid signatures, not 1000s, for ballot access. Statewide candidates will need just 1000, not 5000 valid signatures. With ballot access assured, nonpartisan candidates can successfully compete with the bipartisan monopoly.

Each state requires different numbers. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)

Ballot access petitions will be available on IVA web pages and other web pages for use by populist nonpartisan citizens. Freedom is participation in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist ballot access movement.

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