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Ohio Income Tax Credit for Your Ohio
Campaign Contributions Tax Refundable


Free Fund-Raising Ad for Ohio Candidates on Hamilton County Ballots!

List Your Ohio Campaign Committee: If your campaign committee is eligible under Ohio law as shown below we will list your campaign committee free of charge. You can send the page link to interested and potential supporters to ask for tax-free contributions. We will list only eligible Ohio populist nonpartisan and minor Party candidate campaign committees. If you are running next year, list your campaign this year to send the page to supporters so they can contribute tax free to your campaign for two years. Raise money to run your campaign free of special interest money.

Provide an Adobe Acrobat file of your original petition and we will post it for IVA participants to download and circulate in your behalf. If you can, you could post the petition on your own web site. If you need help with scanning the petition or creating the Adobe Acrobat file IVA participants will provide as much help as possible. The IVA supports nonpartisan candidacies. Email (hamco at for help.

Free OH Tax Credits for Political Contributions Voter Power!

Citizens of Ohio, even non-voters, can go to the above page link to make tax-free contributions to the Ohio populist nonpartisan and minor party candidate campaign committees of their choice. Click the above "List Your Ohio Campaign Committee" link to consider contributions to the eligible candidate(s).

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Ohio Tax Credit $50 (Top of Page) (Your Voice)

From 1998 Ohio Tax Booklet: (Same 1999 thru 2012) ??? Check years

Here is the exact text for the political contributions credit taken from page 20, the "1998 Ohio Individual Income Tax, Forms and Instructions" tax booklet.

"Line 52 -- Ohio Political Contributions Credit"

"You can claim a credit against your taxes for contributions of money you make during the year to the campaign committee of candidates for any of the following Ohio offices:

-Lieutenant Governor
-Secretary of State
-Auditor of State
-Treasurer of State
-Attorney General
-Ohio Board of Education
-Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
-Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
-Ohio Senate, or
-Ohio House of Representatives.

The amount of the credit is the lesser of the combined total cash contributions you made during the year or $50. The maximum credit is $50 (for single or married separate filers) and $100 (for married filing joint returns if both spouses made contributions of $50 or more) regardless of the amount of the contribution.

You can claim the credit on the back of Form IT-1040, line 52."


Eligible Ohio Campaign Committees (Top of Page)

Contribute to people-friendly citizen-led government.
Put a
nonpartisan independent in Public Office to represent you.


"The Rest of the Story"

OHIO TAX CREDIT: A few years back, after 1992, in the 1990s, the Ohio legislature passed a bill creating a $50 credit on Ohio Income Taxes for contributions to the campaign committees of candidates for specified Ohio public offices (shown above). The main purpose was to encourage fellow Democrats and Republicans to make small contributions to political campaigns. This would meet two goals. Increase the total amount of campaign money. Increase the percentage of small contributions to make the impression that elections were not bought by a small number of very large special interest contributions. They wanted our political process to appear more democratic.

They knew they could not make the law apply only to Democratic and Republican candidates without risking extreme public embarrassment. Therefore, the campaign committees of populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates for the specified Ohio state offices can accept tax-free donations from any citizen of Ohio. You do not have to be a registered voter. This law is so democratic it benefits you and me. So rare.

Unintended Consequence: The unintended consequence of this bill is the help it provides to populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates. Surely, they would be too embarrassed to repeal the law when Ohio citizens begin to use it to help populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates. (Independents are over 70% of registered voters in Ohio.)

You have to use the long Ohio Income Tax form, IT-1040, which means it would be the same as the short form except for adding one line on the long form. Example: If the bottom-line net taxes you owed were $200 you would owe that amount less any covered contribution. If you contributed the maximum amount, $50 or $100 if married filing jointly, you would owe only $150 or $100 respectively. In other words you receive a credit equal to the amount of your contributions up to the credit limit. The amount is deducted directly off the net amount of taxes you owe, or the amount of your refund is increased by the amount of the covered contribution. The cost of the contribution to you is zero. 

You do not have to spend all of your credit in one place. You can give a dollar or five dollars to one or several campaign committees. Just be sure to keep a copy of your checks or money orders. If you give cash, be sure to have receipts to file with your Ohio income taxes.

The total cost to you is the loss of your contribution cash for a few months until tax time. You will have helped make Ohio a better place to live.

If you become a candidate for one of the specified Ohio offices, money from contributions covered by this law could help you to stand for and win the office without using a large amount of money from your own pocket.

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Ballot access petitions will be available on IVA web pages and other web pages for use by populist nonpartisan citizens. Freedom is participation in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist ballot access movement.

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