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Independent Voters Alliance (hamcoOHIVA)

State of Ohio


This meet ups page is included with all Local, State, and National level IVA pages to encourage Local IVA activity. Person to person education and social interaction are an important part of the participation needed to develop a Proactive Voter Movement for open ballot access and equal political speech in each state. The IVA structure has the functional tools needed to achieve all bottom up proactive voter goals in each state. It will take a lot of people-to-people education and communication to enable IVA participants to focus on common reform issues that unite us all. We need to discover common goals we all share.   Zoom Meetup

Meet Ups, Coffees, and Speakers

Local IVA web pages will provide a lot of information and materials to your community to complete petitions for proactive populist nonpartisan voter goals. However, person to person contact and discussion is necessary to involve your community and voters in political transformation. Shared goals give people a reason to hope for clean government. Change begins in individual minds. Hope evolves in individual hearts.

Neighborhood and Community Political Participation

Meet Up opportunities: (Your County, electoral district) You can search for active Local IVA web pages. We are in the growth phase. Not many pages are published to date. Get in the game, put up a Local IVA for the state, county and local area where you live.

We will need to meet in small groups at meet ups, in homes, in communities, on college campuses, and on Zoom to promote populist nonpartisan proactive voter goals. As the IVA grows, we will develop each IVA participant's interests as a candidate for public office, speaker, discussion leader, meet up host, petition circulator instructor, IVA petition circulator, IVA web page manager, and Election Day participant. IVA meet ups need to include Petition Circulator Education so we can certify enough people to meet all ballot access goals under restrictive Ohio election law. We can gain representation for all of our people. You and yours. Me and mine.


Zoom Meetups: Small or Large, Informal or Formal. Set up your Zoom Account to have conversations with other IVA participants. Get to know one another! We can meet instantly and as often as we like at no cost or time lost. We all can have a free Zoom account. We can talk often in small or large groups. Share your account info with your IVA friends. (All friends and family too.) Talk about what you want politically. Together we can have government that serves our interests and the public interests of our people. Your future is up to you. Get involved. Thanks. Here is the link.

Go to "Sign Up." Sign up is free for a free account:

Use your account to talk to your friends and loved ones. Use your account to setup your own IVA work groups. We can talk in person every day we want. (Meetups)

Informal Coffees for friends, neighbors, and family hosted in homes, college dorms and on Zoom can strengthen the Proactive Voter Movement. In fact, this is the essential component of political reform. This is where the rubber meets the road. If there is no leadership here, from the bottom up, nothing will happen to create the innovations needed. Only you can lead the nonpartisan proactive voter movement. All politics is local. Many meet ups can and will be private, among a small circle of trusted friends, neighbors, and relatives in our homes, on campus, and on Zoom.
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Download: You can download, print and copy handout materials from your Ohio IVA Documents page:

Involve more people in the populist nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement for a more democratic republic.

National, State and County PDF files are on the "pdf.html" page in each of the IVA Directories. Local Voting Precinct, Community and Public Office Local IVA Directories will also have a "PDF.html" file with PDFs to fulfill bottom up local purposes.

Handouts of the PDFs at in-person meetings can help educate more people about the populist nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement for open ballot access and equal political speech. Zoom participants can download and use the files on their own.

A knowledgeable moderator is a good idea for informal discussions of issues and the outlook for electing populist nonpartisan and minor party leadership to have clean government. I will see you at a meet up. Happy day. (Top of Page)


The most convenient meet up times are on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, and weekday evenings. A five to ten minute topic presentation should be enough to start a lively discussion followed by questions and answers related to the topic. Thirty to sixty minutes should give everyone a chance to express his or her views. Agree to disagree on some things. Discover common goals and viewpoints. Consensus solves problems, not disagreements. An informal coffee can be any time. The conversation does not stop at the meet up door. (Your Voice)

Discussions will focus on liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. We will share a variety of ideas on campaign finance reform; on current local, state, and national issues; on the next presidential election; or on any other community topic of mutual interest.

We can arrange speakers for large private or public meetings to present the populist nonpartisan/minor party point of view on the need for reforms to support a more democratic republic. We will openly discuss political problems that are commonly hidden, but known to exist. A five to ten minute talk, will be followed by thirty to sixty minutes of discussion, questions and answers. We need nonpartisan leadership. Establishment D's and R's do not represent us.


Some Topics for Discussion

"Are closed Partisan Primary Elections the main reason for Low Voter Turnout and Voter Apathy?"

"What is Active Citizenship in a democratic republic?"

"Clean Elections, What Changes are Needed? Why?"

"Why Have Minor Parties Failed to Win More Elections?"

"The Jesse Ventura Phenomenon and the Future of American Politics."

"Is there a Place for Populist Nonpartisans and Minor Parties in American Politics?"

"What Changes are Needed Before the Next Presidential Election?"

"Do we live in a Bipartisan Political Dictatorship?"

We can use topics provided by a host, group, or organization. You can provide the topic for your meet up or coffee. To host a meet up you provide nonpartisan independents. Friends, neighbors, and relatives. The IVA can provide a discussion leader/petition instructor where needed.
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Email A return Email will detail scheduled nearby meet ups you can attend. Or, if you are hosting a meet up, the names and contact information for the discussion leader and/or petition instructor you requested will be Emailed to you. Every IVA participant wants your meet up to be successful.

Many meet ups can and will be private, among a small circle of trusted friends, neighbors, and relatives. Zoom Meetup

Consult your organization or group to schedule an IVA speaker for a monthly meeting. Your help is needed. Set up or host a meet up in your home, dormitory, or on Zoom. Your talents are needed. (Your Voice)


Public Forum Meetings: Any meetings scheduled for an open public meeting place in Ohio featuring well-known nonpartisan independent and minor party political speakers/groups will be on the Public Forum page. Public Forum videos and Zoom meetings will be included. (Top of Page) (Meetups)


Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Occupy elections. Unite America. Participate. Zoom

Acting_State_IVA_Chair, Interim Acting Male Co-Chair, OHIVA, Email

(Your Voice) OHIVA Gdoc Leadership Form

Contact a Nearby IVA and attend a Meet-up at Your Home or Dorm on Zoom

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Ohio IVA Meetup

The Proactive Voter Movement

Rich Stevenson, Interim OHIVA Male Co-Chair: is inviting you to participate in a scheduled OHIVA Meetup on Zoom about your voice in the Proactive Voter Movement for open ballot access and equal political speech. We believe "Freedom is Participation in Power." Please join the effort. Become a Proactive Voter. Occupy elections. Unite America. 

Topic: Ohio Meetup for Proactive Voter Movement activists. Unite America. Everybody Vote!

  IVA Participants (OHIVA) invited.

  OH Forward Party Volunteers invited.

  OH Veterans for Political Innovation invited.

  OH Minor Party Members invited (Green, Libertarian).

All OH Pro-democracy supporters invited (IPI, Unite America, NANR, RepresntUS, Open Primaries, FairVote, United Independents, Fix Democracy First, etc).

Time: This is a recurring meeting. Meet anytime. The Monthly Last Sunday Zoom Meetup is on the last Sunday at 3 p.m. EST. RSVP by Email. This is the preferred day and time for OH statewide IVA meetups.

Join this Zoom Meeting at your scheduled time.

Meeting ID: 780 0926 0326

Passcode: Secure. Given in confirmation eMail to you.

Email ohiva at to Register. SUBJECT: Ohio IVA Meetup. Provide the name of the County where you live. Indicate your best day and time to meet on Zoom. Multiple meetings will be scheduled to meet individual and group needs. Your agreed Meetup date and time will be confirmed by return Email. Thank you for your participation.

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