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Independent Voters Alliance (hamcoOHIVA)

Hamilton County

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Liberty and Justice for All in a More Democratic Republic

Your Voice hamcoOHIVA (GDoc) Leadership Form

Your Information is not made public. Use Adobe Acrobat to complete the hamcoOHIVA PDF form linked above. Submit the completed hamcoOHIVA PDF file to your county leadership team. You will have opportunities to lead your county IVA and Local IVA where you live. You will have opportunities to publish county and Local IVA web pages to build nonpartisan populist ballot access in your county and in your Local IVA areas. You will need a free software template to become an IVA Web Page Manager. Participate. Be a Proactive Voter. Zoom

Please read the below descriptions to stimulate your thoughts on IVA involvement, leadership.

 National Participant Goals: Market and establish an IVA in each state and in every county within each state. The persons who participate to establish State IVAs for their state will need to publish state IVA web pages using Free Tools "software" files on a Mini-CD or CD-R, or in a free template file sent by email attachment. (A free template file is for Local IVA web page managers who live in OH.) The less than one dollar cost for any CDs or other blank media used is paid directly to the Local IVA participant who distributes the free "software" to you.


Have a Voice, Sign Your Pledge Gdoc, PDF or HTML Print File

The Proactive Voter Movement: The goal in every state will be to have Local IVA web pages in every county, voting precinct, community and electoral district within the state, and to have an adequate number of certified Local IVA petition circulators to effectively accomplish every ballot access goal within the state.  All IVA expenses are paid by small in-kind donations, mostly time, by Local IVA participants.

No IVA Supporter is required to donate money to the IVA, ever.

From Small In-Kind Local Donations. A Lot of Liberty.

We reject financial support from any internal or external sponsor. The IVA will maintain freedom from all financial conflicts of interest. The IVA will never have any paid employees. We represent 99.999% voter interests. Occupy elections.

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 State, County and Local Participants: Tell us how you would like to participate in building a more democratic republic. You have options to manage one of thousands of Local IVAs, to be one of thousands of statewide IVA certified petition circulators, to educate petition circulators, to host small Local IVA home meet ups,  to conduct Local IVA educational meet ups, and to be an Election Day participant. The IVA is an all-participant bottom-up organization. The only rewards are friendships with other concerned citizens, personal growth, and civic participation in a free society.

 Experts Needed: What other professional or expert skills can you contribute to support the growth of liberty and justice for all? Legal help? Computer skills? Organizational skills? Writing skills? Donation of basic supplies?

 Good Will: Note that the bricks in the wall we will build are gray, which is the color that results when all pigments are mixed in a common place. In a similar fashion, freedom is like the color gray when all races, creeds and lifestyles are mixed in our great country in the manner allowed by our Declaration of Independence and by our U.S. Constitution. Freedom is a dull occupation composed almost entirely of consistent good will and good intentions. Liberty and justice for all is the end product that rewards the effort.

 Your Gray Brick: Certified petition circulators are the mortar that holds the IVA together. The IVA goal is a minimum of nine certified petition circulators per voting precinct, e.g. 100,000 in Ohio. The gray bricks are Local IVA web page managers. The IVA goal is a gray brick in each political precinct, e.g. "11,366" precincts in Ohio. You will have the opportunity to put candidates, referendums, and political parties on the ballot to increase voter choices. On petitions you choose to circulate, you will be invited to meet a quota of two to twenty valid signatures. A few friends, family, and neighbors at most. A little effort A lot of liberty.

Will you take a few hours to become an IVA Certified Petition Circulator? Can you be a "Gray Brick" to build a democratic republic? Web pages can cover a precinct, a community, a city, a county, or an electoral district for a specific elective office. The states are different in many ways.


 Just Do Petitions: Will you choose to circulate petitions as a non-IVA participant? Know the rules and do the work. (Local IVA petition training is available. Contact your Local Web Page Manager.) Thank you for your efforts. Find petitions for national offices, statewide offices, local offices, ballot initiatives, and new political parties, on the two pages linked below. Add to your favorite links and re-visit occasionally. Circulate petitions for your new choices:



hamcoOHIVA Rollout: Publish Local IVAs where you live? Zoom Leadership Form Local IVA & Presinct  Links


Fifty State IVAs

Leaders: We need a higher level of involvement to establish each of fifty state IVAs. Experience with state election law from outside of the bipartisan two-party monopoly is a strong plus. A thorough understanding of ballot access law is necessary to create IVA web pages in each state in conformity to state law. Each state has many legal requirements differing from all the other states.

The ideal IVA leader could be a young attorney who has just passed the state bar who wants to help create a more democratic republic. Also, the ideal IVA leader could be an experienced veteran of the "third party" ballot access wars who thrives on legal detail. Why not have partnerships of the two working together? Participants please.

To show your interest in IVA leadership, complete and submit the above hamcoOHIVA (GDoc) Leadership FORM.

Then, forward an application essay with your qualifications for the job that you want to lead in your state. The need for your talents is real.

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Sign Your Pledge Gdoc, PDF or HTML Print File

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Five Ways You May Choose to Lead

The short answers for the five questions below are: (A) No, I do not choose to participate at this time; (B) Yes, I will help lead the effort; (C) Yes, I will commit to some effort. On the crucial tasks in which you have a leadership interest, an essay or resume' outlining your abilities and qualifications to accomplish specific tasks is invited.

1. Will you be responsible for development of educational materials that will work for your state to certify effective petition circulators?

2. Will you help create template IVA web pages for your state with the goal of publishing a Local IVA for every county, voting precinct, district and political sub-division throughout your state?

3. Will you market the Local IVA concept to recruit participants to put up web pages and to certify petition circulators? Can you support multi-party cooperative efforts?

4. Will you be responsible for putting an IVA organization in place to conform to state electoral law to maintain state IVA ballot access as a cooperative political party? One task will be to develop standards for listing qualified "nonpartisan cooperative" candidates and petitions on Local IVA web pages. For instance, the names of establishment Democratic and Republican candidates will not ever be listed or mentioned on IVA web pages.

5. Will you begin an IVA presence in your state, your county or your electoral district by putting up Local IVA web pages? Will you recruit participants to certify petition circulators and to put up additional Local IVA web pages? Help create template web pages that conform to your state law?

In other words, will you work on the IVA in your state from the bottom up, like the original Local IVA web pages in Ohio? Any of the above? Learn as you participate. Work with the IVA leadership developed in your State.

Join the growing team of Local IVA and State IVA leaders in your State.

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Sign Your Pledge Gdoc, PDF or HTML Print File

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A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Local IVA Home Page | State IVA Home Page | National IVA Home Page

Leadership Essay Application: Input, send Email, Subject "IVA Leadership"

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