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Independent Voters Alliance (hamcoOHIVA)

Hamilton County

Proactive Citizenship

(Privilege and Responsibility)


Your Voter Registration Status

Telephone: 632-7001 or 632-7000, ext 1
(Click on the "Am I Registered?" button at the top of the page.)

Just one board location, shown below. However, there are many other places to register  to vote, such as Hamilton County Libraries, U.S. Post Offices, and OH License Bureaus. Or by telephone and U.S. mail:

If you do not have a voter registration card in your possession, request one to be mailed to you. The card shows your precinct number and representative district numbers for use in your political participation. This is an important, necessary first step in proactive citizenship. You must be registered to vote to sign or circulate ballot access petitions, or to vote. We can have a better, more democratic republic. Carry your voter registration card next to your money and your driver's license.


Public Office Qualifications

Can You Stand for Public Office? (based on a Natural Law Party paper)

If you find any errors in any of the candidate information please send corrections to hamco at, subject "CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS CORRECTION - IMMEDIATE  ACTION!" (Top of Page)

The Ohio Secretary of State publishes a Candidate Qualifications Guide annually. The guide includes information on local, state, and national offices. Filing fees, election dates, candidate requirements, and candidate deadlines are provided. To get information on local office requirements not in the guide, contact the local government the office serves. (Warning: The bipartisan Ohio Legislature can and will change the requirements at any time.)

You may qualify as a candidate for elective office to township offices, municipality offices, Cincinnati City Council, Hamilton County Offices, Ohio House, Ohio Senate, State of Ohio Executive Offices, U.S. House, U.S. Senate, U.S. President, or U.S. Vice President. This is not a complete list. Are there other local elective offices you find interesting? You can contact the local government or the Hamilton County Board of Elections to ask for information. They are likely to act friendly and will provide the information you need. Candidate information can also be found on the board of election web site shown above.  (Top of Page)

Visit, call, or write. The address:
The Hamilton County Board of Elections
824 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202-1345
Phone: 632-7000, ext 3, Candidate Information

(Kathy Curran usually answers Ext. 3)

The Hamilton County Board of Elections Web Site has many useful features, Please pay a visit and make it a favorite place. The Ohio Secretary of State has a candidate qualifications ".pdf" file online that can be reached through this page, Elections Publications. The file was published at the beginning of the election year, not in advance. So next year was never available to nonpartisan candidates. See what is published now in the current year. More now than in the past.

The Secretary of State web site had many other relevant subjects on my last visit. You may want to write to the SOS to insist on information on candidate qualifications for the next election year. The next year information is necessary for nonpartisan independent and minor party candidates to plan ballot access petition efforts to obtain ballot access in a very short period of time. The bipartisan monopoly parties have insider knowledge of any changes in candidate requirements. The bipartisan monopoly plans changes to disrupt ballot access efforts by populist nonpartisans and minor parties. The bipartisan monopoly writes the rules to favor the monopoly bipartisan "two-party system," the dictatorship.

Please contact a nearby Local IVA for more discussion.

Speaking of more information, the Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, had his statement on "Empowering Voters" published on the SOS web site. (Sorry the page is no longer there. Ken Blackwell no longer wants to convince us he cares about voters.) He did not mention anything about having election days on weekends or making election days legal holidays. These are Reform ideas that he naturally opposes as a member of the Republican Party, one of the bipartisan monopoly parties. If he wants to empower voters let him run for public office as a populist nonpartisan or under the banner of a minor party, or show us the legislation that is passed and in law which improves voter empowerment. Words are meaningless unless followed by accomplishment. There can be no voter empowerment without populist nonpartisan or minor party empowerment. The Democratic and Republican party history of corrupt undemocratic practices as the bipartisan monopoly "two-party system" is long and clear.


Nonpartisan Cooperative Minor Party Ballot Access: The number of votes cast in the last Gubernatorial election year determines the number of signatures required for minor parties and on independent candidate petitions until the following Gubernatorial election year. For example, valid signatures equal to 1% of the vote cast in 2010 will be required for 2011 thru 2014. For instance, 1000s of valid signatures are needed for each nonpartisan candidate for U.S. Congress.

With "minor party" ballot access 25 valid signatures are needed for the same public office, U.S. Congress. Obviously, minor party candidates need far fewer valid signatures for ballot access than independent candidates. Also, independent candidates can not be on the ballot listed as a candidate of a minor party of their choice. That right was overturned in an appeals court immediately after the right was won in a lower court case brought by the Libertarian Party in 1998. Constant legal questions and legal battles make it difficult to effectively establish an opposition minor party with continuous ballot access to compete against the monopoly bipartisan Democrats and Republicans who dominate the Ohio State legislature. Not impossible, but very difficult over time. We know how to keep continuous minor party ballot access. However, we are an unorganized nonpartisan cooperative majority. We need to work together.

(Top of Page) (Your Voice)


Minimum Ohio Cooperative Party Ballot Access Numbers: Twenty signatures with over 50% valid from 4400 reliable petition circulators will give us the 44,000 valid signatures needed. With 4400 IVA certified petition circulators we will have enough participants to get the signatures in a reasonable time with a little effort from each participant. (Note: 4400 x 20 equals 88,000 total signatures to submit.)

To have a workable minimum base of 4400 petition circulators, each of the 88 Ohio counties can average 50 petition circulators in each county, or each of the 16 U.S. Congressional Districts can average 275 petition circulators in each district.

Continuous Cooperative Ballot Access: Twenty signatures every two years from 4,400+ OHIVA petition circulators (88,000+ signatures) from friends, neighbors, and family will certify OHIVA ballot access for all future elections. Every legislative candidate using OHIVA ballot access will need just 25 valid signatures, not 1000s, for ballot access. Statewide candidates will need just 1000, not 5000 valid signatures. With ballot access assured, nonpartisan candidates can successfully compete with the bipartisan monopoly. (Top of Page)

Sharing cooperative "IVA Party" ballot access with all qualified populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates could help put many more nonpartisan "minor" candidates on the ballot to win public offices against the bipartisan monopoly two-party system. 74% to 94% of all possible voters are populist nonpartisans who do not actively support any political party of any kind. We can win. (Your Voice)


There is no surprise in the fact that information on public office qualifications is not aggressively made available to the general public, who are generally not members of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Registered voters are generally populist nonpartisans, over 84% in Hamilton County. Unregistered non-voters, nearly equal in number, are 100% populist nonpartisan. The bipartisan two-party monopoly minority is hard at work avoiding opposition.

Party "bosses" choose the candidates who appear on primary ballots in the Spring, not voters. The candidates chosen by the "bosses" are elected in November. We have no choice in the matter. We do not support the two bipartisan parties who run our lives.

The IVA plans to provide more opposition than the bipartisan monopoly can handle. Real solutions to old problems will be heard. (Your Voice)

Ballot access petitions will be available on IVA web pages and other web pages for use by populist nonpartisan citizens. Freedom is participation in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort — A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist ballot access movement.

Acting_Local_IVA_Chair, ACTING CHAIR, Hamilton County OHIVA, Email


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Begin IVA Opinion Article:

The Sad State of American Politics  (Top of Page)

Politicians can do anything they want: We can be misled at the will of a collusive two–party system. Bipartisan cooperatives lead us by the nose to any political reality they choose to create in the media. All candidates on our ballots are dictated by a handful of party hacks. Back room elites! The hacks agree to eat the whole political pie. The ballot is closed to all competition to the greatest extent possible. Their power is not threatened. Money and control drives their every decision. There is no government for the people, only government for the bipartisan monopoly.

The first loyalty of every party leader is to the Democratic Party and to the Republican Party. The people and civil society be damned. We live in an invisible bipartisan dictatorship. They control all Public Offices. They write the law. They are the law. They are separate and much more than equal.

Only 25% of us vote or make any effort in politics. We are not in the game.

Necessary First Step: Without voter registration, you are an invisible citizen. If you do not have a current voter registration card, request one to be mailed to you. The card shows your precinct number and representative district numbers for use in your political participation. This is an important, necessary first step in proactive citizenship. Voter registration enables you to participate in the civil life of your community, your county, your state, and your country. Get in the game.

Persons who do not register and vote are persons without a country, and are mere visitors to their own communities.

Ballot Access Petitions: Local, state, and national government are yours to influence. Your greatest influence at this moment in history will not be through your basic right to vote. A vote for candidates of the existing monopoly two-party system is not a real choice. At this moment in history, your greatest influence, as a registered voter, will be through use of your right to petition your government. Ballot access petitions can give you more choices on the ballot. Independent candidates, minor party candidates, minor parties, and reform ballot initiatives not influenced and controlled by special interest money, will earn you representation and a reason to exercise your right to vote.

The primary purpose of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is to preserve the status and power of their political monopoly. Their partnership in the "two-party system" makes your right to vote useless. Your choices in every election are usually limited to bipartisan candidates financed by the same money sources. (Top of Page)

Invisible Bipartisan Dictatorship: We do not notice the monopoly. It is part of our world. Like the air we breathe, it is part of what we have always known. The monopoly is 150 years old. The monopoly is all we have ever known. All our parents have ever known. All our grandparents have ever known. All our great-grandparents ever knew. Two candidates. Same interests. One choice. One party with two names! One party with two heads! One choice.

The truth of this statement is widely understood. The truth is made obvious by extremely low voter turnouts. Voters know they have no real choices on their ballots that might actually affect their lives. The only choice is between the professed party of trial lawyers, bureaucrats, unions, and the dispossessed against the discreetly disavowed party of corporate lawyers, propertied interests, and international corporations. Ballots give us bad "either/or" choices of the "left or the right," with no in between.
(Top of Page)

We are led to live the lies of the two extremes. We are forced to take a side. With all the noise, the voice of compromise and reason is not heard, or even known to exist.

What the monopoly parties say has little consequence. What they do is what they really are. They dispense favors. They govern and make law to empower those who provide money to buy media access to drown out the voice of all opposition. They brainwash likely voters to return incumbents to a stable status quo beyond the reach of representative government. Their overriding goal is to retain power at any and all costs.

The monopoly is like a senile King who has no recall of the reason he ordered you to appear before him — you are executed as an afterthought, to prevent embarrassment over his failing memory.

The "two-party system" no longer recalls why we have elections.
(Top of Page)

The monopoly has no interest in your right to vote. Widespread lack of interest in voting empowers the bipartisan monopoly to retain a stranglehold on all opposition. Low voter turnout is the bipartisan goal.

In times gone by, long ago, voters cast their ballots in order to be represented. The bipartisan monopoly has no recall of why people vote. Since the interests of people are ignored, voters make little effort to vote. Low voter turnout is the consistent result.

Get in the Game: Participate in politics. Be a proactive citizen. Soon we will have many reasons to vote. Many and varied real choices on our ballots will be a reality in the bottom up nonpartisan political system we create together.

Trite but true, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Want to play?

End IVA Opinion Article.

RICH STEVENSON (Numbers) (Your Voice) (Top of Page)

Article online: The Sad State of American Politics