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The Proactive Voter Movement

Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech

Meet the IVA

Meet the IVA

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Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA)

United States of America

National Purpose


USAIVA Goal: Build the bottom-up Internet structure used by the populist nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement to Create open Final Five Primary Elections and RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) General Elections in every state.1 Have vote by mail2 available for all eligible voters in every state.3 Equal political speech under the law. We are the 99.999%. Occupy elections. Everybody Vote! Unite America. Occupy the U.S. Congress. Occupy the White House.

The ultimate IVA purpose is to give all citizens equal political speech under federal election law and under election law in each of the fifty states. IVA participants will provide open ballot access and Election Day support for nonpartisan candidates and issues. The IVA will publish ballot access petitions. Published petitions, available for download, will be petitions for nonpartisan and minor party candidates, minor political parties, and pro-reform referendum issues in each state. Each IVA certified petition circulator will choose which ballot access petitions to circulate. Successful petition efforts will give voters more ballot choices to initiate governance from the bottom up. Proactive citizenship, Participation, will lead to government of, by, and for natural persons at the local, state, and national levels.


Nonpartisan Leadership:

The USAIVA will support establishment of a cooperative IVA nonpartisan populist political party in each of the fifty states in agreement with state law in each state. IVA cooperative participants will circulate petitions in all Local IVA areas to provide ballot access for all qualified proactive nonpartisan and minor party candidates for all national, state, and local elections for public office. IVA web pages will be established in every local electoral area to provide bottom-up communications and ballot access leadership for Local IVAs, State IVAs and the USAIVA. Complete and submit the USAIVA pdf-Participation Form to request your free no cost template. Create and manage the IVA state web pages for your state. (Complete and submit the OHIVA pdf-Participation Form to join the leadership team in Ohio. The free template is for persons who live in OH.)

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Each State IVA will seek proactive nonpartisan and minor party cooperative candidates who seek reasonable solutions for all political issues. The only requirement for all IVA participants and IVA candidates for public office is support for our democratic republic. Liberty, justice, and a more democratic republic are constant IVA goals.

Success depends upon participation by large numbers of proactive nonpartisans, who are a super majority, as IVA web page managers and as IVA certified petition circulators. The average IVA participant would donate ten to twenty hours of public service time per year to transform our political system. Liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic is the overall IVA goal.

Continuous IVA ballot access as a cooperative political party will be obtained in each state when supported by growth in the number of IVA participants. Continuous IVA ballot access will be maintained by petition or as otherwise provided by the provisions of election law in each state.


Continuous ballot access for all minor parties will be a required concurrent IVA petition goal in each state. IVA participants will work to place candidates on the ballot for local, State, and national offices (President, Vice President, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representative to Congress) from all minor parties in all fifty states. Each IVA participant, individual voter or minor party, will then decide which Presidential pair, and other candidates, to vote for or endorse, as the proactive candidate most likely to win each public office. Each proactive nonpartisan and minor party public officeholder will help to eliminate the pointless bipartisan power struggle that now prevents open clean elections at all levels.
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All IVA cooperative candidates must support basic electoral and political reforms to return control of the political process to the American people.

Candidates: Each IVA cooperative candidate, usually one per public office, could be a proactive nonpartisan candidate with a well-defined individual platform on issues. If not, an IVA cooperative candidate can choose to run his/her campaign on the well-defined platform of one or more of the minor parties, such as Green, Independence, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, or We the People parties in alphabetical order.

Nonpartisans and minor parties using IVA ballot access will agree to choose one cooperative candidate from all possible candidates to stand for any specific public office, especially on the state and local levels. Other promising cooperative candidates will choose to run for another office where an IVA cooperative candidate is needed to provide an alternative to the monopoly bipartisan two-party system. All endorsed candidates will be selected to provide the best-qualified candidate for every public office in every election.

In the event the IVA cooperative proactive nonpartisan political party has actual ballot access and can field a full set of candidates for public office, and there is still more than one IVA candidate standing for the office(s), the IVA will participate in primary elections as provided by state law to elect one candidate from two or more IVA candidates to stand for each public office in the November general elections.

One central IVA cooperative guiding principle is to provide opposition and alternatives to the monopoly bipartisan two-party system in order to win local, state and national level public office with nonpartisan candidates who will provide government of, by, and for natural persons.


Briefly, the IVA can build a proactive nonpartisan political structure to maintain open ballot access for all public offices with the least effort possible in each state. With state ballot access problems solved The Proactive Voter Movement can dedicate more time and effort toward the election of nonpartisan and minor party proactive candidates who will represent every person in the proactive voter majority. IVA proactive candidates elected to public office on all levels will govern for the common good of all citizens. (Open Access) (Top of Page) (Your Voice)

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The Proactive Voter Movement can become strong enough to overcome the bipartisan (two-party) left/right stranglehold on our political process. Divided, the nonpartisan voter majority will continue to be factional and marginal. Together, the populist proactive voter majority can move toward a more democratic republic of, by, and for all the people of the United States. Support your Local IVA. (Your Voice)


Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Participate. Zoom

Legislation: Develop and promote model legislation for ballot access and election laws for use in all fifty states. Model legislation must honor the equal protection provisions of the U.S. Constitution in both the letter and the spirit of the law.

RICH STEVENSON, Interim Acting Chair, USAIVA, Email


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1. The Politics Industry, Gehl/Porter, Harvard Business Review Press, 2020: Learn more at and Institute for Political Innovation:

IVA Goal

2. A Democratic Republic! The Vote-by-Mail Revolution! , IVA Opinion, Richard L. Stevenson, May 01, 2020.

The 99% Can Vote Any Day at Home. End Voter Suppression By the DNC and the RNC! Create Open Final Five Nonpartisan Primary Elections to Build Consensus on Public Policy.


IVA Goal

3. Forward Party: , Join

Forward, Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, Andrew Yang, Crown, New York, 2021. "Civic Juries" mentioned by Yang would be completely fulfilled in the nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement and would be supported by "The Proactive Voter Pledge" presented in the proactive pamphlet. The Local IVAs are "Civic Juries" in action. . Become a Proactive Voter. Occupy elections. Unite America.

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Occupy Open Clean Elections: The IVA is proposed to be a populist nonpartisan proactive voter structure organized on the computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of IVA participants to give our people a strong voice in public elections and in our governments. We will end the monopoly power of the corrupt bipartisan two-party system

IVA headquarters are located on local computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of every IVA participant on the political precinct level in all fifty states. Millions of desktops. We are the 99.999%. Occupy elections. Everybody Vote! Unite America.

Change, A New Social Paradigm: The IVA can be an Internet opportunity for a new beginning in political organization for our republic and for other people throughout the world. For our nation, an emphatic move away from a corruptible "bipartisan two-party political system" toward a "populist proactive voter system" with many more nonpartisan and minor party proactive candidate choices to give voters a reason to vote.

Emphasis will no longer be on ideology, power and control, but on issues and workable solutions to our republic's problems. The IVA emphasis will be on liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. rls

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