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Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA)

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Invitation to Meet Adam J. B....*

*2005 Adam Emailed me to remove his ID. He is afraid of ID theft. Nothing else from him since 1999.


Cooperative Ballot Access for All Citizens: This page contains a brief Biography and statement from the teenage man who suggested the re-use of the "IVA" political party name from the early 1900's as the name of the minor party needed to lead the populist nonpartisan political movement. I adopted the "IVA" name as the name of a new kind of cooperative "Non-Party" devoted to liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic.

Strategy/Goal: The IVA goal is to build the bottom-up Internet structure needed for the nonpartisan  independent ballot access movement to create open ballot access and open primary elections in every state.

My idea the idea of Jesse Ventura too is to shift all minor party factions toward the nonpartisan centrist-middle super majority where up to 94% of the American people are located, to elect populist nonpartisan candidates who represent people, not moneyed interests. Creation of licensed Free Internet Tools and publishing free web pages on free Internet accounts provides the means for every citizen to take control of government for the benefit of our people. We have a democratic republic if we can keep it. (Top of Page) (Your Voice) Occupy

The IVA is an Internet means to overcome the entrenched power of the bipartisan monopoly two-party system (dictatorship).


Independent "Non-Party" Politics: I see the IVA more as a "non-party" political cooperative organized on the computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of IVA participants to give the American people control of their political life, with the bipartisan monopoly power of two national political parties eliminated as an unnecessary evil.

The only IVA headquarters are located on the local computer, tablet and smart phone desktops of IVA participants on the political precinct level in all fifty states. Millions of desktops. We are the 99.999%. Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote! Occupy

I see the IVA as an Internet opportunity for a new beginning in political organization for our republic and for other people throughout the world. For our nation, an emphatic move away from a corruptible "bipartisan two-party political system" toward a "populist nonpartisan political system" with many more centrist candidate choices to give voters a reason to vote.

Emphasis will no longer be on ideology, power and control, but on issues and workable solutions to our republic's problems. The IVA emphasis will be on liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic.

(Top of Page) (Your Voice Occupy

Adam sees the ultimate IVA goal as an established IVA national party and a state party in every state in a more traditional framework. Adam is 18 years of age and has time to realize his dream. My age and a desire to get it done before I die limit my vision. The future belongs to the young.

Bottom-Up Dominance: I admit I am skeptical about any "party" system. Beware of any permanent national political organization. Any coordination must come from the bottom up, from the local precinct upward. We need a "non-party" party consisting of loosely coordinated local political activities. A state "non-party" party run by a coordinating committee with rotating executive officers should be the highest level of IVA "party" organization. Any national organization should have no purpose beyond nominating Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Even this function should not have a continual presence, not even as a standing committee. Bottom-up coordination committees, not central committees.

At the age of eighteen, Adam and all eighteen-year-olds are eligible to stand for public office in the state of Ohio. Our public life could use a huge amount of their youthful energy and idealism.

Thanks for your help Adam. I would have been glad to hand the future of our nation into your able hands. Now change is up to every one of us. Together. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)




In the Year 1999, Notes from Adam J. B.... :

"My full name is Adam J. B.... I am 18 years old, the tail end of the X'ers. I am an economics major at a University in the Steubenville, Ohio area. I have also taken a course from Georgetown University. While I strongly support the need for a centrist minor party, as most Americans are centrists, I myself am a progressive/social democrat. I have been politically active since I was 16."


Adam: "The Web Page looks great! The idea of recruiting many candidates, regardless of political affiliation is a good one, as long as the goal of forming the IVA into a permanent unified political party remains. A very good way to bring other groups into the IVA is to form caucuses within it, such as a Liberty Caucus for libertarians to work within the IVA. Perhaps outreaches could be made towards other parties, asking them to run their candidates as IVA candidates, as this would put a stop to minor party competition, provided these candidates represent our centrist, somewhat libertarian programs.

"I originally came up with the idea for the IVA, and to set the record straight, I was NOT proposing the name to be a sort of special interest group. I proposed the name IVA to be the name of the new party we must create. I mean the IVA label to be the label of our party. IVA is a name that will not be confused with other labels. If we call the party the IVA, it does not sound like a traditional party name, and it represents what we are all about. I envisioned the IVA as working like this.

"At the national level, we would have the National IVA. At the state level, we will have state parties, called things like the Ohio IVA, the IVA of Alaska, the Rhode Island IVA etc. If we want to use the name for a special interest group like UWSA, fine, but then we are right back where we started in looking for a party name. Besides, it is hard enough to set up a party without having to set up some sort of network as well."

ADAM J. B.... (Top of Page) (Your Voice)

The above from Email by Adam, (Adam B....). The account is no longer active. I never had the chance to meet or even to talk to Adam.



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Welcome to the populist ballot access movement. Participate. Zoom

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