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Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA)

United States of America

1st IVA Priority: Certify Petition Circulators

(The rules are different in each state. This page is based on the Ohio IVA page to certify Ohio petition circulators.)


OHIO Rules: In around one hour you can learn all the rules needed to gather valid petition signatures in Ohio. All of the rules are on one printed sheet online. You can copy and print Rules for Circulating Ballot Access Petitions (OHIVA PDF) to read and bring with you to an IVA meet up. You can assemble your personal petition circulator kit and learn to take valid signatures in the field. Once certified, IVA petition circulators will have the skills needed to collect signatures to put nonpartisan candidates of their choice on the ballot, to help form any Minor Political Party they choose, or to put Initiative and Referendum (I & R) issues on the ballot. Ballot access petitions are the most powerful tools for participation in political change and for electoral and political reform in Ohio.  Note: 27 out of 50 states do not have any initiative or referendum process to help citizens have a voice in public policy or legislative initiatives.

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Petition Circulator Kit: Each participant can help make up his or her personal petition kit at an IVA meeting. (Or assempble the items at home.) Keep all items in a large manila envelope labeled "My Ballot Access Kit." Use the kit for training and for circulating petitions of your choice.

 Four legal length cardboard or foam board blanks ( 8.75" X 14.25") (better than clipboards for use in the field, easier to use) (Used by Pro's) (You can decorate as you like. Be creative. Be positive.)

 Eight big rubber bands, 5", to hold petitions in place.

 Ohio Petition Circulator Rules Sheet.

 Petitions for practice exercises.

 Legal size manila folders to hold copies of petitions to circulate, etc.

 IVA Ohio Certified Petition Circulator identification card.

 IVA Ohio Petition Circulator certificate, 11" X 8.5", suitable for framing.

 Your petition circulator kit can be used for a lifetime.

You can help circulate petitions for any ballot access purpose you choose. We all choose to participate in the IVA activities we fully support. We can petition to put candidates on the ballot, to form political parties, or to put issues on the ballot such as Instant Runoff Voting, or Campaign Finance Reform.

To cut blanks each meeting should have a sharp "x-acto" knife, a 24-inch steel ruler, and cardboard boxes at least 14.25" high. Each student can bring a box or foam board to a meeting to use to create his or her kit.

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Being proactive in electoral politics requires circulation of ballot access  petitions. After IVA certification you will have a "citizenship kit," the basic political tools and skills you need. You will be OHIVA certified as an Ohio ballot access petition circulator.

Do More: You can choose to do more. You can purchase a precinct-walking map to contact voters in your precinct. Mine cost $4 at the Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections. The map includes a list of voters in your precinct and how they have voted in primary elections. 85% are populist nonpartisan voters like you. Non-Affiliated voters.

Having your precinct walking map will enable you to collect signatures that are very close to 100% valid signatures.

Do Less: You can choose to do less. Download and print the ballot access petition you want to circulate from IVA web pages. Also download and print the Rules for Circulating Ballot Access Petitions to learn all the rules, a few, and clarify any questions as you participate. Get just a few signatures from spouse, children, family, and/or neighbors. Make a copy of completed, signed petition sheets and mail the originals and copies to the appropriate address. Sit back and rightfully feel like a good citizen.

Getting signatures from well known friends and family will enable you to collect signatures that are very close to 100% valid signatures.

Do Much More: You can choose to get both feet wet and have more fun than you have ever had in your life. Would you like to stand for office? Signatures need to be collected. "If not you, who? If not now, when?" Read this linked page about the minimum qualifications and activities required of candidates to be on the ballot. It may be easier than you think. For many public offices, a person is eligible for election at the age of eighteen.

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Ohio Cooperative Party Ballot Access Numbers: Ten valid signatures from 5,000 petition circulators (50,000 valid signatures) are more than the number of valid petition signatures needed to give any minor party ballot access under Ohio law. With 100,000 certified petition circulators one or two valid signatures at most are needed from each circulator for any Ohio petition. Valid signatures from a spouse and a neighbor can put any candidate, minor party, or issue on the ballot. With 100,000 certified petition circulators we can easily reform our Ohio political system. With as few as five thousand certified petition circulators across the state of Ohio we can accomplish ballot access miracles.

Continuous Cooperative Ballot Access: Twenty signatures every two years from 5,000+ OHIVA petition circulators (100,000+ signatures) from friends, neighbors, and family will certify OHIVA ballot access for all future elections. Every legislative candidate using OHIVA ballot access will need just 25 valid signatures, not 1000s, for ballot access. Statewide candidates will need just 1000, not 5000 valid signatures. With ballot access assured, nonpartisan candidates can successfully compete with the bipartisan monopoly.

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Each Local IVA keeps an updated database of certified petition circulator participants who live within the local IVA area. Each IVA participant is notified of every new petition or candidate shown on local IVA web pages. Participants will be removed immediately from any IVA database and Facebook event pages upon their request.

Participants who want to be involved in public petition activities can add their name to Facebook event lists or cell phone lists to participate in activities for petitions they choose to circulate. Participants without a computer or cell phone can keep up to date by using Facebook on a Public Library computer or on a friend's or relative's computer. Anyone can set up a free Facebook account on any available computer or smartphone. A lot of communication to coordinate petition activities will be done with Facebook group messaging or by cell phone texts.

Efficient Private Ballot Access: Some advice on The Best Public Places to Collect Signatures is on this linked page. That same linked page also describes the common sense IVA Private Petition Strategy.

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 All online petitions will be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Petitions on IVA web pages can be downloaded and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader on your home, public library or work computer. All IVA certified petition circulators with internet access and a printer will be able to produce petition sheets to circulate without leaving home or office. (Or the public library.) Computer savvy IVA participants can help distribute ballot access petition sheets.

Multiple-page Issue Referendum Petitions in booklet form at this time seem unlikely to be available online. Participants can get copies of booklet petitions at a meeting, at a petition event, from a nearby petition circulation leader, or by snail mail as a last resort. (Top of Page)

Active Petitions Page (OHIVA link): Referendum issue petitions, such as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), will be found on this page. Statewide issue petitions will be on each OHIVA Ballot_Access.html and Local IVA Ballot_Access.html web page published all over the state. Local issue petitions will be accessed only from each Local IVA Ballot_Access.html web page where the issue is a local issue. Minor Party: Petitions to form new Ohio political parties can be accessed from Local IVA pages all over Ohio. The Green Party, the Independent Voters Alliance (OHIVA), the Libertarian Party, and others may circulate petitions to form minor Ohio political parties for elections beyond the current year.

Nonpartisan Independent Candidates on Your Ballot (Petitions/Web Pages) (OHIVA link): Click here to see petitions and web pages for declared Presidential candidates who may appear statewide on Ohio ballots. See your State and Local IVA Non_Partisan.html pages to see all declared nonpartisan and minor party candidates, local, state, and national, who may appear on ballots in your specific IVA Local web page area.

Petition Coordinator Contacts (OHIVA link): This page is always a link to a state page since national petition coordinators are not needed. This page helps you check progress on petitions you have chosen to circulate in your state. Contacts for candidate, party, and issue petitions.



Nonpartisan Leadership:

IVA Priority: IVA Web Pages for every Voting Precinct You can publish and manage your State IVA web pages not yet created, along with Local IVA web pages for your county, congressional district, precinct, or community. Get a free template on a Mini-CD or CD-R from any IVA web page manager for material costs, under one dollar. The ZIP template includes all the easy instructions you will need to set up and manage your IVA web pages. Complete and submit the USAIVA PDF-Participation Form to request your free no cost template. Create and manage the IVA state web pages for your state. (Complete and submit the OHIVA pdf-Participation Form to join the leadership team in Ohio. The free template is for persons who live in OH.) IVA Leadership Page IVA Leader Page OHIVA Leadership Page OHIVA Leader Page

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Ballot access petitions will be available on IVA web pages and other web pages for use by populist nonpartisan citizens. Freedom is participation in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist nonpartisan  ballot access movement. Participate. Zoom

RICH STEVENSON, Interim Acting Chair, USAIVA, Email


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