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Independent Voters Alliance (USAIVA)

United States of America

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Central Concepts of IVA Organization: Each Local IVA is published with a set of State IVA and USAIVA web pages in addition to the Local IVA web pages published by each Local IVA web page manager. The duplication of State IVA and USAIVA web pages on all Local IVAs increases free bandwidth capacity to provide public access to all published State and National IVA web pages at no cost. Contact with each Local IVA will be through email addressed to the Acting Local IVA Chairperson indicated on each Local IVA page. Contact with State IVAs will be through email addressed to the Interim Acting Chairperson indicated on each State IVA web page. Local IVA and State IVA organizational goals in each state will be reached when there is a Local IVA published for every County and precinct all over the state, with a minimum of 9 IVA certified petition circulators in every local precinct (e.g., over 110,000 statewide OHIVA participants/leaders in Ohio). State and national headquarters are located on the computer, tablet and cell phone desktops of Local IVA web page managers.

Acting State IVA chairpersons and officers will be elected when the State IVA has an acting Central Committee in place that satisfies state law pertaining to Minor parties with ballot access. All State IVA certified petition circulators and web page managers will have one instant runoff vote in the nominating process and in the election of all acting State IVA officers in each home state.

USAIVA Co-Chairs, one man and one woman, will be elected when a majority of the fifty States have an acting State IVA Central Committee established that complies with the election law of each home state. All Local IVA web page managers and IVA certified petition circulators will have one instant runoff vote to nominate and elect all national USAIVA officers, and to nominate and select cooperative Presidential candidates. The USAIVA will never establish any permanent state or national standing committees. The nonpartisan independent majority needs a loose alliance of State IVAs to secure a democratic republic for the benefit of all future U.S. Citizens.

When the point is reached that State IVAs have ballot access in enough states to potentially win the Presidency in the Electoral College, the State IVAs with ballot access will form a national nominating committee to select cooperative USAIVA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Both candidates will need to appear on one petition in each of the fifty states. Both nominations must be made and confirmed by instant runoff vote at the same time. IVA Presidential ballot access petition efforts will begin in all fifty states several months before the start of the Presidential Election Year.

The only purpose of the USAIVA after fifty state IVAs have been established, will be the nomination of IVA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. The candidates will be confirmed by instant runoff vote at least a full year before the date of the Presidential General Election. The identity of the IVA Presidential Candidates will be made public nearly a full year before the bipartisan Presidential candidates are confirmed at the bipartisan Presidential conventions, just a few months prior to the November Presidential Election. The IVA Presidential candidates will be known for over one year for voter consideration and comparison to the bipartisan and other minor party candidates. The centrist silent majority can elect a nonpartisan President.

Local IVAs will support Constitutional National public policy determined by the U.S. Government through the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Executive branch, when led by a properly elected President and Congress. Bipartisan national political parties have inherent conflicts of interest that prevent reasonable development of public policies that support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all U.S. citizens. You and me. Bottom-up Local IVA influence will make open clean elections and clean government possible to provide for the common good of our people.

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Web Page Managers: Each Local IVA will be separate free web pages operated by IVA participants, located on a low-cost account with one or several IVA participants responsible to edit one or more IVA pages. Underlined states in the table below are hot links for active State IVA Home Pages. If no link is shown you can help establish the IVA web pages for your state and manage a Local IVA where you live. You can be a Local IVA web page manager even if you are not old enough to register to vote. You can help transform your political future. Ages 8 to 80 are welcome. Return to Manage Local IVA Web Pages.

Links for State IVA Home Pages will be listed here as State IVAs are established. State web pages have been created and published for two states to date. OH and NY have IVA state web pages in operation.


State IVA Home Page Links: List


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:State IVA Home Page Links


Participate: Many leadership opportunities are available to you in the IVA. Most State IVAs are not up and running. You can help create template state IVA web pages for your home state where you live. Underlined bold ZIP Code letters in this color in the table above are linked to the State IVA home page link listed on this page.  The name of the Interim Acting State Chairperson, the State Email, and the date published are also shown for each state. If no link is shown for your State, you can create and publish the IVA State pages and become the acting web page manager (& Interim Acting Chairperson) for the state where you live. You can join others in your state to make the pages conform to state law. You can become an IVA web page manager even if you are not old enough to register to vote. Internet and computer knowledge is the main leadership qualification. At any age, you can help transform your political future.


Join others to create and publish the template State IVA web pages along with the template Local IVA pages for the county and state where you live. Go to the (Your Voice) USAIVA PDF - Participation Form, same link above the USAIVA Pages Guide below, and become an IVA state web page manager for your state. Build a State IVA cooperative party as a ballot access organization for use by all  populist nonpartisans and minor parties in your home state. Build a more democratic republic for everyone. Recruit and build the team needed.

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Nonpartisan Leadership:

IVA Priority: IVA Web Pages for every Voting Precinct You can publish and manage your State IVA web pages not yet created, along with Local IVA web pages for your county, congressional district, precinct, or community. Get a free template on a Mini-CD or CD-R from any IVA web page manager for material costs, under one dollar. The ZIP template includes all the easy instructions you will need to set up and manage your IVA web pages. Complete and submit the USAIVA pdf-Participation Form to request your free no cost template. Create and manage the IVA State web pages for your state. (Complete and submit the OHIVA pdf-Participation Form to join the leadership team in Ohio. The free template is for persons who live in OH.) IVA Leadership Page IVA Leader Page  OHIVA Leadership Page OHIVA Leader Page

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Being registered to vote and having a current voter registration card is the first and necessary step to becoming a politically proactive citizen. Telephone your county board of elections to take that first step.

Look at your voter registration card to choose a Local IVA web page electoral area where you live. Manage IVA web pages to serve your community. (Top of Page) (Your Voice)



Occupy elections. Vote against two-party career incumbents! Use ballot access petitions to Participate in power.

Be a proactive petition circulator and Election Day participant.

Be a proactive citizen in your voting precinct.

A Little Effort. A Lot of Liberty

Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Participate. Unite America. Zoom

RICH STEVENSON, Interim Acting Chair, USAIVA, Email


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Contact a Nearby IVA THIS PAGE and Host a Meet up in Your Home or Dorm

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Model State IVA Web Pages
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Model Local IVA Web Pages (County, Community, precinct, etc.)
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We can elect candidates who represent the economic
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Main Street. Not Wall Street Billionaires!

We Are The 99.999%!

Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote!


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State IVA Home Page links

Shown in alphabetical order

AL Alabama IVA Join the effort?

AK alaska IVA Join the effort?

AZ Arizona IVA Join the effort?

AR Arkansas IVA Join the effort?


CA California IVA Join the effort?

CO Colorad0 IVA Join the effort?

CT Connecticut IVA Join the effort?

DE Delaware IVA Join the effort?


FL Florida IVA Join the effort?

GA Georgia IVA Join the effort?


HI Hawaii IVA Join the effort?

ID Idaho IVA Join the effort?

IL Illinois IVA Join the effort?


IN Indiana IVA Join the effort?

IA Iowa IVA Join the effort?

KS Kansas IVA Join the effort?


KY  Kentucky IVA   Rich Stevenson, kyiva at, Incomplete, 10-28-21  OHIVA Leadership Page KYIVA Leader Page

Kentucky IVA Join the effort?

(Your Voice) KYIVA PDF-Participation Form

LA Louisiana IVA Join the effort?


ME Maine IVA Join the effort?

MD Maryland IVA Join the effort?

MA Massachusetts IVA Join the effort?

MI Michigan IVA Join the effort?

MN Montana IVA Join the effort?

MS Mississippi IVA Join the effort?

MO Missouri IVA Join the effort?

MT Montana IVA Join the effort?

NE Nebraska IVA Join the effort?

NV Nevada IVA Join the effort?

NH New Hampshire IVA Join the effort?

NJ New Jersey IVA Join the effort?

NM New Mexico IVA Join the effort?



Open your County, Local IVA Pages? Join the


New York IVA Aaron Ansel, nyiva at,

December 28, 2010   OHIVA Leadership Page NYIVA Leader Page

NC North Carolina IVA Join the effort?

ND North Dakota IVA Join the effort?



Open your County, Local IVA Pages? Join the effort?

Ohio IVA Rich Stevenson, ohiva at,

January 01, 2001   OHIVA Leadership Page OHIVA Leader Page

OK Oklahoma IVA Join the effort?


OR Oregon IVA Join the effort?

PA Pennsylvania IVA Join the effort?

RI Rhode Island IVA Join the effort?

SC South Carolina IVA Join the effort?

SD South Dakota IVA Join the effort?


TN Tennessee IVA Join the effort?


TX Texas IVA Join the effort? OHIVA Leadership Page TXIVA Leader Page

UT Utah IVA Join the effort?

VT Vermont IVA Join the effort?

VA Virginia IVA Join the effort?


WA Washington IVA Join the effort?

WV West Virginia IVA Join the effort?

WI Wisconsin IVA Join the effort?

WY Wyoming IVA Join the effort?

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