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IVA LeadershipThe Independent Voters Alliance (IVA) is simply an Internet based proactive tool used by The Proactive Voter Movement1 to have a strong voice in public policy. The Hamilton County OHIVA is one local part of the growing nationwide nonpartisan proactive voter movement. The IVA will go statewide and nationwide over the next several months and years to provide free Internet ballot access tools needed to maintain our democratic republic. The IVA will be a peaceful nonpartisan voice in all fifty states. OHIVA.zip and USAIVA.zip web site template software is available for free so you can use the Internet to manage free local and state IVA web pages in your local voting district. Use the IVA to coordinate Proactive Voter Movement innovation efforts in your state. Seriously! Do your part. Become a proactive voter. Zoom

Our 80% populist nonpartisan voter majority leaves just 20% to be in the radical left and the radical right, both of which are in the Democratic and Republican parties. (Of course, we realize radical fringe groups go beyond those two parties on the farthest left and the farthest right.) Please add your voice to the growing populist proactive voter movement of nonpartisan radicals. Proactive voters have no cause but liberty and justice for all, the 99. 999%, in a more democratic republic. The radical IVA concept is common sense and bottom-up participation in government through open clean elections on every level.


HQ: Our proactive voter movement will be conducted from the bottom-up with IVA headquarters located on our computer, tablet and smart phone desktops. Yours and mine! Millions of desktops. No guns, no blood, no harm to anyone. The proactive voter movement will simply be a shift from the top down bipartisan two-party political system, to a populist nonpartisan proactive voter system that includes a voice for everyone in the 99.999%. A minor change in political concept, but profound in the positive ways our lives will be affected. Public policy will be based upon the interests of our citizens, not upon the maintenance of power for two greed-driven political parties and the special interest money that controls them.

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While you are at the bottom level of our democratic republic, voting or not voting, the two national monopoly parties, the DNC and the RNC, are at the top buying career politicians with campaign funds. The monopoly bipartisan two-party system owns incumbent career politicians, our “public servants.”

THE BAD NEWS: Both monopoly parties have had control for so long that they use partisan primary elections to nominate nearly all candidates on General election ballots. Our one vote is assured for one of their uncontested candidates. Few people vote in a fixed system, so they control the few people who do vote. Distorted radio and TV ads are used to brainwash “likely voters” to re-elect bipartisan incumbents. Voter turnout declines in each succeeding fixed election. Bipartisan political leaders are concerned that two-party support is nearly non-existent, but they have little reason to fear losing power to populist nonpartisans or minor parties. Over 99% of bipartisan career incumbents have been re-elected for many decades.

Our widespread disgust with politics, our prolonged inactivity, protects the bipartisan “two-party system” establishment from any loss of political power. Be a proactive voter. Occupy elections.

THE GOOD NEWS: There are 100 million unregistered age-eligible non-voters nationwide. They are nearly equal to 115 million registered voters nationwide, of whom only 12% to 49% are likely to vote.

DO THE MATH: 94% to 74% of all age-eligible voters do not vote or actively support any political party. With the truth well known, OUR SILENT MAJORITY can elect nonpartisan and proactive populist candidates we choose to every public office.

THE GOOD NEWS: Nonpartisan unorganized voters and non-voters elected 100% of career incumbents now in public office. We are responsible for the mess in our corrupt political system. GOOD NEWS! Organized nonpartisan IVA proactive voter efforts can clean up politics from the bottom up. Up to you! Be a proactive voter.  (Top of Page)

Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator named Cicero said, “Freedom is participation in power.” If we ever want to be free, we must participate in elections more fully than is allowed by our monopoly bipartisan two-party system. We must become proactive good citizens. Become proactive voters. Occupy Elections. Unite America.

(Your Voice) Participation

We The People: Nonpartisan radicals are nonpartisan proactive voters who want government to represent real people, not paper people such as corporations, unions, or political parties. Constitutional provisions for equal protection need to apply only to real living people. The nonpartisan populist proactive voter movement is all about restoring government “of, by, for the people” at the local, state, and national levels.

The IVA proactive citizenship message is addressed to you and to every citizen of Hamilton County, of Ohio, and of Everywhere, USA. Our individual nonpartisan grassroots efforts will radiate and come back to us multiplied. The good we do will inspire the political dreams of our people in every community all over our great nation.

The IVA is a chance for you and me to correct the problems created by a corrupt bipartisan two-party system that acts in its own national and international self-interests. The two-party political system we have, and the governments it has created, do not act to protect the interests of our citizens or to defend our founding national principles. Moreover, it seems to me, 99.999% of our citizens have no representation in the two-party system.

The biggest, most carefully hidden, political secret is that populist nonpartisans like us are an 80% majority who refuse to actively support a political party of any kind. Populist nonpartisans have been unaware of their majority status and the workable political strategies needed to assert their overwhelming political strength. Become a Proactive Voter. Have a voice.

I hope that you will join me and other nonpartisan proactive voters to elect trustworthy leaders who will make our land the home of the free. Self-government and human rights can be our peaceful nationwide and worldwide public policy. The next seven generations deserve nothing less from us. We owe nothing less to our children, to our grandchildren, and to the world we leave behind for generations to come.


“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” Abraham Lincoln. Proactive voters will maintain America as a free and healthy democratic republic under the U.S. Constitution.

Voters must take power from (and within) the D and R parties to have open elections so all voters have a reason to vote. Elect populist candidates put on the ballot by voters to defeat establishment D and R candidates. Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote! “Voters must become proactive good citizens to have a voice in public policy.” Sign the pledge. OCCUPY Print/Share

Our Elected Leaders No Longer Honor the Sovereignty of Our People
~ Formally Declared in 1776 ~

NONPARTISAN LEADERSHIP: The Model.zip political campaign template provides free web pages and campaign materials for use by populist nonpartisan and proactive political candidates. This free campaign tool can help proactive voters take majority control away from the corrupt bipartisan two-party system. Nonpartisan proactive public office holders we elect will restore civility to political discourse and public trust to our political process. (Top of Page)


The populist nonpartisan audience is very wide and tired of political parties of every kind. “Independent Like You” and “Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech” are campaign slogans that are warmly embraced by nearly every one I have encountered over the past several decades. Please use them. People, who actually vote, usually vote for candidates from the two monopoly parties, out of habit, not from conviction. 74% to 94% of all age-eligible voters do not actively support any political party. In the past, we almost always had to vote for the least awful of two familiar monopoly bipartisan candidates. From today forward, we can elect nonpartisan and  proactive candidates we put on every ballot. Become a Proactive Voter. Not left. Not right. Forward. Unite America. Up to you!


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Welcome to the populist Proactive Voter Movement. Read the national IVA web pages at cs2pr.us/hamco/usaiva. Participate. Zoom Sign the Pledge. OCCUPY

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1. The free proactive voter pamphlet, cs2pr.us/ProVotPam.pdf, The Proactive Voter Movement; Occupy Elections. Unite America. Up to you.

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We can elect candidates who represent the economic
interests shared by 99.999% of our citizens. Not the 0.001 of 1.0%!

Main Street. Not Wall Street Billionaires!

We Are The 99.999%!

Unite America. Everybody Vote!


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Bad News. Voter Apathy

Everybody Vote


Our Voices: A New Social Paradigm


The Proactive Voter Movement:

     “...with Liberty and Justice for All”

Who are the 99.999%?

Why Extreme Voter Apathy?

The Vote-by-Mail Revolution!

Wealth Inequality In America


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Unite America. Occupy Elections.


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Bad News. Voter Apathy

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