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Reading will increase your power over the political world around you. Knowledge is power. Reading opens new worlds to our perceptions. Enjoy.

It seems to me that we are at a time in history when the possibilities for progressive populism and upward social mobility need to be strengthened to assure survival of a more stable society. The bipartisan two-party monopoly of the Democrats and the Republicans is not responsive to those needs. A way must be found to provide equal educational opportunity in our K-12 schools and beyond. Political contributions seem to encourage the creation of a privileged corporate class. We seem to be moving toward a hereditary system where prominence in every field is handed down to the next generation by virtue of having family connections. The vast majority of citizens are made to share a rapidly decreasing piece of the economic pie. We need an intentional nonpartisan political mass movement to reduce widespread social immobility.

An intentional nonpartisan political mass movement, a voter revolution, is needed to obtain movement toward a more democratic republic and to reduce autocratic control of our political institutions and governments by what appears to be our corporate dictatorship. You are not alone in your concern for the survival of our populist traditions. The entrenched bipartisan two-party political system tends to govern for powerful special interests. Nonpartisan independents and centrist minor parties with wide popular support could govern for all citizens in our society. Perhaps we need to move with necessary caution toward a nonpartisan independent, multiple minor party political system focused on a healthy sustainable populist society.


(A Spectrum of Links) Send me a Voter Who Reads

 The Declaration of Independence, 1776,

 The U.S. Constitution, 1787,

 The Cluetrain Manifesto, the End of Business as Usual, 1999. , four Internet denizens examine the new world of Internet communications and how it changes everything in business, etc., A Journal of Opinion

 Rocky Mountain Media Watch Home Page

 A "Something Wrong Here" Reading List

 Independent Perspective, IVA Opinion Columns


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 (A Spectrum of Links) Send me a Voter Who Reads

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