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(Nonpartisan Reforms)

Toward a More Democratic Republic

The word "democracy" is used freely by the bipartisan two-party establishment until citizens demand representation and then our status as a "republic" is raised to explain the impossibility of implementing true democratic rights. We do have a constitutional republic a society ruled by law as opposed to a society ruled under the divine right of kings. Under our constitution, however, we could have a more democratic republic than is allowed under our current politically sponsored corporate dictatorship.

The degree of democracy representation in a republic is dependent upon who writes the laws and who interprets them. Voting rights and election laws determine how much democracy exists for each person in our society under the rule of law. Persons voted into public office over time build the legal system that best serves the interests and values of those who have been elected over time. Those voters are served who vote most effectively to elect public servants that have and will serve their interests and values. Voters are ultimately responsible under our constitution for the quality and direction of our collective lives, in both the historical past and in the evolving future of our republic. Top of Page

Election days have never been a "day off work" or paid national holiday. Election days are workdays to minimize voter turnout. Over 80% of citizens qualified to vote are nonpartisan independents. Time off to vote would increase nonpartisan independent voter turnout and lessen the ability of the bipartisan establishment to control election results. Bipartisan candidates might be more likely to lose. The bipartisan establishment might lose its longstanding dictatorial power as a ruling unrepresentative bipartisan minority.

Our citizens may figure out, given enough time, that voting for bipartisan Democrats and Republicans does not serve majority individual interests. Our political life is dictated by less than 15% of our population. That 15% minority bipartisan dictatorship is the great singular fact that authors our unrepresentative political process. This appears at present to be the basic underlying truth in American politics. You may find some clarity on alternatives to consider in the following pro-democracy links:


Nonpartisan Reforms

 The Center for Voting and Democracy Instant Runoff Voting

 The Center for Voting and Democracy Proportional Representation

 28th Amendment Restoring Equal Political speech to Citizens Proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban corporate personhood and money used as political speech. This URL was available, There are 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution to date. There is a Need for a 28th and maybe more?

  U.S. Term Limits

 The struggle for the Right to Vote The National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI) As of 2007 at Demos,

 Common Sense II Free Political Tools (Your Voice)


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