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Web Page Design, Writing, Editing, AutoCAD

RLS Design

Richard L. Stevenson, Sole Proprietor

P.O. Box 123, Hillview, KY 40129-0123

I Offer the Following Services to Clients:

Writing and Editing Services

Web Page Design

Web Page Operation

AutoCAD Machine Drafting

View & Copy Resumes'

Certify Petition Circulators

Free Political Tools

So you are searching for a creative, artistic someone with knowledge of Web page creation and publishing to work on your web pages. Maybe you want someone to put your company on the Internet or maybe you want someone to maintain and update your web pages to make maximum use of Internet opportunities. Congratulations. I can help. I have created a few web sites and am ready to be of service to your company. I can offer a full range of skills from simple writing and editing to complete web page creation - anything you want for your web pages, I can create for you!

I am also looking for contract opportunities to do part-time or project  work on my  AutoCAD workstation. I can complete detail, layout or design work for you from my home office or from any client designated location.

RLS Design can provide you with high quality services and low overhead - to reduce your costs. I have created web pages over the past several years, but I will make sure you know that YOU are my most important client. Try me - send an e-mail for rates and a list of web pages I have designed. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you make a splash on the Web. I am semi-retired to retired at this point in my life.


Free Political Tools: Free template Internet software applications are available for you to lead the nonpartisan movement for open ballot access and equal political speech with headquarters on our desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone desktops. The goal is liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. My work is dedicated to all the people I love, especially my son Brad, and to all the people Brad loves. I know a little. I want to Pass It Forward  before I go. More detail:  Free Tools

Free Political Reform Tools:

Common Sense II Political Reforms
Independent Voters Alliance (IVA)
U.S. Congress THRO Campaign
"Rich" Campaign Template
"Jack" Campaign Template






RLS Design

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