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By Rich Stevenson July 4, 2004
Interim Acting Chair of the Hamilton County OHIVA

IVA LeadershipHere we go again in 2004. The bipartisan two party dictatorship has given voters no clear choice, that is, no actual choice. Their two Presidential puppets will be on the ballot, but they are twins in many ways. The differences between the  candidates and parties are few, and of no real consequence to our people.

Sorry folks, just one choice, the dictatorship. Polls show a near tie with less than a 1% difference in poll numbers for Bush or Kerry. Ralph Nader has recently been 4% to 9% in the polls. If he gets in the debates the two-party dictatorship knows he could win.

Your two Presidential choices, the ones offered by the bipartisan two-party system, are limited to two members of a Yale University secret society with the ominous name of Skull and Bones. Avast me hearties, those pirates in the two parties are about to steal the Presidency, again. Bush and Kerry are two faces of the same pirated coin. Two men, the same choice.

What are the secrets of their Skull and Bones Society? What is hidden there?

In an earlier more innocent time we all thought that one of our sons or daughters could aspire to be President. Those hopeful thoughts are no longer possible in 2004. No one in the lower 95% of our population has any chance at all without backing from the top 5% ruling elite. The bipartisan two-party monopoly controls all the strings that control our undemocratic nominations process. 

You have one string, your vote, to control who gets elected.

Each American citizen has one string to control the electoral puppet, a vote. Our strings are around 200,000,000 votes strong. Together, we control all the strings needed to elect government that serves our public interests, in the form of votes.

If you want a democracy, do not vote for a Democrat. If you want a republic, do not vote for a Republican. If you want a more democratic republic, vote for a populist nonpartisan.

Your dissatisfaction with our corrupt two-party system is shared by over 80% of American citizens. 

The government can be our puppet. We have all the strings needed. Every electoral String belongs to one voter. Use yours. Vote. We need to use the control we have. Do not waste your vote on a Democrat or a Republican. That's right, vote for populist nonpartisan and minor party candidates. You have one of the strings in the electoral process. Your vote is the only means needed to gain political power in our country.

A simple truth: However, not one of us has even one string to control a Democratic or Republican office holder. Their full attention is on their political parties and on political contributors who control their parties. Know the truth and act upon it. Office holders from either of the two parties ignore your individual interests.

A coalition populist nonpartisan candidate is working to get on the Presidential ballot. Ralph Nader has been endorsed by my old Reform Party, and seems to have support from over 50% of grassroots Green Party activists this year. Nader is our only nonpartisan coalition hope for 2004. Populist nonpartisans are over 80% of all possible voters.

The need to elect a nonpartisan coalition Presidential candidate is urgent.

The two parties are about to take your one string away by introducing electronic voting machines. Every election can then be easily fixed. When all the machines are in place they will fix every election to forestall the winning vote of any populist nonpartisan or minor party candidate. They simply will not count votes against their puppet incumbent candidates. Act this year. 2005 may be too late. After 2004 the bipartisan dictatorship may be irrevocably entrenched. Our votes may no longer count.

Help spread the populist nonpartisan political movement. This is still our country, if we can keep it.


Your Part: Register to Vote and vote wisely. Be an active ballot access petition circulator and Election Day participant. Clean elections we create will make clean government possible.


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Welcome to the populist nonpartisan ballot access movement. Read the national IVA web pages at Participate.

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