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Apology to the Voters of District One Ohio

No Choice for Congress This Year

By Rich Stevenson ŠSeptember 18, 2006

Interim Acting Chair of the Hamilton County OHIVA

IVA LeadershipI missed the deadline to be your 2006 OH 1 Congressional write-in candidate. The Ohio legislature changed the deadline in House Bill 3, which became Ohio law on June 1, 2006. The bill changed the deadline date to become a write-in candidate from 50 days to 62 days before the November 7, 2006 general election. It became retroactively effective for the year it was passed, invalidating previously published 2006 candidate requirements. I went to the Board of Elections on September 14th and learned firsthand that the law had been changed. I will not be a write-in. 

I am in shock. I am grief-stricken, but not for me; I saved the $85 filing fee, and two months of very hard work. I grieve for the loss to our political process.  I do grieve for the voters of District One, because they (we) have no choice except the candidates of the corrupt two-party bipartisan monopoly (dictatorship). They won another round. We lost. Read on.

I apologize because if I had been super alert I could have checked constantly to see if the dictatorship had put up more ballot access barriers to competition. A change in deadlines to block competition is not a new bipartisan tactic. I apologize to the over 1,200 populist nonpartisan citizens who signed a petition to have another choice for Congress on their ballot. I apologize to the citizens who contributed cash to the Citizens for Stevenson campaign committee. I know how fervently you all wanted another choice on your ballot, a candidate other than a candidate of the corrupt Democratic Party or of the corrupt Republican Party. We need to THRO1 hypocritical bipartisan incumbents out of office.

Steve Chabot and John Cranley needed only 50 valid signatures on their ballot access petitions to be on the ballot for Congress in Ohio District One. Anyone else, including you, who wanted another choice on their ballot for District One needed 1,675 valid signatures on their ballot access petition to be on the ballot for the exact same office. You needed 33.5 times, nearly 34 times, as many signatures as the corrupt parties needed to put someone on the ballot to represent you. I had 1,200 signatures. I could have used your help. I failed you (I worked my butt off). You have no other choice on your District One ballot this year. The two parties won again. No competition!

Today is September 18, 2006. The Ohio Secretary of State published this date as the deadline for filling out Form 13 (Interesting choice of form number! Do they wish you bad luck?) to become a write-in candidate on the 2006 General Election Ballot. The 2006 Ohio Candidate Requirements handbook, subtitled Statutory Guidelines for 2006 Candidates for Public Service, was not dated. However, on page 1, under General Requirements for 2006 Candidates, it does state in fine print:   

"This guide.... The requirements outlined in this summary are accurate as of November 1, 2005. Subsequent legislative or judicial action may change these requirements. Candidates are responsible for knowing and complying with all legal requirements affecting their candidacies."

Reading every detail was my responsibility. I failed. Part of my error was not having any campaign staff to be responsible for some of the many tasks required to run a political campaign. I wore far too many hats in the campaign. A lesson re-learned again, redundantly. So many mistakes to make, so few chances to get it right. I checked the handbook dozens of times to make sure I made the write-in deadline.

We have the most undemocratic candidate requirements of any advanced democratic republic in the western world. It is the height of absurdity to fight a war to export democracy to parts of the world that have absolutely no democratic tradition, when we allow numerous undemocratic practices in our own political system. "Do what I say, not what I do," is the message perceived by our friends and our enemies. Our credibility is lower each day.

Our bipartisan two-party political system is at best a tightly held monopoly, and at worst, a political dictatorship that gives no consideration to future consequences. Our political system is bought by special interests. Financial interests control our  government by owning our two parties and their candidates. Competition is not allowed economically or politically. We pay heavily for the lack of free enterprise within our borders. We need a  sustainable planet made possible by new Public Office holders to have the level of statesmanship needed to solve our problems. (No gender bias implied.)

I am not through. I am in the fight to have a more democratic republic for my son, his wife, and their children. Today, I announce my candidacy for U.S. Congress in 2008. No matter who wins in 2006, we will still need to end bipartisan control of the U.S. Congress. John Cranley, if elected, would be a change that is no change. Cranley is part of the incumbent bipartisan dictatorship, a lifetime career politician. He is a Harvard graduate, with roots in the Ivy League elite that has misruled this country for many, many, decades.

I may be forced to vote for John Cranley in 2006 to term limit Steve Chabot to six terms (12 years). Neither candidate is worthy of my vote. Six years is a good term limit for all Congresspersons.


Congress 2008: Beginning now, I could use your help to win the 2008 OH One Congressional election. There is much to do. We will win a round for the nonpartisan majority. We will put a populist nonpartisan in Congress to represent our public policy interests. We will grow the nonpartisan ballot access movement. The next round is ours to win.


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