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Needed to read and download pdf files. Free, quick download.

Common Sense II  

The Overdue Voter Revolution

A Populist Indictment of the DNC & RNC

Do It Yourself Press
P.O. Box 123
Hillview, KY 40129-0123



Read/Review: The Overdue Voter Revolution

Not for Sale Or Distribution

FILE SIZE: Less than 440kb.

Print a hard Preview copy: Select fit to page to print all pages head to head and back to back. Use 8 1/2 X 11 in. 24# bright white paper for inner pages. Use Glossy White 80# paper to print the front and back covers. Glossy paper improves color and sharpness on the cover pages. Twenty-two sheets of paper are needed to print one preview pamphlet. The print on the full size page will cover about 80% of the page width when printed with the "fit to page" setting. Assemble the pamphlet pages with a slip-on plastic compression report binder strip. 

To Read/Preview ONline or onscreen: Use the internal navigation links to move around the pages. The navigation links are hidden in the plain text of Titles, Headings, Page Numbers, etc. Your cursor will point to the hidden live links. Enjoy. URL page links in the open file can be used to access the many Internet pages referenced in the text. 

The new violet cover color prints as a medium dark purple.  It looks lighter on-screen. 

Kindle eBook Publication Status: The writing was finished on February 18, 2014. The eBook will be published when formatted for Kindle. The finished preview PDF file below still needs to have the navigation links re-inserted to provide easy browsing. Minor formatting changes are needed to meet eBook standards for publication on Kindle. The print version will be published on Amazon later this year. For now, you can read or print the preview file on this page. The preview copy is not for sale or distribution. To own a copy you will be able to buy the eBook or printed version online when published on Kindle and Amazon. The links for purchase will be shown here on this page. Email to be notified when the eBook is published for purchase.

Pricing is not established on Kindle to date. The projected eBook price may be $3.95. When a printed edition is published the projected cost may be $9.95 per pamphlet. Thanks. Meanwhile please:

Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward!

Preview File: If you have a hard time reading the preview file in the window above, you can open a preview file from the "VotRevPam.pdf" link below. The window can/will be much larger on your computer screen. "Fit Width" is a good size to read the pamphlet in the window above. To own a copy you will need to purchase a copy online. The link will be shown here when the pamphlet is available for purchase. Meanwhile Read it! Review it! Share it! Pass it Forward! Buy the eBook online when available.

If you do not see the *.pdf file in the window above, you must first download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your hard drive to install the reader program. Use the Acrobat Reader link below.

FONTS TO USE: Select "Use Local Fonts" under the "View" or "Document" pull-down menu in your Adobe Acrobat Reader program. To see or print the preview pamphlet with the fonts used to design the pamphlet, make sure the "Britannic Bold" and "Bookman Old Style" fonts are installed in your computer's "Fonts" folder. The fonts are not "embedded" in the pamphlet file.



Needed to read and download pdf files. Free, quick download.

Acrobat Preview File: VotRevPam.pdf


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