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The Dean Difference, His Supporters

By Rich Stevenson ÓFebruary 12, 2004
Interim Acting Chair of the Hamilton County IVA

IVA LeadershipThe media talking heads have chosen the Democratic nominee for President, the most entertaining potential contest from among the remaining Democratic combatants. The contrasts between Kerry and Bush will provide endless news sound bites, news bites, to feed the twenty-four hour news cycle. They have all the outdated news film to add to the excitement. Bush will be shown in endless footage in his borrowed flight suit on an Aircraft Carrier at sea, declaring the war to be over. Kerry will be shown in Viet Nam and in the U.S. protesting the war, saying the war should be over. Let the media show begin. These are two career politicians owned by the bipartisan two-party monopoly. No real choice! Low voter turnout is guaranteed!

The Bush/Kerry contest will be all about special interest money. Bush will probably win that contest easily. The rich will consider Bush's presidency an investment. The same special interests will invest in Kerry's campaign just in case he wins. Special interests will cover their bets. They always have access no matter who becomes President. In contrast, special interests have a bullhorn and your tongue has been cut out.

Populist nonpartisans, who will provide over 50% of the votes that elect the President, will vote for a President who represents other interests. The new president will owe his first allegiance to his Political Party, either Democratic or Republican. His second allegiance will be to his special interest contributors. If all you gave him was a vote, your interests will be considered last at the end of a very long line.

But there just may be a loose cannon in the race for President. A loose cannon is a politician who cannot be relied upon 100% to follow the orders of any political party. A loose cannon can be a populist nonpartisan candidate who has considerable support from the populist nonpartisan voter majority.

Howard Dean was a multi-term Governor in Vermont, a state with good health coverage, and a balanced budget. Dean was the Democratic candidate with the courage to lead Kerry and the other candidates to talk out against a poorly executed foreign policy that led to disastrous results in Iraq. Bush has made enemies all over the world with his blunt undiplomatic Texas talk. Do not get me wrong. I do not favor any Democrat or Republican. But I doubt that Bush could spell “potato” and I don't want him or Dan Quayle in the Oval Office. Bush is a very special first in our history, the seeming idiot son of a former King.


The Dean Difference: The Internet was the source of early Dean campaign contributions and of early supporters. They were not party regulars. They were young independents open to new leadership. Dean listened to concerns of young 18 to 35s looking for representation for their issues. The campaign used “meet ups” ( to listen to the needs of newly involved youths. The participants found a reason to participate in politics through the Dean campaign. They support Dean as a candidate, not his party. They support issues, not a candidate. They appear to seek responsive non-establishment representation. 

At some point near the end of 2003 the Dean campaign had raised $41 million over the Internet and had a campaign chest twice or three times the size of any other Democratic campaign. The contributors were something very new. Their numbers indicate a possible resurgence in political involvement by our young people. Their involvement is not related to a party, Democratic or Republican. The Dean supporters are populist nonpartisans seeking a voice in government. (Top of Page)

Other Democratic candidates used the Internet and “meet ups.” Why the early lead? Dean is a fiscal conservative (Unlike George Bush?) and a social moderate (like most Americans?). A balanced budget is always the priority in Dean's speeches. This resembles the profile of a surprise winner in Minnesota. The winner was belligerent Independence Party candidate for Governor, Jesse Ventura. The voter turnout was 65%, 20% higher than any other election in the nation in 1998. Dean has the same kind of belligerent independent appeal. Belligerence deftly applied, wins. The Dean Campaign raised $1 million Internet dollars in four days with no 1st place wins in early February primaries. Why?

Loose Cannon: Howard Dean is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. In that regard, he reflects America. He would be a fair President, who would move voter interests to the front of the line. Individual contributors of $50 to $100 dollars will have been his special interest contributors. I, as one populist nonpartisan, could feel almost included in a loose cannon Dean Presidency.

Ohio has a Democratic primary on March 2, 2004. The best choice for a populist nonpartisan who wants to be represented is probably Howard Dean. Populist nonpartisans who usually vote Republican could get a Democratic primary ballot and vote for Dean to have a fiscal conservative in office in case Bush loses in the general election. The best choice for ABB (Anybody But Bush) populist nonpartisans who usually do not vote or who vote for outsider candidates, may be Howard Dean. IMHO (In my humble opinion) Dean and Senator John Edwards are the most likely pair to defeat Bush in November. Edwards has the “Kennedy/Clinton” charm. Howard Dean has the “straight talk” used so effectively by John McCain and Jesse Ventura. All three are DC outsiders. U.S. Senator McCain is seen as a rebel nonpartisan.


IMHO 50% of Dean supporters would not even bother to vote in November if Kerry is or even Edwards is the nominee of the Democratic Party. Kerry has a 24-year Washington D.C. insider problem. No change! Kerry will be seen as a corrupt career politician.

A low voter turnout probably favors Bush. Dean/Edwards would probably increase voter turnout.

Me? I could never request a Democratic or a Republican primary ballot. Can you? If you do, please request a Democratic ballot and vote for Howard Dean. I would if I did not purposefully avoid the inherent corruption in the two-party system.


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