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Support for Open Populist Elections


The web page tools and concepts, under continuous development and currently functional, are free to populist nonpartisan political activists. Participate to support the transition to clean open top four primary elections. Free licensed tools for you to use:

Free Tools for a More Democratic Republic

Free Political Tools Software Mini-CD


Bottom Up Elections: Our computer, tablet and smart phone desktops are the only IVA headquarters, with local Independent Voters Alliance (IVA) web pages managed and chaired by local  participants in every voting precinct in every state. Our national goal will be over 500,000 Local IVAs controlled from the bottom-up in a more democratic republic! Millions of desktops. Each Local IVA Web Page Manager is a Leader in the Open Ballot Access Movement for Equal Political Speech. We are at home, from the bottom-up, in the only headquarters for our ballot access movement. We are home based. Your home. My home.
We are the 99.999%. Occupy Elections. Elect 99.999% candidates.

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Equal Political Speech Tools: The overall CS II goal is replacement of the minority "bipartisan two-party political system" with  a majority "nonpartisan political cooperative" that governs in the interests of human constituents, people. I am the creator of the nonpartisan Free Tools CSII software. I am the lone writer and designer. I am one of many concerned citizens working to increase awareness of the electoral and political reforms needed to preserve our constitutional democratic republic. I will work with all other proactive citizens building the open ballot access movement. Our common goal is to increase majority nonpartisan participation in our democratic republic for the 21st century.

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Why Support CSII? So why in the world would you send a few dollars in support? CSII is creating a unique concept for change. Most political activists are trying to establish political power on the national level by building minor political parties to establish a top-down national political party. Minor parties have tried for decades over the centuries to build a "third" party to compete with the national two-party monopoly system. (Unique)

In fact, the primary focus of most minor parties seems to be replacement of one of the two "major" parties with their own national power structure. Most political activists appear to not think beyond the "two-party system," the failed corruptible two-century old power structure we have. Not outside the pointless "left-right" bipartisan struggle for power! Not outside the box!

Most minor parties have some minority political or social agenda they intend to impose on our society when their party replaces one of the two parties in the two-party top-down incumbent political power structure. The only CSII agenda is liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. Government can be directed by common sense bottom-up nonpartisan participation. All "politics is local," and can be controlled by the vote of each individual citizen. Each of us! Outside of the two-party box!
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Simple Method: Take legislative and executive majorities away from the corrupt bipartisan two-party monopoly by electing nonpartisan and minor party candidates to public office.

You and I can have the government we want. Our children can have the democratic republic they need to pursue happiness. I am just one of many concerned citizens who are trying to increase awareness of needed electoral and political reforms. We can have a more democratic republic.

I have great faith in the goodness and fairness of the American people. The CSII approach is to empower the individual nonpartisan voter. You.

I can use your dollar in my efforts to free time to meet eyeball to eyeball with civic and minor party political leaders locally and nationally. I will encourage all national and local leaders in the open ballot access movement to consider cooperative political strategies other than party building or support of corrupt bipartisan two-party candidates.
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The Vulnerable Flank: The two-party monopoly wins elections by fundraising and manipulation of state law. Minor political party building is controlled/blocked by bipartisan ballot access rules. Election campaigns are won by 0.001 of 1% billionaires with high-cost deceptive mass media propaganda (brain-washing). Change will come not by creating minor political parties, but by the activation of politically inactive multitudes of non-voters, who can elect nonpartisan leaders, one public office at a time. We will seek victory in our strength, our nonpartisan numbers. Elect nonpartisan candidates who will represent the financial interests of every citizen, the 99.999%.

Open ballot access for nonpartisan voters is the solution. Nonpartisan candidates can partly define themselves with minor party issues and platforms. Nonpartisan leadership must be based upon the pragmatic example of Benjamin Franklin. Fix what is broken. Do no harm.

Nonpartisan age-eligible voters have the numbers, about 80%, to elect whomever they choose to every public office. Seek solutions to benefit the common good. We need to make things happen from the local level by electing non-career new candidates to every possible public office. Nonpartisan office holders will work for liberty and justice for all in a more democratic republic. With open ballot access we can have a voice in our political system.

We can exclude non-living entities from equal protection under our constitutional law. We can make government of, by, and for the people a reality in our republic in this new century. We will disable the career incumbent bipartisan monopoly that supports the tyranny of special interest corporate governance. Open ballot access. A voice in politics!

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Your Support: Donate $1.00 to the nonpartisan ballot access movement. Help end bipartisan corruption.

Pay Pal gets only 5% plus 5 of each small Micropay Donation. The net amount of your donation is 90 of $1.00, $4.70 of $5.00, $9.45 of $10.00, or $18.95 of $20.00. Donate $1.00 to $5.00. No donation is too small. We can change our world. Together.

 2019 Support YTD: $00,000 ~ ($20K Goal)

1999 thru 2018: $425.60


Support for Equal Political Speech: A small amount in donations, around $20,000 per year, would provide all of the expense money needed for me to devote all of my time to political education and reform. I am pursuing possible grants from "non-profits" to support my work. However, any type of political campaign activity eliminates the legal possibility of any "non-profit" tax-free money. Also, most "non-profits" favor the bipartisan "two-party system." Therefore, grants are not likely for my anti-bipartisan work. I took a social security retirement in January 2004, when I was sixty-two years of age. I now have less need for full-time work to meet my personal expenses. Social Security frees more of my time for cooperative nonpartisan ballot access work. Social security and my part-time work have covered expenses for my personal needs, but do not cover current expenses associated with my political writing on the Internet and activities needed to promote the transition to open ballot access. Donations have covered a few expenses. More donations are needed to expand the cooperative movement for open ballot access. Therefore...

My dream is to devote full time to political education and free distribution of the Free Political Tools templates to grow the open ballot access movement for equal political speech. My hope is to have enough money for updated computer software, hardware and supplies; Internet expenses, printing costs, postage and funding for travel and needed in-person contacts. I turned 65 years of age in January 2007. My social security benefits, sole monthly income (about $1,100, less $550 rent and other living expenses), would not have been reduced by additional personal income of up to $34,440 in 2007. Under 2007 IRS law I would have had no income taxes on my social security benefits for personal income up to $18,518. I would have owed $880 (4.8%) in U.S. taxes on $18,518. In 2007 up to $10,050 in personal income would have been tax free. (My total 2007 work income was $7,238.51. No U.S. income taxes! I am poor, but my needs are few.) I was a busy candidate for U.S. Congress in 2008 to 2012 and could find no time for part-time work. For now, all donations will be reported as personal income (dba CSII). You can use PayPal to make a useful $1.00 to $5.00 CSII donation. Small petty cash donations here can accumulate to help build the political cooperative we need to create public policies that benefit every citizen, and the next seven generations.

2019 Support YTD: $00,000 ~ ($20K Goal)

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I will work with other nonpartisan grass roots activists and minor parties to reform our political system. Your small donation, when you make one, will work toward a more democratic republic for us all. If donations make my personal income taxable, I will seek means to lower taxes on CSII donations to the lowest level possible. (An LLC incorporation?)

100% of all donations will be used to pay for CSII political activities and expenses. Any excess funds available above CSII expenses could be used to pay invoiced hourly wages to CSII associates to expand CSII marketing and development work at no more than the Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25 per hour); no more than 40 hrs ($290) per week; no more than 50 wks ($14,500) per annum. Donations will never be used for personal expenses under any circumstance or for any reason. However, CSII contributions will be used to pay for daily CSII expenses I can't afford on my personal income. After CSII expenses are met, CSII may pay associates including me a minimum wage as outlined above, to pay for work related to our movement for Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech. Currently, personal bills and CSII expenses use all but $30 per month of my fixed social security income. Donations are needed to expand our CSII political efforts. Check out and request your free software applications. Donate a dollar? Take the nonpartisan voter pledge: .
Free Political Tools Rich Stevenson

2019 Support YTD: $00,000 ~ ($20K Goal)



Dollar Donors: If you see value in CSII efforts to establish a more democratic republic through common sense political education, and open ballot access efforts, you can make a cash donation, limited to whatever is easily affordable to you up to one thousand dollars. Your support is welcome. If over $20.00, mail a personal Check or money order payable to Common Sense II Political Reforms to the address below. Do not send cash by mail. Donations are not tax deductible. Please include your name, complete address, and contact information (telephone, social media links, and Email). Thank you for sharing in our dreams for equal political speech. We will make our dreams real together. (PayPal) (Unique) (Flank) (Email)

Richard Stevenson (Top of Page)

Common Sense II Political Reforms
P.O. Box 123
Hillview, KY 40129-0123


Read Share and Preview the Free Common Sense II Pamphlet PDF:

The free file, VotRevPam.pdf. Download. To print on your printer, select fit to page and print all pages head to head and back to back on 8 1/2 X 11 in. 24# bright white paper for inner pages. Use Glossy White 80# paper to print the front and back covers. Glossy paper improves the appearance of the cover pages. Not necessary. Twenty-four full size sheets are needed to print one preview pamphlet. The print on the full size page will cover about 80% of the page width when printed with the fit to page setting. Assemble the pamphlet pages with a slip-on plastic compression report binder strip. 

Option: Get a preview hard copy mailed to you (a digital printer version of The Overdue Voter Revolution pamphlet) (8.5" x 11", 24 pgs., glossy cover). Donations needed are One copy $10.00; Two copies $18.00 @ $9.00 per copy.

Use PayPal, or check (money order preferred) payable to Common Sense II Political Reforms. Allow 2 weeks for delivery by the U.S. Post Office. Personal checks must clear before shipment (10 days the reason a money order or PayPal is preferred). Include your name, complete address and contact information for telephone and Email. Make it legible. Send your request to the Address Shown Above. Thanks.

Buy the Kindle eBook and Paperback on Amazon: Published in June 2018. The eBook is $3.95 or free to read on "Kindle Unlimited." The Paperback is $9.95.   Cover



The free preview pamphlet PDF has the same content. Preview Page

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"The Overdue Voter Revolution" pamphlet, the "Declaration of Re-Independence," and other original materials on CSII web pages may be linked to friends and relatives for preview; Read the promotional PDF pamphlet online. Preview it. Review it. Share it. Pass it along. Share links to other original materials. Use of the "Free Political Tools" are licensed at no cost to participants to protect the integrity of the open ballot access movement. Take the nonpartisan voter pledge: .

Read/Review PDF "The Overdue Voter Revolution" on line (Preview)
A Biographical
Preface, Why this Pamphlet?
Call to Action (Declaration of Re-Independence
CS II *.pdf Files to Download and share (Share)
Includes the "Pamphlet," "Pledge," "Declaration," "THRO," and "IVA,"

2019 Support YTD: $00,000 ~ ($20K Goal)

1999 thru 2018: $425.60

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