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The Sad State of American Politics

A Game Played by Back Room Elites

By Rich Stevenson ©August 9, 2006

Interim Acting Chair of the Hamilton County OHIVA

IVA LeadershipPoliticians can do anything they want: We can be misled at the will of a collusive two–party system. Bipartisan cooperatives lead us by the nose to any political reality they choose to create in the media. All candidates on our ballots are dictated by a handful of party hacks. Back room elites! The hacks agree to eat the whole political pie. The ballot is closed to all competition to the greatest extent possible. Their power is not threatened. Money and control drives their every decision. There is no government for the people, only government for the bipartisan monopoly.

The first loyalty of every party leader is to the Democratic Party and to the Republican Party. The people and civil society be damned. We live in an invisible bipartisan dictatorship. They control all Public Offices. They write the law. They are the law. They are separate and much more than equal.

Only 25% of us vote or make any effort in politics. We are not in the game.

Necessary First Step: Without voter registration, you are an invisible citizen. If you do not have a current voter registration card, register and request one be sent in the mail. The card shows your precinct number and representative district numbers for use in your political participation. This is an important, necessary first step in proactive citizenship. Voter registration enables you to participate in the civil life of your community, your county, your state, and your country. Get in the game.

Persons who do not register and vote are persons without a country, and are mere visitors to their own communities.

Ballot Access Petitions: Local, state, and national government are yours to influence. Your greatest influence at this moment in history will not be through your basic right to vote. Any vote for candidates of the existing monopoly two-party system is not a real choice. At this moment in history, your greatest influence, as a registered voter, will be through use of your right to petition your government. Ballot access petitions can put choices made by you on the ballot. More populist nonpartisan candidates, minor party candidates, minor parties, and reform ballot initiatives not influenced and controlled by special interest money, will earn you representation and a reason to exercise your right to vote.

The primary purpose of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is to preserve the status and power of their political monopoly. Their partnership in the bipartisan “two-party system” makes your right to vote useless. Your choice in every election is limited to candidates financed almost entirely by the same sources of campaign money. They are bought.

Invisible Bipartisan Dictatorship: We do not notice the monopoly. It is part of our world. Like the air we breathe, it is part of what we have always known. The monopoly is over 200 years old. The monopoly is all we have ever known. All our parents have ever known. All our grandparents have ever known. All our great-grandparents ever knew. Two candidates. Same interests. One choice. One party with two names! One party with two heads! One choice.

The truth of this statement is widely understood. The truth is made obvious by extremely low voter turnouts. Voters know they have no real choices on their ballots that might actually improve their lives. The only choice is between the professed party of trial lawyers, bureaucrats, unions, and the dispossessed against the discreetly disavowed party of corporate lawyers, propertied interests, and international corporations. Ballots give us bad “either/or” choices of the “left or the right,” with no in between.

We are led to live the lies of the two extremes. We are forced to take a side. With all the noise, the voice of compromise and reason is not heard, or even known to exist.

What the monopoly parties say has little consequence. What they do is what they really are. They dispense favors. They govern and make law to empower the wealthy 0.001 of 1.0% who provide money to buy media access to drown out the voice of all opposition. They brainwash likely voters to return incumbents to a stable status quo beyond the reach of representative government. Their overriding goal is to retain power at any and all costs.

The bipartisan dictatorship is like a senile King who has no recall of the reason he ordered you to appear before him — you are executed as an afterthought, to prevent embarrassment over his failing memory.

The “two-party system” no longer recalls why we have elections.

The monopoly has no interest in your right to vote. Widespread lack of interest in voting empowers the bipartisan monopoly to retain a stranglehold on all opposition. Low voter turnout is the bipartisan goal.

In times gone by, long ago, voters cast their ballots in order to be represented. The bipartisan monopoly has no recall of why people vote. Since the interests of people are ignored, voters make little effort to vote. Low voter turnout is the consistent result.


Get in the Game: Participate in politics. Be a proactive citizen. Soon we will have many reasons to vote. Candidates and ballot initiatives that represent our public policy interests will be on our ballots by our choice. Many and varied real choices on our ballots will be a reality in the populist nonpartisan political system we create together.


Trite but true, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Want to play?

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