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The Nonpartisan Equal Political Speech Movement

The free tools Mini-CD/CD, insert shown above, contains licensed software for restricted use by licensees only. An ELECTRONIC END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT authorizes the use of each Common Sense II software application on the Mini-CD/CD. Each license is a contract. To fulfill the contract each licensee must provide the valuable “sweat equity” needed to publish web pages and manage the software for the purpose designed into each application. The software is totally free beyond the valuable sweat equity and time provided by each licensee.


Premise: Creation of the free tools software is based upon the explicit recognition of the bipartisan two-party incumbent dictatorship as a corruptible political institution that has misled our free democratic republic for the last two hundred years. The bipartisan monopoly dictates public policy and writes civil law to protect their political monopoly.

Bipartisan leadership has led us astray from the ideals embodied in our 1776 Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution adopted in 1787. The whole purpose of the free software is to enable U.S. citizens to take our governments and our public policy decisions away from the above-mentioned bipartisan two-party incumbent dictatorship. (Top of Page)

In the same words used by our founders in 1776, today's nonpartisan Internet participants in our common sense movement for open ballot access and equal political speech will, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

You are invited to participate in the overthrow of the bipartisan incumbent political monopoly. The Internet can provide the means for our voices to be heard in our newly organized and energized participatory political system. Build nonpartisan efforts in the precinct and county where you vote. Do your part to lead the way. End bipartisan political tyranny in our homeland. Up to you.

Our computer, tablet and smart phone desktops will be the headquarters for our bottom-up political leadership. Millions of desktops.

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Rich Stevenson, a fellow citizen

Cincinnati, OH, May 18, 2009 LATEST EDIT: 01-17-19 RLS

Common Sense II Political Reforms

P.O. Box 123

Hillview, KY 40129-0123

OH: 513-251-3155 KY: 502-873-5623

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